Security starts with Good Locks

Fast Eddy Keys Express of Minneapolis MN works to improve our security.

Security for the Health-Care World

In a perfect world, patients and health-care professionals could devote all of their time to the healing process. A variety of factors hinder that process in today’s health-care facilities,  most

Best Home Security Systems in Atlanta, GA

About Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta has a lot more to offer. In addition to a fantastic international airport, It’s filled with countless attractions like museums, the zoo, an aquarium, and the… The p

Using Your Security System to Keep an Eye on Your Teenager

  The rebellious teenager who sneaks out has been a common image in our culture for generations. It seems like every movie or television show with a teen has them… The post Using Your Security Sys

How to Prevent Identity Theft on College Campuses

How to Prevent Identity Theft on College Campuses As another new college semester begins, the majority of students are concentrating on the coming year of core classes, studying, pulling all-nighters


Mass violence, primarily shootings, is growing and can only continue to do so, and we have a professional obligation to analyze where the failures are and to take corrective action. 

Self-Checkout: Most Commonly Stolen Items

Gaps Plague Retail Self-Checkout Security We know that self-supporting retail technology — with its sensors, devices and big data capabilities — offers us many conveniences. However, basic self-c

How To Keep Your Outdoor Security Camera Covers From Being Tampered With

  From cutting wires to spray painting over your outdoor security cameras – thieves have long found ways around getting caught by surveillance cameras and home security systems. With more… The p

Best Home Security Systems in San Antonio, TX

About San Antonio, Texas With so many things to do in San Antonio, it’s no wonder people love calling this cityhome. Visiting San Antonio is not complete without seeing the… The post Best Home Se

12 Best Personal Safety Devices

You can never be “too safe” nowadays. We’re at an age where carrying thousands of dollars in personal property like smartphones, tablets or cameras is normal, making us a target… The post 12

Locked Out? Call Fast Eddys Keys Express

Avoid Lockouts with Keyless Entry Systems If you have ever been locked out of your home, car or office, you understand the panic and or frustration that it can involve. We do too. We have responded t

7 Ways To Tell If There Are Hidden Cameras in Your Airbnb

  A growing number of travelers are discovering hidden cameras in vacation rental properties. In one case, a family discovered 8 cameras – one in every room (including the bathroom)… The post 7

How To Stop Robocalls

What are Robocalls and How Can You Stop Them? There are few things more irritating than answering a phone call from an unknown number, only to find a robotic voice… The post How To Stop Robocalls a

Tips for When to Share Your Social Security Number

When Should You Give Out Your Social Security Number? When you hear about social security numbers in the news, it’s usually related to identity theft. With all the fear surrounding… The post Tips

Best Home Security Systems in Dallas, TX

About Dallas, Texas People flock from all over the world to Big D for the countless activities it has to offer. History buffs come to town to visit the Sixth… The post Best Home Security Systems in

Going on Vacation? Here’s 5 Tips to Keep Burglars Out of Your Empty Home

Vacation coming? Protect your home while you’re away so you can really relax and enjoy yourself. This requires addressing both physical and cyber protection challenges. Naturally, burglars in New E

The Biggest Threats to Your Home, by the Numbers 

Knowledge is power when it comes to home and property safety here in New England. We recently published a report based on a five-year study of our archived verified-alarm data, and some interesting p

Burglar’s Best Friend and Other Silly Security Stories

Security is a serious matter. That doesn’t mean we can’t relax a bit in the summer heat and recollect some of the oddest New England home and business intrusion stories. Here is a brief list of s

Call on Fast Eddys Keys Express to install Keyless Entry Locks for Home or Business in Minneapolis and Suburbs

Edward Mann, owner of Fast Eddys Keys Express one of the most frequently reviewed locksmiths in Minneapolis, recently published a press release about Keyless Entry Locks.  “Keyless locks have grea

Celebrating Independence Day Through New England: Firework Laws and Safety Tips

Nothing is better than a day of celebration with family and friends, followed by a night under the stars watching fireworks. There is something magical about watching a pitch black sky ignite with br

Summer Vacation Safety Tips

School’s out! Children will most likely be spending a lot more time in or around the house, which may require leaving them home alone. This is worth thinking about in advance. In terms of the law,

Seven Topics to Consider Before Arming Your School Staff or Faculty

In May 2019 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 7030, permitting the arming of teachers and staff in Florida schools beginning October 2019.

Stay Safe When Offering Short Term Rentals

Bay State short-term rentals appear to be increasingly popular. So indicates a WBUR article, citing Airbnb’s own statistics, which point to a “record year” in Massachusetts. The company claims

Safes are a part of Fast Eddys’ Game

Fast Eddys Keys Express repairs, upgrades and when necessary cracks safes. (See our recent press release about safe opening.) We can solve any safe-related problem you may have. Our comprehensive ser

Memorial Day Will Go Smoother with These Safety Tips

Memorial Day is just a few weeks away. Remember, just because it’s a holiday, Memorial Day is not immune to thieves, fire or environmentally related events. Ideally, if we follow the rules of the r

Forward Thinking: Joining Forces Between Security and Compliance

Security executives have to be constant evangelists when it comes to preserving operational effectiveness.

Get Peace of Mind: Entrust Your Home Security to the Pros

As professionals, we’re busier than ever and devoting more and more time to work. This means we are at home less, and our property and families could be vulnerable to thieves looking for an easy, u

Attacks on Religious Targets: Another Example of a Need for Vigilance

Jurisdictions throughout the nation increased security at houses of worship this weekend after a teen gunman killed one woman and injured a rabbi, a child and another man during Passover celebrations

Angie’s Lists Honors Fast Eddys Keys Express with its 2018 Super Service Award

Earns 2018 Angie’s List Super Service Award Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service Fast Eddys Keys Express is proud to announce that it has earned the home service i

ISC West 2019: Exciting New Products and Trends

Were you part of the +30,000 attendees or exhibitors at ISC West 2019? 

When an Active Shooter ISN’T…Talking About Violence When Training Civilians

I was in law enforcement prior to the term ‘Active Shooter’ became an accepted way to describe someone bent on hurting people, and before Columbine forever changed how police will respond to acts

Family Affiliated Terrorism: Fathers and Sons

Patriarchs have a strong influence on the level of radicalization and recruitment of family members.

Now That You Have a Plan, Are You Testing It?

As someone who has been engaged by consulting clients and full-time employers to conduct threat assessments and write security and emergency preparedness plans, I am often left puzzled by how many org

Family Bonds: For Love and Terrorism

Last week President Donald Trump called on European countries to take 800 ISIS members that are in U.S. custody in Syria or “we will be forced to release them.”

Commercial Locksmith Service Serving Minneapolis, Edina, St Louis Park, Golden Valley, Bloomington and Richfield Gets Press.

Minneapolis locksmith ,Fast Eddys Keys Express, garnered some favorable press recently for its Commercial Locksmith Services. Called the “Go to” locksmith service Press Advantage and multiple oth

Minneapolis Locksmith, Fast Eddys Keys Express Offers Winter Weather Tips

“Cold temperatures can be a real pain when they affect door locks. Moisture inside the lock can freeze if temperatures drop low enough. This renders it impossible for a key to turn the lock or even

Departing the Profession: Why Infosec Burnout is a Bigger Deal Than We Think

Today, a fellow CISO of mine sent out a flash over our private CISO bat channel (yes, we do have these) saying he was leaving his role and heading off to not “do security” anymore. As I read the n

How To Get Your Key Unstuck

If you have ever gotten your key stuck in a door and been unable to pull it back out, you know the frustration. So too, does Fast Eddy from Fast Eddys Keys Express. “We see it all the time,” says

Change Locks Fast When You Call On Fast Eddys Keys Express

You have just moved in to your new home, apartment or business space. Great! Congratulations. But just one question… Who else has keys to your place? Now the prior owner or occupant may well have g

Fast Eddy Gets 200! Minneapolis Locksmith Leads the Way in Google Reviews

Fast Eddy Gets 200 Reviews! A quick search for locksmith Minneapolis turned up the above results. Fast Eddy Keys Express in the #1 slot on the 3 pack. Why? Many reasons in the day to day Google dance

Southwest Minneapolis Locksmith Fast Eddy Keys Express

Fast Eddys Keys Express Does A Lot of Residential Locksmith Work in South West Minneapolis. Need a Minneapolis Locksmith? Call for the best local Locksmith Services call Fast Eddy! Whether you need t


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