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Medical Careers Institute | Healthcare Degrees at ECPI University

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Why There Are No Nuclear Airplanes

Strategists considered sacrificing older pilots to patrol the skies in flying reactors. An Object Lesson.

The Equal Rights Amendment Strikes Again

Forty years ago, women’s advocates rallied Congress to ratify it. Now it’s back in play again.

The Yellow Vests Are Going to Change France. We Just Don’t Know How.

By inaugurating a national “grand debate,” can Macron harness the concerns of citizens without undermining his government’s own mandate?

The Mayor of Covington, Kentucky, Explains What His City Stands For

I don’t know who the young man in the MAGA hat in this photo is. And I don’t care to…

Trump’s ‘Major’ Border Deal Is No Deal for Democrats

The president offered three-year protection for “Dreamers” and immigrants with protective status in exchange for $5.7 billion in border-wall funding. Democrats rejected it out of hand.

The President’s Hostage Attempt Is Going Miserably Wrong

Once again, Trump tried and failed to strike a deal on Saturday.

What It’s Like for Secular, Liberal Pro-lifers at the March for Life

Though some describe themselves as the “counterculture within the movement,” many members of nonreligious and left-leaning pro-life groups feel welcome at the largely Christian, conservative event

What Jazz in 2019 Will Sound Like

In its 15th go-around, the New York City Winter Jazzfest featured newly mature musical hybrids and a refreshing number of women artists getting their due.

The Tricky Ethics of Transplants for Addicts

Many programs require liver recipients to be six months sober, but that policy may funnel organs away from the people they’re most likely to help.

Chigozie Obioma’s Homerian Epic

The Man Booker finalist’s second book explores the transcontinental sacrifices made for love. It’s also an acute narrative about the indignities of traveling as an outsider.

A tale of two Obamacare price changes

Whether recent price changes in individual insurance plans are a good or a bad thing depends on your perspective.

Obamacare open enrollment 2014: Fewer promises

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell gave reporters her views on what's coming when Obamacare enrollment resumes.

Lawsuit demands to know Obamacare's proposed rates

A new lawsuit accuses federal health regulators of violating the Affordable Care Act by keeping proposed 2015 Obamacare rates hidden. marks a year, with plenty left to do

After a disastrous launch, Obamacare has 7.3 million individual plan enrollees. But advocates warn challenges loom.

Booted from Obamacare: 115K could lose coverage

About 115,000 people will lose Obamacare coverage by Sept. 30, and 336,000 risk losing subsidies, officials said.

Obamacare small-biz toll: $23 billion, 350K jobs

Obamacare's cost for small businesses are anything but small, with $22.6 billion in reduced pay and 350,000 fewer jobs, a new analysis finds.

Virginia: No Medicaid expansion, but ...

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, stymied in expanding Medicaid in the state, said he would extend health coverage to 25,000 people.

Appeals court voids Obamacare aid case

A appeals court gave the Obama administration a victory when it vacated a ruling that found subsidies issued via are illegal.

Nine states mulling Connecticut's Obamcare fix

Nearly 20 percent of all U.S. states may adopt technology from Connecticut's lauded health insurance marketplace.

Gov't delivers Obamacare contraception compromise

The government issued a new rule and suggested another one Friday to address objections to the Obamacare contraception mandate.


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