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Financing small commercial real estate loans in Oklahoma and surrounding areas

The Key to Reaching Your Personal & Professional Goals: Networking

Think about your own life—your own business, dreams, and goals. Are you putting yourself in places where you can connect with likeminded people? Are you growing your network? View the full article:

16 Side Hustles to Help Save Money for Your First Deal

Do you know why most people cannot invest in real estate? It’s because they don’t have the money. Are you one of these people? Here are 16 ways to make money for your first investment. View the f

The #1 Rule to Successfully Close a Real Estate Deal

Seasoned investors might think this is a no-brainer. But I’m going to tell you right now that’s not the case—a lot of people don’t know. The number one rule when you are looking to buy or sel

How to Handle Issues After the Flip is Over

One thing does that doesn't get discussed during all of the flipping shows on TV is what happens after you sell your fix and flip to a homeowner. Issues can absolutely arise after the property is sol

Blinded by Numbers: How Fixating on Metrics Can Lead to Bad Investments

Metrics and numbers are your friends when weighing investment opportunities, right? Turns out over-relying on numbers can hurt you! Here's how. View the full article: Blinded by Numbers: How Fixating

How to Slash Your Food Bill in Half (AND Support Good Health)

Your expense will vary based on the amount of people you are supporting. But for the average, single American, let's assume $6,000 per year, or $500 per month. This article is going to show you a way

3 Must-Read Books for Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneurs

Books are truly an incredible bargain. For the same price as a few lattes, a book can spark life-changing ideas that drastically impact your career as a real estate investor and entrepreneur. What a

10 Ways to Modernize Your Real Estate Marketing Without Losing a Personal Touch

As a real estate agent, there are times when clients are extremely happy with us, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be low points. When it comes down to it, it is our humanity that helps us throu

Top 25 Digital Marketing Articles – Week of 01/18/19

This week’s roundup includes tips to create an effective B2B Social Media strategy, boost the performance of your Content Marketing campaigns, and increase your website’s Conversion rate. Learn h

Local SEO for Lawyers: 6 Tactics to Get Your GMB Profile on Google’s First Page

In addition to guest posting on the UpCity blog, is featured as one of the Top Attorney Local SEO Agencies in the United States. Check out their profile here. Local SEO for lawyers

Real Estate vs. Stocks: Which Has Performed Better Over 145 Years?

Have stocks or real estate performed better over the past 145 years? Here's a five-minute summary of 145 years of economic data from 16 countries. View the full article: Real Estate vs. Stocks: Which

How Switching From Spreadsheets to CRM Will Help You Grow

In addition to guest posting on the UpCity blog, Cloudsquare is featured as one of the Top Salesforce Consultants in New York. Check out their profile here. Many companies rely heavily on a ple

5 UX Strategies That Generate Higher Conversion Rates

User experience is one of the most important, foundational elements for a successful business. The way consumers are interacting with businesses today is drastically different than it was a few years

Top 25 Digital Marketing Articles – Week of 01/11/19

This week’s roundup includes tips to achieve better rankings in Search Engines, improve your Social Media strategy, and increase leads with high Converting lead generation forms. Learn how to attra

Top 10 SMB Sales Outreach Tips

In addition to guest posting on the UpCity blog, OMI is featured as one of the Top Marketing Consultants in Atlanta. Check out their profile here. Let’s imagine for a second that you’ve recei

The Pros and Cons of Buying WordPress Themes

In addition to guest posting on the UpCity blog, Fisher Design and Advertising is featured as one of the Top Web Designers in Jacksonville. Check out their profile here. Without a doubt, WordPre

Five Ways You Can Use Video to Grow Your Software Business in 2019

In addition to guest posting on the UpCity blog, The Customer Story is featured as one of the Top Video Production Companies in San Antonio. Check out their profile here. In August of 2011, Marc

How to Use Google Tag Manager to Inject Schema

In addition to guest posting on the UpCity blog, One Click SEO is featured as one of the Top SEO Companies in New Orleans. Check out their profile here. Having accurate and detailed schema on y

Top 25 Digital Marketing Articles – Week of 01/04/19

This week’s roundup includes tips to improve the user experience for Mobile users, promote your webinar on Social Media, and increase Conversions with CTAs. Learn how to improve the Online Reputati

Commercial Mortgage Loans Commonly Used

Need commercial mortgage brokers to acquire property or for some other need/project? Here is how this type of organization can help you. So if you are trying to purchase an apartment building or are

Small Business Loans Service

For small business loans visit: products like MCA merchant cash advances, working capital, commercial loans, term loans, commercial mortgages that are available for bu

Small Business Term Loans

Business term loans are a great way to get working capital for your small business. The loan product discussed in this video is for those businesses located in the United States.A quick introduction

Tulsa’s leading moving company

You’ll see right away that A-1 Freeman Moving Group is focused on making your Tulsa local moving experience as smooth and gratifying as humanly possible. They start by assigning you one point of con

Multifamily Investors Face a Cutback in Loan Size

Rising interest rates are already making a difference for apartment properties. Borrowers can no longer secure the large permanent loans that have become used to. “Delivering full-leverage loans ha

Malls Face Extinction

The bifurcation of America’s malls does not appear to be ending soon, according to some retail real estate experts. With announcements of department store closures, coupled with the troubles in the

How to Get a Working Capital Loan How to get working capital loans.Here is what a working capital loan is...This can be used for the financing your businesses everyday operations. This would not be used to

The Hard Questions To Ask Before Investing In Any Real Estate Deal

Real estate has always been regarded as an equal-opportunity wealth creator. However, the caveat emptor: real estate historically has been full of scams. And, based on my experience managing distresse

Multifamily Options for mezzanine and bridge loans

Multifamily investors have lots of options to choose from if they want to take out a mezzanine loan in addition to the primary mortgage on their property. “There are more and more participants will

Retail store closings about to hit the US

Retailers are bracing for a fresh wave of store closings in 2018 that is expected to eclipse the rash of closings that rocked the industry last year. “Landlords are panicking,” said Larry Perkins,

Top 10 Cities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s two largest cities were both ranked as top ten cities for first time homebuyers according to           Oklahoma City was ranked second and Tulsa was ranked fifth, othe

Top Northeast Oklahoma Real Estate Properties Sold in 2017!!

The Gardner Home Team has successfully closed a number of residential and land transactions in the Northeast Oklahoma communities of Claremore, Oologah and Owasso.  The Gardner Home Team specializes

Family Offices Making Real Estate Bets

Family offices have seen a slight dip in real estate allocations, but new data suggests they’re still sold on the asset class as an investment target. In a global report from UBS and Campden Researc

Broken Arrow makes USA Today’s best cities list at No. 29

  Broken Arrow is the United States’ 29th best city for residents, according to a story in Friday’s USA Today. Low crime, affordability and a healthy economy all helped the city of about 110,000

Commercial Mortgage Brokers Commercial mortgage broker loan origination services for commercial properties located in most, but not all states. If you are in need of talking to a knowledgeable and ex

Commercial Mortgage Brokers

httpS:// Commercial mortgage brokers and originators who provide excellent services and have access to the best lenders for commercial property in the United States.Commercial mortg

Apartment Loans for Dallas - 972-715-1618 Apartment loans Dallas TX. New loan programs with low interest rates are available through our preferred lenders who have the best apartment loa

Apartment Financing Dallas - 972-718-1618 Apartment financing loans in Dallas and surrounding communities are available. Apartment loans originated 5 to 7 years ago will have a balloon c

Apartment Building Refinancing - 972-715-1618 Resource for apartment building refinancing in the USA. If you are a borrower or investor in need of financing for commercial property including

Office Building Refinance - 972-715-1618 Office building refinancing. If you or your organization owns and operates an office building within the USA, then take advantage of new lower interest rates and better loan


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