FlickGraph the affordable cinemagraph creator

Cinemagraphs living images are the future of social shared images. All big brands use them in their advertisement campaign, but it's pricy and for an elite. Today FlickGraph comes into the party for a fraction of the price

Brand New Technology That Makes Newsfeed Scroll-Stopping Content - Discover FlickGraph

FlickGraph - How to get 4 points increase in Facebook ads relevance score Cinemagraphs are living photos that look like a still photographs but have a movi

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Win a Fujifilm X-T20 with Flixel and Getty’s ‘Your World’ Cinemagraph Contest

HOW TO ENTER OUR CONTEST WITH GETTY IMAGES: http://bit.ly/GettyCinemagraphContestFlixel is partnering with Getty Images for a global cinemagraph contest. The challenge: create a stunning cinemagraph

Best Cinemagraphs of the Month - October 2017 | Flixel

Cinemagraphs blend photography and video in one mesmerizing medium. They are composed like a photo with a subtle hint of repeating motion. More and more, photographers are using cinemagraphs to grow

Videlligence The Artificial Intelligence Creating Product Videos Automatically

Want to get More Traffic, More Leads, More Sales and Profits? You definitely know that today videos are the mediums to use in your marketing business. Though the main problem is that it takes forever

Best Brand Ads Using Cinemagraphs - October 2017 | Flixel

Top brands and marketers are using cinemagraphs to share vivid, immersive brand stories and drive results. Check out how brands like Starbucks celebrate the Pumpkin Spice Latte's birthday, Live Natio

Flixel Studios Brings Cinemagraph Campaigns to Life | October 2017

Flixel Studios works with top brands on custom cinemagraph campaigns, stills-to-motion projects, and marketing activations and events. Take a look at some of Flixel Studios highlights from October 20

Create Time Lapse Cinemagraphs with Persecond + Cinemagraph Pro for macOS | Flixel

Speeding life up while freezing a moment is possible when you create a time lapse cinemagraph using Persecond for macOS and Cinemagraph Pro for macOS. There's a seamless workflow between the two apps


Italian restaurant Bugigattolo serves up authentic eats to the local Toronto neighbourhood. Looking to drive more customers to the restaurant, they used cinemagraphs created with Cinemagraph Pro for

Queen Street Laundry Uses Cinemagraphs in Their Facebook Ads Strategy | Flixel

Queen Street Laundry is a neighbourhood institution that's been around in the artsy Queen West area of Toronto, Ontario for over 40 years. With experience running still image ads on Facebook, they wa

Small Businesses Making Great Facebook Ads: Fit Factory Fitness | Flixel

Small businesses like Fit Factory Fitness need to create video Facebook ads in order to capture attention and stay competitive. For this military-style studio, cinemagraphs are an efficient and effec

Small Business Black Widow Tattoo Creates Cinemagraph Facebook Ads | Flixel

Black Widow Tattoo is no stranger to telling visual stories that connect with you, skin deep. Now, they're taking their skills to the next level by immortalizing their clients' stories and experience

Team Canada Celebrates Pyeongchang 2018 Kit with Hudson's Bay and Flixel

It's a well-known fact that Canadians love their winter sports, which is why every time the Winter Olympics come around, the spirits are high, the support is loud, and you'll often catch huge waves o

Promoyze Demo and Bonuses

What If You Could Start Generating Leads And Sales In Minutes With Click & Swap Promo Videos, Ad Videos & Even Sales Videos? Promoyze (prounounced Promo Ease) will make possible to create a pr

Affiliate Rebirth Review: Amazon Pay Days are Back

This is how to… Turn $10 Into $148 Per Day In Passive Affiliate Income, Using Free Traffic, Easier Than Ever Before! Hi there. Reaching 148 dollars per day, probably seems light years away to you ri

WP Content Ranker Demo | Rank Your Content for ANY Keyword

WP Content Ranker Will Save You Hours, Weeks or Even Months of Your Valuable Time WP Content Ranker WordPress plugin is an all in one tool that will show you what ranks in google, analyse the content

VideoBuilder Review & Bonuses – The 2018 Avatars Technology

VideoBuilder is a groundbreaking video animation app that is unlike anything you may have seen before! The end user gets our fully flexible animation video canvas to create Motion Animation Videos, E

This has never been done before! | Viddyoze Live Action Review & Bonuses

Check out my Viddyoze Live Action review. What Is Viddyoze Live Action? For the first time ever, Viddyoze Live Action brings together live recorded footage & 3D animation, 100% automated. This h

VisualSuite Plugin: The Imagery Revolution.

Today I’m revealing the Tool That Will Revolutionize the Way You Find and Manage Websites Images… Tell me… If there was a single plug-in software that can completely supercharge your site’s im

GIFBuddy Review. A Set and Forget GIF Marketing System

Gif Buddy Automatically Provides Massive Engagement and Organic Traffic. Unlike competitors it offers all the following features under one software, and at an amazing price. Click to Get the LOWEST Pr

Gifzign Review and Bonuses – Currently the BEST GIFs creator on the Planet

Unlike Competitors Gifzign Combines Several Products in One Software Gifzign is definitely a wonderful software. Easy to use and intuitive, you’ll create amazing GIFs and Cinemagraphs in minutes…

FLICK GIF Demo and Review – Flick GIF Bonuses

FlickGIF is the first and only GIF creator, that does those amazing new things, that other don’t do at all. Plus, it already features all important functionalities competitors products have.   GET

TreeFaces Cinemagraph | Discover The Forest | Ad Council

Every forest has a little bit of magic in its makeup. You just have to take a closer look. Find your local #Naturehood at discovertheforest.org and reignite imagination

Wolf Cinemagraph | Discover The Forest | Ad Council

Through your kids' eyes, there's magic out there. Find your local #Naturehood at discovertheforest.org and reignite childhood imagination

Mermaid Cinemagraph | Discover The Forest | Ad Council

Find your local #Naturehood by visiting discovertheforest.org today. Its time to reclaim imagination

Witch Cinemagraph | Discover The Forest | Ad Council

The forest is full of magic. Find your local #Naturehood at discovertheforest.org at reignite childhood imagination

Dandelion Dust Cinemagraph I Discover The Forest I Ad Council

Spending time in nature provides children a sense of peace and of being at one with the world around them. Find your local #Naturehood at discovertheforest.org and reignite imagination.

Blinky Eyes Cinemagraph I Discover The Forest I Ad Council

Remember a time when you saw magic in everything? You can reclaim that time with your kids. Find your local #Naturehood by visiting discovertheforest.org today.


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