Benefits of HSC Economics Tutoring

Learn About the Benefits of HSC Economics Tutoring for Students

Food and Learning Plus Higher Order Thinking Skills on School Menu

Have you ever wondered whether food and learning and health were related? Well the national food education standards for K-12 students has recently placed food and learning, higher order thinking, hea

Earn Your Online Doctorate Faster at These Universities

Have you ever wanted to earn your online doctorate but were not sure where to start? How about finding out where to earn your online doctorate faster and from highly accredited universities? The list

How to Introduce Music to Young Children

Music is some powerful stuff. It increases brain power, teaches discipline, and makes us feel good. With all the benefits that music has to offer, it’s no wonder that parents want to introduce our

Scholarship America Supports Students of 9 11 Families

More than 3,500 students have received $152 Million in the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund since September 11, 2001. Today, more funding is needed to support dependents of those killed or disable

How to Help Teachers Prepare Students for Careers of the Future

The rise of and wide-spread use of technology indicates that we need more innovative ways on how to help teachers prepare their students for careers of the future. Teachers, schools and other organiza

We’re Doing It Wrong 25 Ideas in Education That Just Don’t Work And How to Fix Them.

Educator David Michael Slater talks about the possibilities and solutions for American Education in his new book, We Are Doing It Wrong 25 Ideas in Education That Just Do Not Work And How to Fix Them

RobotLab Makes Every Class a STEM Class

Who ever thought that robots and teachers would work together to make every class a STEM Class? Our team at discovered a unique site that does just that and recommends RobotLAB, the lea

How to Teach Your Kids Financial Literacy

Whether you have your own kids or you’re just the cool aunt or uncle, you have the opportunity to act as a role model so here is an article on how to teach your kids financial literacy.  While some

How College Students and Faculty Can Access Virtual Labs

 Traditionally, students have practiced computer networking and security skills at a centralized physical lab (and equipment) or a limited virtual lab appliance at their educational institution and t

Best 5 Tips for Online Course Creation

If you are looking to create an online course then you will need these best 5 tips for online course creation in order to make your course one that students truly want to enroll in. Where it used to b

Senior subject selection: a crash course

Senior subject selection for Year 11 & 12 is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in high school. […]

How to get the most out of your teachers

Being a student is tough – you’re constantly being inundated with new information, examinations and tight schedules. It’s often hard […]

Top 5 distractions that kill your studying mood

     Top 5 distractions that kill your studying mood Almost everyone has procrastinated before. Studying involves absorbing large volumes […]

Term 2 starts in less than a week!

Term 2 for Dux College starts in less that a week, commencing on the 28th of April! Current students should get […]

Work-Life-Study Balance during the HSC

Take it from someone who has been through (and survived!) the HSC. Balance is possible! As a student studying for […]

Term Two 2018!

The final day of Term 1 2018 will be 15th of April with Term 2 commencing on 28th of April. Please […]

Economics Tutoring Sydney - Dux College

HSC Economics Tutoring Sydney for Band 6 Results. Book your Free Trial Lesson today! HSC Economics Tuition in Parramatta & Bondi Junction for Year 12.

Dux College: English, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, HSC tutoring - Dux College

Dux College, Parramatta & Bondi Junction tutoring for years 9-12: English, Maths, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics - HSC tutoring specialists


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