Dr. Kimberly Brown

Dr. Kimberly Brown is a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist licensed in the state of California. She currently operates a private practice in San Jose.

Ancestral Health: What It Is and How It Can Help You

We’re living in a time of incredible innovation and advancement, yet we’re sicker and more overweight than ever before. And unfortunately, there’s every indication that, based on projected sta

Paleo Travel Snacks: How to Eat Healthy While You’re On the Go

Many of us following a Paleo lifestyle slide into a comfortable eating routine. Maybe you have perfected your meal prepping. Maybe you have a reliable rotation of favorite recipes. Maybe you eat hav

How Industrial Seed Oils Are Making Us Sick

Contrary to what we’ve been told, industrial seed oils such as soybean, canola, and corn oils are not “heart healthy” or otherwise beneficial for our bodies and brains; in fact, plenty of rese

Meal Prep: Your Best Tool for Healthy Eating

One of the main reasons why people are unable to stick with Paleo is that they feel overwhelmed; the grocery shopping and cooking involved can certainly be a major adjustment if you’re not used to

Here’s the Research on Sugar and Health

The United States is the top sugar-consuming nation in the world, with the average American taking in an astounding 57 pounds of added sugars per year. (1) What is our out-of-control sugar consumpti

The Carnivore Diet: Is It Really Healthy?

In my recent debate on the Joe Rogan Experience with Dr. Joel Kahn, I touched briefly on the carnivore diet. I’m a huge believer that meat is an essential part of a healthy diet, but eating an all

How Relationships Affect Health—And How to Feel More Connected

Following an ancestral lifestyle involves more than your diet and exercise regimen—it means matching your habits to our Paleo ancestors as closely as possible. And, for much of human history, we l

The Benefits of Using Wearable Technology for Health Tracking

You’re ready. To sit less, move more, sleep eight hours a night—to adopt new habits in order to become the healthiest you possible. As I shared recently, I recommend shrinking the change you wan

How Safe Is Your Over-the-Counter Medicine?

Over-the-counter medicines are a lucrative business for the pharmaceutical industry. Americans make 2.9 billion trips to pharmacies to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) drugs every year, spending a wh

Your Gut Microbiome and Anxiety: What’s the Connection?

Did you know that your gut bacteria can influence your mood? Read on to learn about how the gut and brain communicate with each other, the evidence that connects the gut microbiome and anxiety, and


STAY HEALTHY THIS WINTER Happy New Year! I hope you had a good holiday and are staying warm and dry. This new year has brought some pretty cold temperature followed by rain. A few patients have been a

Lymphatic Massage for Hormone Balance and Pain Relief

As many of you know, massage is commonly used for pain relief but what you may not know is that it can help our body detoxify and boost the immune system. Lymphatic massage in particular has the abili


While traveling the world and volunteering on a refugee camp on the border of Burma in my 20s, I became very sick with some gut bug and was given some powerful antibiotics. They wanted to use IV antib


Want pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving without any sugar or carbs? Easy! Hands down, this is the best pumpkin pie I have ever had. The crust is made from dates, walnuts, and coconut oil. It’s just to die


I haven’t tried this one yet but now that my lemon tree is getting some ripe lemons, it’s next on my list. This recipe is paleo, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, LOW FODMAP, and SIBO friendly! How


One of my favorites is chocolate cake in a cup. Yes, I said it. Cake! You can enjoy cake even if you are no carb, low carb, no sugar, no dairy…and low FODMAP! This recipe is from roastedroot.com by


It’s November and like most everyone else, I’m thinking about the coming holidays! Unlike most everyone else but maybe like you, I’m also thinking about what I might eat at these upcoming family

Poor Memory Curcumin Might Help

Memory complaints can sometimes begin as early as the 20s but for most, not until after age 60. Postpartum women and women going through menopause can also sometimes begin to experience memory problem

Natural Flu Prevention

You probably know someone who has had the flu this season. It’s been a very early flu season and a more severe one than we normally experience. With estimates of the vaccine only being 10 to 30% eff

Progesterone: The Forgotten Hormone

Estrogen’s forgotten sister, progesterone, is often overlooked. For example, a woman who has a full hysterectomy (causing a surgical menopause) may be given solely estrogen and no progesterone. This

MTHFR Study – Recruiting Volunteers

UPDATE: This location has been closed. We are working on updating a new location. I will update you as I learn more. Thank you Dr Lynch Location: Seattle, Washington – Lynnwood/Northgate area. Back

Pure Water Supports MTHFR

What you drink impacts your MTHFR gene. We all know that tap water is not ideal. Arsenic levels are a concern as is chlorine, jet fuel, pesticides, fracking, fluoride to name a few. Whatever foreign


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