Dr. Kimberly Brown

Dr. Kimberly Brown is a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist licensed in the state of California. She currently operates a private practice in San Jose.

RHR: The Health Benefits of Bee Products, with Carly Stein

In this episode, we discuss: What the research says about bee products How Carly created Beekeeper’s Naturals The health benefits of honey What you should know about propolis, bee pollen, and roy

My Top 5 Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief

A little stress is the spice of life, and it has its benefits. Healthy stress can help sharpen your focus so you can power through that work presentation, for example, creatively solve a pressing pr

How to Use Positive Psychology to Improve Your Health

What if it’s chronic anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness, or grief? Do those emotions also affect your health? And how can you let go of them? The short answer is yes—positive or negative, your

RHR: Why You Should Practice Nonviolent Communication, with Oren Sofer

In this episode, we discuss: Why communication matters How to practice nonviolent communication How to approach a conflict with curiosity and care Focusing on what really matters How communication

Diet and Autoimmune Disease: What You Need to Know

Fortunately, a root-cause approach and the right nutritional strategy can help to slow or even reverse the progression of autoimmune disease. Read on to learn what the research says, the connection

Are You Undereating? Here Are 6 Common Signs and Symptoms

If this frustrating scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone. I regularly see these symptoms in my patients—ironically, among those who are most committed to living a healthy lifestyle. The li

Can Chronic Stress Cause Hypothyroid Symptoms?

Are you one of the 20 million Americans who has thyroid disease? (1) Have you taken proactive steps to improve your thyroid health, such as cleaning up your diet and supplementing with thyroid-suppo

The Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance You Haven’t Heard About

You just don’t feel good. You’re tired and get frequent headaches, have ongoing skin issues, or struggle with depression—or all of the above. Maybe you’ve wondered if gluten could be the cul

Why You Need to Move Every Day to Get the Benefits of Exercise

Did I just describe you? If so, I applaud you for making time on your days off for physical activity. Unfortunately, such sporadic bursts aren’t enough to counteract the harmful effects prolonged

Accomplish More: How to Replace Busyness with Productivity

I have spent much of my professional life fine-tuning my own productivity so that I can accomplish more without working longer hours and destroying my health. Read on to learn how “busyness” doe


While traveling the world and volunteering on a refugee camp on the border of Burma in my 20s, I became very sick with some gut bug and was given some powerful antibiotics. They wanted to use IV antib


Want pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving without any sugar or carbs? Easy! Hands down, this is the best pumpkin pie I have ever had. The crust is made from dates, walnuts, and coconut oil. It’s just to die


I haven’t tried this one yet but now that my lemon tree is getting some ripe lemons, it’s next on my list. This recipe is paleo, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, LOW FODMAP, and SIBO friendly! How


One of my favorites is chocolate cake in a cup. Yes, I said it. Cake! You can enjoy cake even if you are no carb, low carb, no sugar, no dairy…and low FODMAP! This recipe is from roastedroot.com by


It’s November and like most everyone else, I’m thinking about the coming holidays! Unlike most everyone else but maybe like you, I’m also thinking about what I might eat at these upcoming family

Poor Memory Curcumin Might Help

Memory complaints can sometimes begin as early as the 20s but for most, not until after age 60. Postpartum women and women going through menopause can also sometimes begin to experience memory problem

Natural Flu Prevention

You probably know someone who has had the flu this season. It’s been a very early flu season and a more severe one than we normally experience. With estimates of the vaccine only being 10 to 30% eff

Progesterone: The Forgotten Hormone

Estrogen’s forgotten sister, progesterone, is often overlooked. For example, a woman who has a full hysterectomy (causing a surgical menopause) may be given solely estrogen and no progesterone. This

Compounded Bio-identical Hormones

Recently, I saw a woman at my office who’d been prescribed a brand name Bio-identical estradiol gel. She didn’t come to see me for hormone therapy but she mentioned that the gel wasn’t improving

Things are heating up and it’s not just the weather!

HOT FLASHES: WHY DO THEY HAPPEN? WHAT ROLE DOES STRESS PLAY?   Hot flashes occur due to a narrowing of the core body temperature range due to something called norepinephrine. But hang on, aren’t ho

MTHFR Study – Recruiting Volunteers

UPDATE: This location has been closed. We are working on updating a new location. I will update you as I learn more. Thank you Dr Lynch Location: Seattle, Washington – Lynnwood/Northgate area. Back

Pure Water Supports MTHFR

What you drink impacts your MTHFR gene. We all know that tap water is not ideal. Arsenic levels are a concern as is chlorine, jet fuel, pesticides, fracking, fluoride to name a few. Whatever foreign


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