Shingle Magic Roof Sealer

Shingle Magic Roof Sealer is a high-quality roof coating that provides ultimate protection for your roof. Whether you have asphalt shingles, a metal roof, or even a flat roof, Shingle Magic is designed to enhance the lifespan and durability of your roofing system.

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Shingle Magic Roof Sealer - Wakelet

Shingle Magic Roof Sealer is a high-quality roof coating that provides ultimate protection for your roof. Whether you have asphalt shingles, a metal roof, or even a flat roof, Shingle Magic is designe

Shingle Magic Roof Sealer - Shingle Magic

A premium roof coating that offers your roof the utmost protection is Shingle Magic Roof Sealer. Shingle Magic is made to extend the life and robustness of your roofing system, whether it is made of

See the latest McLean County building permits

Who's building what, and for how much? See the latest local building permits.

ABC Carolinas Celebrates 25th Anniversary, 2023 Excellence in Construction (EIC) Awards at Gala

Associated Builders and Contractors Carolinas Chapter (ABC Carolinas) honored over 70 projects collectively worth $1.6 billion at the 25th annual ABCC Excellence in Construction (EIC) Awards Gala on

ABC Supply acquires John S. Wilson Lumber

The distributor has also named a new CFO and expanded in Georgia.

Landscaping For Roof Longevity

Landscaping is a vital aspect of enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of your property. However, it's important to understand...

Contractors Association of Will and Grundy Counties building on 90 years of work

The Contractors Association of Will and Grundy Counties are businesses associated with the construction industry, “from extremely large road builders to small little mom and pop companies," Les Che

Derby Building Products names new Mid-Atlantic sales manager

The rep will focus on the Novik Stone siding brand and penetrating U.S. Home Depot stores.

In a state known for storm damage, roofers are left uninspected. Public Eye investigates why

Unlike many other home construction projects, the city doesn't require a permit or inspection for most roof work. Public Eye finds out why.

Renter sought compensation for mould but tenancy dispute board stuck her with the bill

Cochrane resident Cecilia Hicks says her hands were tied when it came to proving the source of the mould, which resulted in Alberta’s tenancy dispute board siding with the landlord and leaving her

Shingle Magic

Residential roofing services are the area of expertise for Shingle Magic, a Las Vegas, Nevada-based roofing contractor. Due to the expertise of our team in handling asphalt shingles, you can be sure

Shingle Magic

Shingle Magic is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based roofing contractor that focuses on offering homeowners premium services. Because of our team's expertise with asphalt shingles, you can be sure that your roo

Shingle Magic

on Las Vegas, Nevada, Shingle Magic is a roofing company that focuses on offering homeowners premium services. Because of our team's expertise working with asphalt shingles, you can be sure that your

A Guide to Choosing the Right Roof That Suits Your Home’s Architectural Style

words Al Woods Your home is a reflection of your personality and style, and every architectural detail plays a vital ...

Picking The Perfect Roof Color

Choosing the right roof color is an aspect of home design that should not be overlooked. The color of your roof can greatly impact the...

Roofing Professionals Provide Roofs ‘On the House’ in 2023

Roofing contractors, distributors and manufacturers went above and beyond to give back to veterans and other deserving causes in the past year.

Sustainable Roofing Solutions: Enhancing Efficiency with PHP Systems' Solar Panel Mounts

Roofing is vital to the overall sustainability of buildings, and as the world shifts towards greener practices, the demand for sustainable roofing solutions has never been more crucial.

Life Lesson: Get a Composite Roof

Here’s a life lesson: Listen to your friends. And your roofer. That’s exactly what John Orrell did when hail and... Read More The post Life Lesson: Get a Composite Roof appeared first on DaVinci

Unlocking the Savings Potential of Solar Roofing Shingles

Solar roof shingles are a relatively new technology that is gaining popularity among homeowners. They offer a number of advantages over...

Virgin Versus Recycled Roofing Tiles

Have you ever wondered why DaVinci Roofscapes uses only virgin polymer for our field tiles? Virgin polymers are consistent. They’re... Read More The post Virgin Versus Recycled Roofing Tiles appear

5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Roof

Over time, wear and tear can take a toll on your roof, making replacement necessary. By recognizing these warning signals, you can take...

Sheet Metal Roofing for Commercial Buildings: Strength, Durability, and Design Versatility

Sheet metal roofing presents a compelling proposition for commercial building coverings due to its amalgamation of strength, durability, and versatility in design. Appreciated for its robustness agai

10 Metal Roofing Questions Answered

Crunchy leaves, and cooler temperatures can slow things down in the fall season and give us time to think about nestling down our homes for the winter.   No matter where you live, fall is a great ti

2024 Color of the Year – 5 Paint Colors to Inspire Your Exterior Scheme

The Color of the Year 2024 story leads with America’s favorite hue — blue. Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, C2, and... Read More The post 2024 Color of the Year – 5 Paint Colors to In

All States Shingle Magic Testimonial - The Truth About Shingle Magic's Performance

All States Shingle Magic Testimonial: Revolutionize Your Roofing Experience!Discover the cutting-edge ceramic sealant technology that's transforming roofs nationwide! Shingle Magic isn't just a produ

Shingle Magic Review - Testimonial from Brett and Amanda

You might be like I was a few months ago: staring up at a tired-looking roof, believing it's on its last legs. The idea of a full roof replacement was daunting both in terms of cost and hassle. Then,

Shingle Magic Review - Roof Rejuvenation & Protection Shingle Magic Impressive Fire Test Performance

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review: Shingle Magic's Impressive Fire Test PerformanceWe recently had the opportunity to witness Shingle Magic undergo a fire test, and we must say, we were thorough

Magic Sealer's CoolSeal - Application Of CoolSeal After Granules Were Applied in Solana Beach CA

CoolSeal Colors: The Ultimate Roof Protection for Energy Efficiency! ☀️🌈Are you thinking of replacing your roof? Think again! With Shingle Magic's CoolSeal Colors, 90% of roofs can be rejuvena

Shingle Magic Wind Resistance ASTM D 3161 Test

Shingle Magic: Withstanding the Ultimate Wind Resistance Test! 💨🏠Ever wondered how robust your roofing solution is against the forces of nature? Shingle Magic took on the challenge to prove its

The Truth About Shingle Magic - The Ultimate Ice Test!

Shingle Magic Sealer: The Ultimate Ice Test! ❄️🏠When winter strikes, the resilience of our rooftops is truly tested. Ice can be one of the most damaging elements to your roof's shingles. At Sh

Shingle Magic Scam - Is it a scam? Too good to be true?

"Is it a scam? Too good to be true?"Those are the thoughts that might be running through your mind right now. You've been told over and over again that your roof needs to be replaced. But w

Province™ Slate Earns Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance

After a months-long testing process, Province™ Slate has achieved the impressive Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance (NOA). This is the... Read More The post Province™ Slate Earns Miami-Dade C

PVC Roofing Maintenance: Tips for Longevity and Durability

Commercial roofing in Minnesota demands a robust and resilient solution, and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) roofing emerges as a top contender in the roofing material arena. The frigid winters, heavy snowf

Side-by-Side Synthetic Shake Re-Roofs

May 9, 2022, is a day many people won’t forget. Brutal weather tore through 546 cities in 6 states. 391,013... Read More The post Side-by-Side Synthetic Shake Re-Roofs appeared first on DaVinci Roo

Synthetic Shake Siding on Gables

Just four years after moving into his new home, Tom Feller’s real cedar siding failed. Hail left dents and pockmarks.... Read More The post Synthetic Shake Siding on Gables appeared first on DaVinc

The Best Shades of Gray Paint for a Home Exterior

When DaVinci Roofscapes customers need answers to their roof color questions or advice to help guide them through the process... Read More The post The Best Shades of Gray Paint for a Home Exterior a

The Watertight Roofing Customer Experience: A Team Effort

In an ideal world, roofing projects would be executed and finished without a hitch. But in the real world, homeowners and contractors...

Exterior Color Schemes Featuring Sage Hand-Split Shake Sage Green Siding

DaVinci hand-split siding in sage green is a well-balanced color that will welcome you home and give you an added... Read More The post Exterior Color Schemes Featuring Sage Hand-Split Shake Sage Gre

Elevating Safety and Efficiency: The Importance of Well-Designed Equipment Supports

Safety and efficiency are paramount in business operations. Well-designed roof supports can ensure the safety and efficiency of equipment such as air handlers, blowers, and exhaust fans. The

Squirrel-Resistant Synthetic Shakes Relieve Homeowner

Once hail destroyed his real cedar roof, John Robinson had some decisions to make. Replace his roof with real cedar... Read More The post Squirrel-Resistant Synthetic Shakes Relieve Homeowner appeare

Roofer: “DaVinci never disappoints.”

As roofer Todd Knight leaves his home every morning, he has a very satisfying drive to work. Leaving his Mira... Read More The post Roofer: “DaVinci never disappoints.” appeared first on DaVinci

PVC and PVC-KEE Roofing for Commercial Buildings: Application and Benefits

PVC Roofing is a resilient and reliable choice for many buildings across the nation, especially those gracing the beautiful landscapes of Minnesota. PVC, short for polyvinyl chloride, is a standout i

Allweather Roof Empowering Youth Through Soccer

In Minnesota, Allweather Roof has not only become a premier provider of roofing services for commercial properties but has also embedded itself deeply within the community. Their impact reaches beyon

Safety & Compliance: Best Practices for Selecting & Installing Roof Pipe Supports

Safety and compliance are critical factors when selecting and installing roof pipe supports. These supports are vital for maintaining the structural integrity of the roofing system and preve

Breathe Easier: Improve your Air Quality

In July, hazy gray skies and thick smog plagued US cities as wildfires spewed smoke from Canada. At one point, New York had the worst air quality in the world, with an orange sky looming over million

Climate Change: The New Normal for Roofing

Climate change is a global phenomenon impacting the roofing industry in numerous ways. Roofers now face extraordinarily challenging...

Record-Breaking Roofs (According to Guinness)

Roofing may not be the most glamorous subject, but did you know that there are structures around the world that have achieved a place in...

Commercial Roofs: A Guide for Business Owners

Commercial roofs face a distinct set of challenges that are different than residential roofs. These issues can have a significant impact...

Exploring Different Commercial Roofing Systems: Insights from Experts

When it comes to commercial roofing in Minnesota, selecting the appropriate system is essential for the long-term success of a commercial building in the region’s specific climate and conditions. W

Protecting Your Home From Shady Roofers

When it comes to roofing or any other type of home remodel, it's important to identify signs that your contractor may not be trustworthy....

Roof Maintenance: A Checklist for HOA Property Managers

A roof is more than just a way to keep the rain out. Property managers at HOA communities know that well-maintained roofs elevate...

Weathering All Storms Together

The story of Allweather Roof isn’t your typical corporate narrative. They don’t just build strong, reliable commercial roofs; they also build lasting relationships and foster a community that thr

Importance of Proper Pipe Support Design in Roofing: Ensuring Structural Integrity & Longevity

In the world of roofing systems, the proper design and installation of pipe supports or pipe hangers are of paramount importance. These supports serve as vital components for the pipes and t

What can go wrong with a metal roof?

Like any product, a metal roof has potential drawbacks: We’ve been manufacturing quality metal roofing systems since 1980. We’ve encountered projects with all sorts of existing problems and helpe

Star Tribune Annual Top Workplace Award

The Star Tribune’s annual showcase of the Top Workplace award in June has become a highly anticipated event for companies in Minnesota. They partner with Energage, an employee engagement platform t

6 Strategies to Make Commercial Roofs More Sustainable

Sustainability is on everyone's mind these days, whether it's because of personal long-term commitments to the cause or expanding environmental worries. In either scenario, it can be challen

Minnesota’s Top 4 Summer Commercial Roofing Problems

We Minnesotans eagerly look forward to the arrival of summer after enduring the harsh and icy winters. Warmer days, outdoor activities, and flourishing landscapes excite us all. However, we must also

EPDM: Ideal Roofing Solution for Minnesota Weather

Are you familiar with the optimal roofing solution designed for Minnesota’s fluctuating weather? Minnesota’s unpredictable weather poses challenges for commercial buildings throughout the year. 

Your House and Fire Safety: Simple Tips for Success

We’ve all heard in the news of an uptick in natural disasters, with earthquakes around the world and wildfires ravaging the West and other dry regions here in the US. While all Classic metal roofs

Commercial Roof Repair: A Worry-Free And Cost-Effective Solution

As a business owner, the last thing you want is to be worried about your commercial roof. A damaged roof can cause severe disruption to your business operations, lead to safety hazards, and damage yo

Roofing for High Wind Areas: Special Considerations

Commercial roofs are particularly susceptible to wind damage. Compared to residential structures, the low slope and differing material types makes these structures vulnerable when winds kick

5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Metal Roofing

When you hear the words ‘metal roofing,’ what comes to mind first?  Is it the sound of rain softly pitter-pattering on a roof, the sleek lines of standing seam roofing on a modern home, or maybe

Why Does Roofing Fail? 5 Causes of Commercial Roof Failure

Roof failure is a problem that occurs for many reasons, but in an ideal scenario, your commercial roof will last at least as long as its intended lifespan. You can help your commercial rooft

The Metal Roof for Stormy Weather

Installing a metal roof is one of the best ways to protect your home. With heavy rains, high winds, damaging hail, and unpredictable snowfall, investing in a superior roofing solution will pay divide

Is Your Building LEED Certified?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED certification is one of the most respected and frequently used building rating systems in the world. To become LEED certif

How to Spot Signs of Roof Damage

Roof damage is not always immediately obvious, but when it goes unnoticed, it can create structural problems and can even devalue your commercial property. Taking care of these problems earl

Beyond Leaks: Why Ponding Water Is Bad for Your Commercial Roof

Ponding water is the enemy of a flat roof. Water that collects in puddles very occasionally is unlikely to create a problem, but water that collects regularly can create a variety of issues,


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