Charlie Gard Us Citizenship

US Lawmakers passed an amendment granting Charlie Gard US permanent Reidency., The desperately ill baby boy's parents are locked a health care struggle with the UKs single payer system to get him special care in the US.

US Lawmakers Give Citizenship to Charlie Gard, the Boy Under Threat of ‘Death Panel’ – Citizen Journalist Voice

Charlie Gard, the infant son of a UK couple who have been fighting to keep the life support on against the wishes of the hospital have just received an amazing gift from US lawmakers– US citizenship

Why has the SNP inflicted this video on us?

I don’t know where people get the idea the SNP is intolerant of criticism. Scotland’s most open-minded party has released…

Boris Johnson’s bridge over troubled waters

This post first appeared in the Spectator’s Evening Blend email, a free round-up and analysis of each day’s politics. Sign…

Nick Boles has said what a lot of Tory MPs are thinking

It’s the end of the week and it’s hard to say what the government has actually achieved. Whether it’s deciding…

Carillion’s catastrophe is not a parable of the evils of outsourcing

This is an extract from Martin Vander Weyer’s ‘Any other business’ column in this week’s Spectator.  Carillion is a disaster…

Diane Abbott’s Brexit confusion – part II

Here we go again. For some time now Labour’s Brexit confusion can be described as ‘complicated’ at best. Matters aren’t…

A special NHS tax would be bonkers or a total fraud

Some very clever people are rallying around the idea of a specific NHS tax partly because of what has been…

Caption contest: Putin in cold water

Next week at Davos, world leaders – including President Trump and Emmanuel Macron – will gather at the elite meet-up…

Faith schools are more diverse than their critics make out

Ever willing to exploit my children, I asked them yesterday just how many actual English children there were in their…

What the papers say: In praise of Macron’s charm offensive

Emmanuel Macron capped off his trip to Britain by taking a selfie with the Prime Minister last night. His charm…

New Tory vice-chair culls ‘white public schoolboy’ Remainer from candidate list

With the new Tory vice-chairman for youth, Ben Bradley, currently making headlines for ill-judged blog posts from 2012, it’s safe…

Past health is relevant in priority-setting

Guest Post: Samuel Altman, University of Oxford Full Article: Against Proportional Shortfall as a Priority-Setting Principle Past health is regularly considered irrelevant in priority-setting decisio

Toby Young, Eugenics, IQ, and the Poor (part 2)

Having staked out the claim in my last post that even if Toby Young’s claims about intelligence and embryo selection in his essay are eugenic, that’s not the end of the moral argument, I’m now

Toby Young, Eugenics, IQ, and the Poor (part 1)

The response to Toby Young’s appointment to the new Office for Students has covered the whole range from “He’s not the best person for the job” to “He’s the worst person for the job”. 

New Scientist is Not Amused

You might remember the couple of days a few years ago in which the overlyhonestmethods hashtag went viral on Twitter: for those of you who don’t, it was a little joke in which academics – mainly,

The Real Problem With Human Head Transplantation

Guest Post: Michael S. Dauber, MA * Note: this article is being cross-posted at the Practical Ethics blog.  In 2015, Sergio Canavero announced that he would perform a therapeutic head transplant pr

Life and Death: Apples and Oranges?

Guest Post: Carl Tollef Solberg, Ole Frithjof Norheim and Mathias Barra Article: The Disvalue of Death in the Global Burden of Disease The global burden of disease (GBD) study is “a systematic, scie

Ethics of Fertility Preservation for Prepubertal Children: Should Clinicians Offer Procedures Where Efficacy is Largely Unproven?

Guest Post: Rosalind J McDougall, Lynn Gillam, Clare Delany, Yasmin Jayasinghe Article: Ethics of fertility preservation for prepubertal children: should clinicians offer procedures where efficac

Pedophilia and Child Sexual Abuse Are Two Different Things — Confusing Them is Harmful to Children

By Brian D. Earp (@briandavidearp) Note: this post appeared first at the Practical Ethics blog and is being re-posted. Pedophilia and Child Sexual Abuse Are Two Different Things — Confusing Them is

Can options make us worse off? Choice, pressure, and paid kidney donation

Guest Post: Julian J. Koplin Article: Choice, pressure and markets in kidneys Paying people to donate a ‘spare’ kidney might help alleviate the current shortage of transplantable organs. However,

The Libertarian Right to Test Genetically

  Guest Post: Michele Loi Article: Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing and the Libertarian Right to Test Should individuals be permitted to access their own genetic data without the mediation of a med

Veteran Assaulted In Sam’s Club For Wearing MAGA Hat

The constant barrage of anti-Trump propaganda in the media is emboldening more than just fringe kooks to commit violence against other Americans for simply wearing a hat, or a shirt supporting Trump.

Civic Minded 11-Year Old Boy Gets Surprise Visitor While Mowing White House Lawn

The 11-year old Virginia boy who wrote to President Trump saying he would “be honored” to mow the White House lawn got his wish today–plus a little something more. While hard at work meticulousl

Amazon Caught Deleting Thousands of One-Star Reviews of Hillary’s New Book

Amazon, who’s owner Jeff Bezos also owns leftist propaganda organ the Washington Post, has just been caught giving Hillary Clinton’s new book a ratings boost–  by deleting thousands of negative

FBI: Awans Security Clearances “Forged;” Got Access to Congressional Intel Despite Falsified Vetting

The FBI has just released disturbing new information on the investigation of what Imran Awan and his family were really doing in their IT service for House Democrats– and it isn’t good. The Awans,

Podesta to Mills: “Dump the Emails.” WikiLeaks Smoking Gun in HRC Email Scandal

If there was ever a smoking gun to be produced by WikiLeaks, this is it! Back in 2016 James Comey tried to excuse the FBI’s non-prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her illegal use of a private email

Canadian Judge Suspended for Wearing MAGA Hat to Courtroom

A Canadian judge who wore a MAGA hat when walking into the courtroom the day after the Election of Donald Trump to needle his Hillary supporting colleagues has just been given another month of suspens

SNEAK ATTACK: McConnell Put Nasty Surprise in New Debt Deal that Dems are Gonna HATE

In spite of being a huge swamp creature most of the time since Donald Trump’s election, Mitch McConnell may have just briefly earned his keep for a sneaky counter-move he just made against Democrats

LOL! Cocky Hillary Bought House Next Door For White House Staff BEFORE Election

Hillary Clinton surely meant her newly released book “What Happened” as a convincing rebuttal as to why she isn’t to blame for her election loss. But instead, the book has been a goldmine of uni

Feds Issue Waivers To Expedite Border Wall Construction in California

The Department of Homeland Security is issuing waivers in order to expedite the construction of a border wall in the San Diego area, the agency announced Tuesday. California pro-illegal groups have be

Your Diary

Today let’s take a small stroll down memory lane.  While it’s easy for us to recall formative events in our lives such as riding our first bike, laughing with siblings, or family meals, our earli

Charlie Gard gets ‘make or break’ exam by US expert

Around the world, millions are holding their breath during this crucial two day period for baby Charlie Gard, still on life-support in a London hospital, despite the hospital’s strong opposition. Ch

Charlie Gard’s parents endure volatile UK court hearing

UPDATE, July 14: Judge announces today he’ll rule July 25, following results from Columbia Univ. neurology prof. Michio Hirano, who will examine Charlie July 17&18 in London hospital. A decision

Kansas pro-life champ, Rep. Jan Pauls, remembered

Today in Hutchinson, funeral services are being held for a stalwart pro-life leader, former State Rep. Jan Pauls, who died last Wednesday at age 64. She had endured a variety of health challenges over

Urgent measures take shape Friday to save Charlie Gard

The parents of Charlie Gard are begging British Prime Minister Theresa May to make good on her statement to Parliament that she was confident the hospital which is determined to remove Charlie’s lif

Trump to discuss Charlie Gard with UK prime minister

After months of competing British headlines over the now international  battle to save baby Charlie Gard’s life, today’s UK Express  may clinch the title: “Donald Trump to roast Theresa May on

UK prime minister May dodges Charlie Gard intervention

Charlie Gard’s desperate case for release from a London hospital before losing life-support was again made in the British parliament today, as seen in video provided by the Mirror. The response of t

Media engaged by new high-profile Charlie Gard support

In a Greek tragedy or Shakespearean play, a “Deus ex machina” ending is the resolution of a seemingly unresolvable situation with an unanticipated “intervention by the gods.” In the tragic rea

UK Baby Charlie Gard not yet pulled off hospital life-support

In an eleventh hour development, London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has given Charlie Gard’s parents more time to say goodbye to their son, reports the UK Daily MailOnline . Baby Charlie


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