Hairprint Before After

These Hairprint before after images show they are a solution for graying hair and they are 100% non-toxic. This will help men and women return to their natural hair color.

Hairprint Before After - YouTube

Hairprint Before After Hairprint Before And After These Hairprint before after images show they are a solu...

Grey hair gene discovery could lead to reversal of the process - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Researchers pinpoint the gene IRF4, which is responsible for hair colour, and say the discovery could be used to stop the greying process.

Wash Day Q&A| Your Questions Answered

Thanks to FORM Beauty for sponsoring this video! Visit FORM Beauty and take the consultation to get a personal list of recommended products for your hair care routine: your w


Want to get gorgeous curls minus the heat? Try out bobby pins curls! This style is great for natural, relaxed and pressed hair. LET'S LINK:IG: @chimeedwardsFB: Chime (HairCrush)Twitter: @chimeedwards

Chit Chat + Hair | Sponsorships Update, Vlogs, WIGS, Synthetic Ingredients

New Series!? What do you guys think!? Grab a seat, get your hair care on, and let's chat! Today we're talking about my decision for sponsored YT videos, weekly blogs, my first WIG video, and syntheti

NATURAL HAIR WASH DAY 2017πŸ’†πŸΎπŸšΏ| Reduce shedding, Rejuvenate your scalp and retain length!

WEEKLY NATURAL HAIR WASH DAY 2017| Reduce shedding, Rejuvenate your scalp and retain length! Leave all your questions below :) I hope this is helpful. Music:Collard: Sofa

DIY Protein Hair Mask w. Gelatin - Shiny Strong Natural Hair

DIY Gelatin Hair Mask! This super easy homemade protein treatment helps to strengthen your hair and promotes shine! Using the same ingredient, hydrolyzed collagen, found in the popular apHogee protei

Natural Hair Wash Routine

I always try to incorporate techniques that promote hair growth in my natural hair wash routine. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse:www.applebiotic.comGet 20% off total purchase with offer code: "welcome

I Almost Got Deported From The UK

After an internal battle with myself and God, I'm sharing my immigration story with you. From entry into the UK, being held in a detention centre to almost being deported. I hope it can be a blessing

Protein Treatment πŸ’†πŸΎπŸšΏ| Restore Your Moisture Protein Balance βš–οΈ

Restore Your Moisture Protein Balance in 2-5 minutes! My hair feels amazing again... I couldn't be more happy to have my shrinkage and bounce back. Luckily for me I noticed my moisture overload befor

WTH!? I spent $500 on this!? First Impression FINGERCOMBER Natural Hair Wigs

I bought $500 worth of natural hair wigs from and decide to unbox them for you! Let's see how this goes... Lawd! XO, NapOMG! $26 DETANGLING COMB | Is It Worth It!? Review Ouidad Dou

CURLS IN THE BAHAMAS| #NeffysTravellingFro

Guess who went to the Caribbean for the first time! I wanted to share this amazing trip to the Bahamas with you. Shout out to CURLS for being an pioneer in the natural hair community. I was so honour

Floating Rings Halo Braids - Natural Hairstyle | Naptural85

A quick and simple natural hairstyle perfect for festivals, back to school, or everyday! This easy natural hairstyle incorporates two braids and silver hair rings! I hope you enjoy! XO, NapAfrican Co

OMG! $26 DETANGLING COMB | Is It Worth It!? Review Ouidad Double Detangler

This detangling comb is a $26 purchase! But is it actually worth the price? Here's my full review of the Ouidad Double Detangler Detangling Comb! I hope you enjoy! XO, NapOMG! $400 HOODED HAIR DRYER

STEP YOUR MOISTURE GAME UP! Affordable Hair Steamer Unboxing

I bought a steamer! Affordable steamer, very similar to the Huetiful. Have you used this before or own one? After two SOLD OUT events we're back again! Join me for an evening of creativity and self-e

Removing Rubber Band Braids - BREAKAGE!? Naptural85

As promised, I'm taking out my rubber band braids on camera to see if there's any damage or breakage to my hair and scalp! Hope it helps! XO! NapGENTLE "Rubber Band Method" Jumbo Box Braids


Let's talk.. :) Please note this is referring to HAIR PRODUCT sponsorships only, in an attempt to reduce any confusion regarding my thoughts on products. If you vote to end, I will still review and t

Seamless Clip-Ins With Minimal Leave Out πŸ’πŸΎ | HerGivenHair Clip In Hair || 20" x 22" BundlesHergivenhair natural hair extensions

Get Rid Of Itchy Synthetic Hair w/ QUICK VINEGAR RINSE - White Vinegar DEMO

A quick video showing you how I use White Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar to stop synthetic hair from being itchy! If you can't stand itchy synthetic hair and are looking for a remedy, this video shou

GENTLE "Rubber Band Method" Jumbo Box Braids | Easy Natural Hair Protective Style

Today we're doing a QUICK natural hair protective style, the Jumbo Box Braids, installed using the "Rubber Band Method." I'll be showing you how I do this method in a GENTLE way, using safe

How I Preserve My Twist Out Overnight - NO Re-Twisting | My Lazy Method

Thank you to Grace Eleyae for sponsoring this video! For more product information, check out I preserve my natural hair Twist Out overnight, without re-twisting! T

Hair Vitamins - DO THEY REALLY WORK?! πŸ€”πŸ€”

Do hair vitamins actually work? Here's my thoughts on the topic and naturally, I've thrown in some facts for good measure as always πŸ˜‰ Let me know what your experience with hair vitamins has been b

80's Curly Natural HairStyle

This is a cute and simple 80's inspired natural hair style. I used the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly & Control Paste to achieve this style. The Curl Control Jelly really defined my hair with

Being Natural: Granny Hates My Hair (Ep. 3)

After going natural, we often have to deal with the unwanted opinions of others and are sometimes forced to not "clap back". In this episode, a natural meets her boo's grandma for the first

Natural Hair Growth + Skin Update!

My hair has grown a ton over the past few months! Patience and care definitely yields results:) Like the Ultimate Skin Spa? Get 70% off here:'s Link: IG: @chimeedwards

3 Steps To Eliminate Dryness | UNLOCK Your Growth Potential πŸ—

3 Steps To Eliminate Natural Hair Dryness as part of my 'UNLOCK Your Growth Potential' series. Please check out the rest of the series and be blessed. If you have additional questions, comment below


There are many dances within the Black community that can be linked to Africa like twerking, stepping and krumping. We are deeply connected to Africa. Sometimes, we just have to explore to find those

Why Many Black Men Prefer Light or White Women

Colorism effects just about every ethnic group in the world. This video examines why some Black men in America prefer light or non-Black women. Remember, to always love yourself even if others can't

Big Chop No. 2 Results! (Mini Chop)

After damaging my hair with a hair straightening system and getting heat damage from wand curls, I decided to start over. After transitioning for a year and 10 months I big chopped (this really is a

Why Minorities Hate Cultural Appropriation

Why many Black women, Native Americans, Asian Americans and other minorities hate cultural appropriation and exactly why it is damaging. Don't forget to subscribe!Sources: ww

Must Have Products For Faster Hair Growth & Healthy Hair

Here are tons of product suggestions for healthy hair and hair growth that will help you build your regimen. Save 50% off the Scalp Massager Brush by going to: &amp

Hairprint Before After

Hairprint Before After Before And AfterThese Hairprint before after images show they are a solution for graying hair and they are 100% non-t


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