Oil and Gas Consultant Industry Reflections

Videos for oil and gas consultants regarding the latest in Industry reflections

Tanzania Oil and Gas Congress

Coming 24-25 September 2018https://www.cwctog.com

Behavioral Cybersecurity with DEKRA OSR CEO

Cybersecurity has a human behavior component that organizations should be concerned with just as much as the technology aspect. Hear from DEKRA Organizational Safety & Reliability CEO, Lothar Wei

DEKRA Safety In Action Conference 2018

The can't miss safety conference of the year! Networking, innovation & learnings for industrial safety, manufacturing safety, food safety and more! See what our attendees have to say & join u

Client Story - BNSF Railway

Fast-paced, continually changing and highly complex, public transit agencies keep the world on the move. Whether building new stations or roadways, adding new technology, maintaining infrastructure o

Business Management Consultant Operations Profit Leaks and How to Fix Them

Video discussing how important operations are concerned in your business. Excerpt from Profit Leaks and How to Fix Them. Visit the corporate website to find out more: https://pro-bmanagement.com/prof

Business Management Consultant Profit Leaks Communication

Video discussing chapter on communication from Profit Leaks and How to Fix Them from a business management consultant. Visit https://pro-bmanagement.com/profit-leaks-and-how-to-fix-them/to find out m

Business Management Consultant Profit Leaks Common Problems

Profit Leaks and how to fix them discussing Common Problems from a vantage point of a business management consultant. Please visit https://pro-bmanagement.com/common-problems/for more information on

Business Management Consultant Profit Leaks Structures and Systems

Introduction to Profit Leaks and How to Fix Them talking about structures and systems as a business management consultant. Visit https://pro-bmanagement.com/profit-leaks-and-how-to-fix-them/ for more

The Leader's Role in Mitigating Human Error

With lessons learned from applied neuroscience, we are redefining safety and operational reliability, and revealing new solutions for eliminating exposure and building reliability that works with —

Brain-Centric Reliability - Brain Science & Safety

Why brain science may be the key to reducing human error at work.

Put Your Safety in Action!

You attended a great conference, but now what? Hear from some of our Safety in Action veterans on what to do next with all the new information you took home.

Why it's Time for a Revolution in Behavior Based Safety

Larry Russell and Jim Heinzman discuss a brand-new standard for Behavior-Based Safety called the Exposure Based Safety™ process. You'll learn how to make your data-gathering truly real-time, addres

Introduction to Exposure Based Safety™ Technology

The new standard beyond Behavior-Based Safety.

Columbia Forest Products Safety Client Story

Columbia Forest Products faced some challenges with safety and came to DEKRA to help increase safe behaviors. Here is how they are now operating at an OSHA recordable rate of less than half of the re

Safety Conference Award Nominations 2018

Each year, the Safety in Action conference honors individuals for their exemplary dedication to safety. These are people who assure the wellbeing of coworkers every day through their inspirational, i

Common Problem Series: Shipping Receiving

Is your operations losing you money? The end of the line could be where you are losing money and customers! Delivering the right product on time can be a struggle but doing it right will bring your c

Common Problems Series: Sales

Is your operations losing you money? Your sales team can increase your profits but are they doing it correctly and with long term goals in mind. Communication is key to ensure this puzzle piece fits

Common Problem Series: Quality Control

Is your operation losing you money? Quality Control is essential to your business but how do you maintain that without the employees being frustrated when things are found to be wrong? Learn how to w

Common Problem Series: Production Service

Is your operation losing you money? Production services is the heart of where the money is made. Does your business have processes and systems in place to ensure this happens? If not you will find yo

Common Problems Series: Procurement Inventory

Is your operation losing you money? Your inventory is a key puzzle piece to your operation! If there is a lack of accountability and detail your company will find itself in a mess. Learn how procurem

Common Problems Series: Quality Control Overworked

Is your operation losing you money? Your team may be experiencing heavy work loads which result in lower quality and standards. Find out how your company can succeed to ensure everyone is on the righ

Business Certification | Business Certificate Online | Thunderbird Online

Thunderbird Online offers business certifications, business certificates online, and professional development programs from - Online.Thunderbird.edu

CDC - NIOSH Publications and Products - NIOSH Video

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Business Management Consultant Operations Management for Oil & Gas - YouTube

Mission statement for business management consultant Pro-B Management for operational excellence in Oil and Gas and Manufacturing. Visit our website: https:/...

Oil and gas industry reflections from Petroplan’s founder

In this video, Petroplan’s founder John Reeder gives his views on the challenges and opportunities for today’s oil and gas professionals currently working in the industry. This film has been crea

Jobs in Recruitment from Petroplan

Jobs in Recruitment from PetroplanSee our LinkedIn Careers Page here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/227268/careers?sid=3&success=truePetroplan(https://www.petroplan.com) is the global recruitm

PetroPay - Online Timesheet and Expense Management Tool from Petroplan

Contractor Timesheet and Expense ManagementPetroPay allows the online submission of weekly or monthly timesheets and expenses, with automated approval and invoicing processes.This system has specific

Talent Insight Index 2016 Video Infographic

Talent Insight Index 2016 Video Infographic - Motion animationTo register for the survey results please visit: https://www.petroplan.com/talent-insight-index-2016/For the image infographic please vis


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