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When you are moving to a new home or office location, one of your biggest concerns is about the actual move. There is just a lot of logistics involved in this work and it becomes crucial to have a reliable company handle the job for you.

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Sarasota FL Moving When you are moving to a new home or office location, one of your biggest concerns is about the actual move. There is just a lot of logistics involved in this work and it becomes cr

The Benefits of Using Moving Companies

Are you moving soon and considering using a moving company? We think that is a great idea! At Barringer Moving & Storage, we can help you with all your moving needs. Our experienced and profession

Decorating Tips for Nomads: How to Choose Décor You Can Take from Place to Place

When you’re constantly on the move, it can seem like a waste to spend time and money making your new...

Need Extra Storage? We Can Help!

Do you need extra storage? Maybe you are moving into a new home, but have to be out of your current home for a few weeks before you can close on your new home. Perhaps your office is moving and there

What to Expect on Closing Day

You’ve searched for the perfect home for months and the big day is finally here – closing day. It can...

Do You Need Storage for Your Upcoming Move?

There is a lot of planning that goes into a moving day, including where you will keep all of your items as you go from one location to another. While you may not have any difficulty getting from Point

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Residential Moving Company

Residential moving can be overwhelming and if we are being perfectly honest, it can also be exhausting. Avoid the exhaustion and stress and hire Barringer Moving & Storage to take care of your mov

Moving Services: Advantages of Professional Packing

If you are gearing up for a major move, one of the first things that might make you groan is the time and effort it takes to pack all your belongings. Not only are you juggling all of your day-to-day

The 10 Most Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas for this Halloween

Check out these 10 unique pumpkin carving ideas for your Halloween jack-o-lanterns. Some are spooky, some are cute, and some are down-right genius!

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Moving

We've heard a lot of bad ideas and suggestions about how to move, but here's the absolute worst advice we've heard about moving.

No Two Moving Companies Are Alike – Here’s Why

When determining which moving company is going to best meet your moving needs, you may find yourself comparing apples to apples. All of their services seem the same, their trucks look the same, and th

Commercial Moving: What You Need to Know

Commercial moving is a huge task to undertake. Moving your business requires extensive planning and sometimes, things can slip through the cracks. At Barringer Moving & Storage, we specialize in

Moving from Start to Finish: Everything You Need to Consider

How many steps does it take to successfully move from one house to another? 5? 10? 100,000? Sometimes it seems...

Movers Near Me: Finding Great Local Movers

Typing “movers near me” into your search bar as you begin planning for an upcoming move may turn up some pretty interesting choices. At the very top, you may even see advertisements for companies

How to Successfully Move Out on Your Own — On the Cheap

It’s finally time. Whether you’ve been living at home your entire life, or you’ve had just about enough of sharing...

The Real Cost of Moving

Moving is a hassle, even when you plan everything down to the last detail. At College Hunks Hauling Junk and...

A Guide to Learning a New Neighborhood

Doesn’t matter if it’s on the other side of state, the other side of the country, or the other side...

Comparing Local Moving Companies: A Quick Guide

Whether you are planning a major move or you are just moving a few streets down, finding a moving company that can handle your requests may seem overwhelming. During your search for local moving compa

Let Movers Do Your Heavy Lifting

Let’s face it– moving is a huge chore.  Not only do you have to gather boxes, packing tape, newspapers, and bubble wrap to actually pack your stuff, but then you have to box all your belongings.

Gift Ideas for Moving

Awesome Housewarming Gift Ideas that aren’t Plants So your friend or family member just moved into a new place. And...

The Essential Moving Checklist

How many steps are there to moving? The more you think about it, the more steps there seem to be....


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