Vegas Creative Pro , Laws of Light and Editing 101

Vegas Pro from VegasCreative, a study on the laws of light for video, editing 101 and the old Windows vs. Mac argument.

Fun Facts & Easter Eggs From Finding Nemo | Pixar Did You Know? by Disney•Pixar

Just keep swimming as you try to find all of the hidden details in Finding Nemo. Visit Disney Movies Anywhere for more! Facebook: I

UP Easter Eggs & Fun Facts | Pixar Did You Know? by Disney•Pixar

Easter Eggs are out there!Visit Disney Movies Anywhere for more! Facebook: Instagram:

Miguel Enters the Land of the Dead | Script to Screen by Disney•Pixar

The magical Land of the Dead in Coco began with just a few words. See how the script compares with the final frame.Visit Disney Movies Anywhere for more! Faceboo

Vegas Movie Studio 15 Review

Vegas Movie Studio 15 marks the second update of the software since Magix bought out the entire Sony Creative range of video and audio editing products the year before last. Despite the doomsday rumbl

Post Production: Special Techniques in Movie Edit Pro (3/4)

Sound optimization: premade optimizations and effects for atmospheric video sound. 

Corel VideoStudio Pro 2018 and Ultimate 2018 Review Part 2

So now we have covered the all the new stuff let’s get into VideoStudio itself and see what it offers and how it performs. First up let’s establish clearly here that my computer is definitely not

The Friday Roundup – Choosing Music, the Glitch Effect and Voiceovers

How to Find Music for Videos One question that I see coming up on a lot of the forums and user groups is the question of choosing the right music for the right video. Too often you will see videos tha

The Friday Roundup – Vegas Movie Studio Updates and Other Editing Stuff

VEGAS Movie Studio 15 Released So hot on the heels of last week’s announcement from Corel on the update of VideoStudio X10 to VideoStudio 2018 we have one from Magix as well. They have just released

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 and Pro 2018 Review

VideoStudio Pro 2018 and VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 are the latest versions of Corel’s popular and feature packed consumer video editing software suites. VideoStudio has been around for quite some ti

The Best Video Editing Software 2018

These are my current (2018) choices for the best video editing software solutions at the consumer or home user level through to prosumer. A more comprehensive review for each one can be found by follo

Anton Ego Tastes Ratatouille | Script to Screen by Disney•Pixar

Ratatouille began with one concoction: a script. See how the final taste scene in Ratatouille transpires from script to screen.Visit Disney Movies Anywhere for more! https://www.disneymoviesanywhere.

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The Friday Roundup – Chinese New Year Backlog Edition

Aaand we are back! So last week I set out with all good intentions to issue the usual Friday Roundup. Unfortunately this was all in the face of the impending Chinese New Year break that occurs here in

Friday Roundup - Vegas Pro Discounts, Laws of Light and Editing 101

This week discounts on Vegas Pro from VegasCreative, a study on the laws of light for video, editing 101 and the old Windows vs. Mac argument.

[OFFICIAL] Wondershare Filmora - Easy, Trendy and Quality Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora is a simple video editor that ignites your stories, makes it fun to transform precious moments into stunning videos for sharing anywhere.

The Friday Roundup – Composition, Vegas Discounts and Lens Filters

Earlier this week I sent out an email to everyone on my subscriber list (unusual I know!) alerting them to a couple of good deals going at the moment being offered by Magix. So I thought I would kick

WALL•E Easter Eggs & Fun Facts | Pixar Did You Know? by Disney•Pixar

Computer: Define "Easter eggs." Enjoy these fun facts and hidden details from Disney•Pixar's WALL•E.Visit Disney Movies Anywhere for more! Facebook

Toy Story | Script to Screen by Disney•Pixar

To infinity and beyond! Enjoy one of the most iconic scenes from Toy Story played side by side with its script.Visit Disney Movies Anywhere for more! Facebook:ht

Incredibles 2 - Olympics Sneak Peek

The Incredibles are back on June 15. 💥 Watch a brand-new sneak peek of Incredibles 2 now!---Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles 2 opens in theatres June 15!In “Incredibles 2,” Helen (voice of Holly

A Leap for Faith

The catalyst for Faith Granger? A hot rod. Back in 2006, the then-singer/songwriter, artist, and producer took a break from the music industry and bought herself a 1932 Ford roadster. And it was love.

Commercial Use of Music Maker Sounds and Loops

Here we explain what you need to know about publishing your songs.

The Friday Roundup – Cinematic Lighting, Jumps Cuts and Camera Hacks

Cinematic Lighting Techniques One of the current catchphrases that seems to be circling around at the moment is “cinematic.” There has been a lot of talk about adjusting frame rates to shoot more

Pixar Shorts | Pixar Did You Know? by Disney•Pixar

Long story short, Pixar shorts are bursting with Easter eggs!Visit Disney Movies Anywhere for more! Facebook: Instagram: https://ww

What Is VR and What Does It Mean For My Business?

Find out some of the ways you can implement virtual reality into your business to enhace your marketing and keep ahead of the competition.

The Friday Roundup – Night Shooting, Audio and Split Toning

5 Tips For Filming at Night Given the fact that most people shooting video at the consumer level of the market are going to be doing so on the basis of auto settings in their devices, shooting at nigh

Creating Stunning Panoramic Photos

Keep reading to find out how to create panoramic images with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer and Xara Designer Pro X in no time at all!

Inside Out Memorable Scenes | Script to Screen by Disney•Pixar

Friendship takes all forms. See one of the most memorable scenes from Inside Out transform from script to screen.Visit Disney Movies Anywhere for more! Facebook:

Artist Interview – Bill Evans

Bill Evans about SpectraLayers Pro, performance restoration and his work with virtuoso artists.

Pixar Did You Know? Fun Facts About Monsters University

Learn everything you need to know about Disney•Pixar's Monsters University!Visit Disney Movies Anywhere for more! Facebook: Insta

Web hosting explained

If you want to create a website online, you need a web host. Why do you need one?

Support question of the month: How do I record MIDI instruments with Music Maker?

We answer the most commonly asked support question this month. This time round, the topic is recording MIDI instruments.

We present to you the winners of the “Best of 2017” Looparoid giveaway

We've chosen the winners of the "Best of 2017" Looparoid giveaway. Congratulations!

Basic Program and Project Settings

You can only concentrate 100% on creating music once program controls are familiar to you. In this tutorial we'll bring you step by step all the way through from naming a project to the detailed setti


Whenever a show is delivered to a TV network, it is run through a process called “QC,” or “Quality Control.” Typically this is done on the network end, and if they spot any issues, like flash


Where we last left off, I was installing Windows 10 onto my Hack, dipping my toes in the Windows waters in anticipation of a full on transfer. After playing around with it for a few days I was getting


This is a tough thing to admit, but I’m seriously considering a move from Mac to Windows.  Tough, because I’ve been a Mac user ever since I bought my first computer in 1991, a Mac Classic. Why am

CINEXINSERT is a big time saver

I was faced with a problem. I finished exporting the 9 masters needed for this program…five HD masters and four 4K masters…when the network contacted us saying there was an issue with the open tit


“Are there supposed to be two of these?” My wife texts me at work. “I thought you were only making one of these.” On Friday the parts for the computer arrived. And apparently something happene


Building a Mac with PC parts… Before I get into this build saga, I want to say a word of warning. Unless you are a very technical person who knows how to navigate a basic PC BIOS (motherboard OS) or


A mini review for a mini color panel. This is an unsolicited review…Tangent didn’t ask me to do it. I wasn’t supplied with a review unit. I rushed out and pre-ordered it from Flanders Scientific

THE EDIT BAY – Episode 58, Failure to Launch

The fifty-eigth episode of THE EDIT BAY is now available for download. This one is a show that was cancelled midway through production. To play in your browser or download direct, click here. To subsc

THE EDIT BAY – Episode 5, The Underbid

This is the FIFTH episode of THE EDIT BAY that I did many years ago…but when I was looking for it to link to it on a forum post answer, I realize that I didn’t ever post it on my blog! It’s one


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