Licensed, Bonded and Insured – 3 Business Certific

One of the greatest benefits of having a licensed, bonded and insured plumber is their attention to detail. The licensed, bonded and insured plumber is committed to the homeowner in providing his or her complete knowledge of the N. Remember that a licensed, bonded and insured is trained and practiced, and some states require that a plumber undergoes apprenticeships and take an exam in order to receive their licensing.

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How to boost your painting business via Instagram

If you’re not an Instagram devotee already, you might be surprised to learn just how much time this platform’s users spend ogling the visual content which populates their feeds. With 700 m

Dry-Ice Blasting in Residential Market

Dry-ice blasting is one of the most efficient cleaning methods that deeply removes the surface of any items or equipment. The process is operated similarly to abrasive, sand and soda blasting. The car

Spray Gun Attachment Kit

Mark has always had a penchant for inventing.  Thinking outside the box has been a blessing (in disguise sometimes)!  Haven’t you ever wondered why your cereal bowl didn’t h

7 Blog Post Ideas Perfect for Paint Contractors

Blogging is terrific for paint contracting websites. Right off the bat, you’ll get favorable treatment on Google for SEO versus your non-blogging competitors, with all other things being equal.

One Painter’s Story

For a while now I have seen a lot of articles like this here at BP about the importance of having a website for your business and I was one of those people that was perfectly fine continuing business

The Benefits of Content Marketing and Personal Branding

Content marketing and brand visibility can help get your business known to your target clients. In fact, almost 90% of consumers want brands to share valuable content on the Internet, based on Edelman

How Can Painting Contractors Use Google Posts?

What Are Google Posts? Anytime there is an opportunity to occupy more real estate on Google, it is a good idea to take advantage. The latest way to capture more of this coveted real estate are Google

Now Available: Titan™ ControlMax™ Series High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayers

MINNEAPOLIS — June 29, 2017 — Titan™ ControlMax™ Series High Efficiency Airless (HEA) paint sprayers are easy to use and deliver maximum control when spraying at production spe


Sherwin-Williams Annual Color Trend Report Reveals Three Distinct Palettes Representing A Global Collision of Influences   CLEVELAND (June 12, 2017) — From vivid blue and digital

Vip Clip

Sal Mangeri from Valley Pro Products has been a long time friend of Blogging Painters, he shared his bucket liners years ago and has now offered samples of his Vip Clip to members. We love to see pain


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