Charlie Gard Us Citizenship

US Lawmakers passed an amendment granting Charlie Gard US permanent Reidency., The desperately ill baby boy's parents are locked a health care struggle with the UKs single payer system to get him special care in the US.

Do ministers understand how financial abuse works?

Increasing columns of gold coins on table, black background, copy space. Financial success, cryptocurrency mining, profit concept

Theresa May’s Mufasa becomes a problem for Downing Street

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 03: Attorney General Geoffrey Cox speaks during the final day of the Conservative Party Conference on October 3, 2018 in Birmingham, England. This year the conference i

Roll call of shame: the Labour MPs backing Bercow

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 18: Winner of the Ally award, John Bercow MP speaks on stage during the Pink News Awards 2017 held at One Great George Street on October 18, 2017 in London, England. (Phot

How we can make better decisions in review and design of research using a simple ethics model

By Hugh Davies It’s right that all with a legitimate interest in research contribute to its design, review, conduct and dissemination. To thrive, research must be an honest partnership between ALL

Is there room for a palliative psychiatry?

By Anna Lindblad It first occurred to me during a house visit. Sitting next to a very old and very frail person shaking with anxiety, I realised that there was not much for me, the psychiatrist, to o

Do we exaggerate expected benefits when we communicate with our patients?

By Ramy Sedhom As a first year oncology fellow, I am eager to help patients suffering from cancer. And although some cancer drugs offer large, definite benefit, many drugs improve outcomes only marg

The best interest standard and the ethical work it does in making medical and public policy decisions for children

By Johan Bester For a while now, I’ve been interested in ethical questions in medicine and public policy concerning children. It started with my work on vaccination ethics, which continues to raise

In defence of participants buying their way onto drug trials

By Angela Ballantyne and Mike King Donor-funded research is research funded by private donors in exchange for research-related benefits, such as trial participation or access to the trial interventio

The fetishisation of clinical guidelines

By Charles Foster The Supreme Court has recently, in An NHS Trust v Y decided that adherence to guidelines produced by various medical organisations will safeguard adequately against inappropriate w

Access to Primary Care in a ‘Hostile Environment’

By Rose Glennerster and Nathan Hodson Last month 20 British doctors returned the medals they received in recognition of their work during the Ebola crisis. They were protesting against the extensions

We need more arguments in clinical ethics

By Melanie Jansen Ethics is a philosophical discipline. The bedrock of philosophical scholarship is the construction of arguments – a set of reasons that justify a particular position. Philosophers

Gross negligence manslaughter and doctors

By Jo Samanta and Ash Samanta The recent prosecution of a doctor for gross negligence manslaughter has led to grave concerns particularly among medical professionals.  The circumstances concerned th

“Harms of Formula” Vs “Benefits of Breastfeeding” : Why we don’t “know” how to talk about the effects of different ways of feeding babies

By Fiona Woollard I’m sitting in a room filled with people who care deeply about mothers and babies.  Many of them have dedicated their lives to improving support for new mothers to have the chan

Telemedicine Passes Kansas Legislature With Prolife Clause.

Kansans for Life, the state’s largest anti-abortion organization, fought for weeks to maintain a clause in the legislation designed to discourage a court challenge over its ban on drug-induced abort

Pro-abortion radical ideology stops telemedicine bill #ksleg #prolife

     The unborn children won an important victory this last week, and the pro-abortionists demonstrated they were more concerned about promoting abortion than the healthcare needs of the general pu

Kansas and Planned Parenthood funding

Kansas filed a petition for certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court on the recent 10th circuit ruling concerning Medicaid funding of Planned Parenthood. Last February 21, 2018, the 10th circuit federal a

Who should make public policy? The unelected Courts or your elected Representatives? #prolife

A state court has ruled that the Kansas ban of dismemberment abortion of a living unborn child violates our State constitution. In response, the legislature will consider putting a proposed constituti



Where do we go from here: PP and your Kansas Medicaid dollars #prolife

Did our federal courts make a ruling last week on Planned Parenthood funding in Kansas? Yes. Various State governments including Kansas attempted to cut Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood after t

Keep Kansas Pro-Life

A KS court has ruled that the KS ban of dismemberment abortion of a living unborn child violates our State constitution. We will propose a constitutional amendment that would allow the State to pass l

Don’t want to read the 26,589 word court opinion? Here’s the background you need #ksleg #prolife

Is there a need to amend the Kansas Constitution? Yes. As explained below the Kansas courts have “found” the right to an abortion in the Kansas Constitution. Kansans for Life favors a constitution


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