Best Time To Buy Air Conditioner

Save Yourself Stress and Money By Knowing When To Buy AC

Cooling & Heating Checklist for Warmer Weather

Summer is almost here in Portland, and that means it's time to make sure your heating and cooling system is running efficiently. Keeping up with your HVAC maintenance can give you peace of mind knowi

Tips to Reduce Spring Allergies This Year

With spring comes warmer weather and longer days, and the rise of pesky allergies. The majority of allergy symptoms start with the air quality in your own home. Luckily, there are some easy ways you

Can an Old Thermostat Cost you Money on Your Energy Bill?

Do you feel like you're paying too much to heat and cool your home? If you have an older or malfunctioning thermostat, it could be costing you extra money. Many people often overlook the thermostat a

5 Things to Know About Formaldehyde and Indoor Air Quality

As we spend more time indoors with the rise of remote working and the dropping temperatures, it's a good time to think about your indoor air quality. One of the most pressing issues regarding indoor

Air Filters vs. Air Purifier

Indoor air quality is one of the most critical factors to your health. No one wants to breathe in pollutants, viruses, and harmful bacteria. Upgrade your air system with Heat Relief Heating and Cooli

Tips for Conserving Heat in the Winter

A handful of homeowners in the Portland area are hesitant to turn on their heat during cooler months to save money. Our team from Heat Relief is here to tell you that there are ways to stay warm and

5 Furnace Safety Tips to Keep in Mind this Season

It may feel like Fall just arrived, but its chill can certainly make it feel as though it's been around quite longer. To warm up, many families in the Portland area turn to their furnaces. November a

How to get priority service with our Ultimate Savings Agreement

You may not think much of your heating and cooling system until it stops working. When it breaks down, it could take days for a repair technician to come out to complete an assessment. Worst case sce

4 ways to prepare your HVAC system for fall

When the fall season blows through, it's time to pack up the shorts and pull out the sweatshirts. It's also prime time to check on your HVAC system to make sure heating your home this fall is simple.

Cooling options for older Portland-area homes

This summer continues to bring record-breaking temperatures and a heatwave like never before. Learn the best options for cooling off your older Portland-area home. The post Cooling options for older

What Type of Heating System Do I Have? Do I Have A Heat Pump?

Not everyone knows the answer to this question. To some, it’s an issue that they just never thought about. To others, it’s a question they have had, but didn’t know how to go about finding the


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