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TW Creatives: “The Reunion” An Exclusive Ghost Story by Andi Brooks

Tokyo Weekender’s series TW Creatives features various works by Japan-based writers, photographers, videographers, illustrators and other creatives in a bid to provide one additional platform for

Japanese Fashion Research Papers - Academia.edu

View Japanese Fashion Research Papers on Academia.edu for free.

List of 7: Things to Know About Princess Mako

Four years after announcing her engagement to Kei Komuro, Princess Mako is finally set to wed her university sweetheart. It won’t have the pomp and circumstance of a traditional royal wedding, but

Yukata VS Kimono: Here Are The Major Differences | Bunka Japan

Yukata VS Kimono what is the main difference? After going through more than 20+ articles, these are all the answers to all your questions related to Yukata and Kimono.

Nihon no fasshon : Meiji, Taishō, Shōwa, Heisei =Japanese fashion / | Library of Congress

Japanese. Statement of responsibility from spine. Includes bibliographical references (page 317). "日本のファッション年表:p319-351"--JaToTRC report.

Pheebz Eats: Simple Solutions for Snobby Tastebuds

When your world gets a bit smaller, the smaller things get a bit bigger. That essentially was my summer. Normally, I’d be flitting around at giant group picnics and installing myself in… The post

5 Things We Learned About Myoko City, Niigata, At The TW x Myoko Event

Located in the mountains of southern Niigata Prefecture, the small city of Myoko is attracting ever bigger recognition. Home to delightful ski slopes, secluded hot spring resorts and adrenaline-pumpi

17 Things To Do in Tokyo This Weekend: October 29–31

This week is your last chance to enjoy Tokyo’s Halloween events. Also on the schedule, the latest edition of Tokyo LoveHotels, a new NFT exhibition and charity event at Trunk (Hotel), and more.…

Egyptian Clothing 2022 – BEST Egyptian Fashion Designers and Trends

So what’s so new about Egyptian clothing in 2021? Inspired by the country’s history and culture, a new wave of Egyptian clothing is emerging. For decades, designers from all over the world have us

Tokyo Love Story: Solène Ballesta’s Provocative Photography

Solène Ballesta grew up in Versailles, on the outskirts of Paris. Maybe we would expect Ballesta, a photographer, to stay in one of the most photographable towns in the world, but she… The post To

No Entry: Ban On International Workers And Students Remains Despite Plummeting Coronavirus Cases

On Monday, Tokyo recorded 29 Covid-19 cases, the lowest number this year. For the past two weeks, the figures in the capital have consistently been below 100 and have remained low throughout… The p

CrypTOKYO III at TRUNK (Hotel): NFTs For Charity

Art and technology combine at the latest installment of the popular exhibition series CrypTOKYO. Curated by experts at leading NFT marketplace Blockchain Art Exchange (BAE) which is produced by Baile

Spotlight: Sadako Ogata — The Diminutive Giant

On this day in 2019 Japan lost one of its most prominent international figures. Known as the “diminutive giant,” Sadako Ogata became the first-ever female UN High Commissioner for Refugees in 199

YesStyle FULL Review 2021 + LATEST Coupons, Rewards, Top Picks

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About YesStyle! YesStyle is a globally recognized e-commerce marketplace for Asian beauty and fashion, operating since 1998. The company was ranked in the Top 500 Worldwide

What EXACTLY Is Sustainable Fashion & Why Is SO Important (2022)

Sustainable Fashion – Everything You Need To Know! There’s so much confusion as to what sustainable fashion is, that having a comprehensive guide on the matter is paramount. With a carbon footprin

13 Best Affordable Maternity Clothes Stores To Order Online – (2021)

Cute Maternity Clothes & Dresses On A Budget (Including Plus Size!) These are the best 13 online stores for cheap maternity clothes in 2021. While pregnancy is a time of utter happiness and joy, i

Split Ends ULTIMATE Guide – Types, Causes + Best Treatments (2021 Update)

Best Split End Treatments According To Hair Experts Split ends are one of the most frustrating side effects of growing your hair. No matter how well you condition your locks, split ends are inevitable

Y2K Fashion: How To Dress Like Y2K In 2021 (Full Guide + 16 Clothing Stores)

Y2K fashion is back in vogue again, two decades and a bit after its appearance. The Y2K comeback proves once again the cyclical nature of fashion. And the fact that if you hold onto your favorite piec

25 BEST Faux Leather & Vegan Leather Jackets For All Budgets (2021)

Leather-Style Jackets TRENDING, Again! I think we all agree that a well-made vegan leather jacket is a wardrobe staple nowadays. However, with so many brands making vegan leather jackets in 2021, it c

Cottagecore EXPLAINED – What It Is, How It Started, Why Is So POPULAR

What EXACTLY Is Cottagecore & Why Is So TRENDY in 2021?! Cottagecore (also known as Farmcore and Countrycore) is a social media movement fostering the idea of living a simple rural lifestyle; loca

23 BEST Cottagecore Fashion Brands + 4 Outfits Ideas (2021)

How To Wear Cottagecore Fashion Right Now! Best Outfit Ideas & Clothing Brands Cottagecore fashion is one of the most demanded aesthetics in 2021, out of all the recent trends made famous on TikTo

15 Best Womens’ Sneaker Trends of 2021 (For All Seasons)

15 Best Summer/Fall Sneaker Trends For Women Sneakerheads! Knowing the latest womens’ sneaker trends is no longer a thing for the sneakerhead culture only. With streetwear clothing increasingly cour

What to Wear Under a Kimono? A Guide For Male And Female

When wearing kimono or yukata, is it better to have special undergarments? For kimono wearers in particular, many are not sure what kind of undergarments they should wear with it. Frequently asked qu

Haori VS Kimono VS Hakama: Traditional Japanese Clothing

Haori and hakama are essential components of traditional Japanese fashion, typically worn during festivals, coming-of-age ceremonies, and other big life events, similar to kimono. Continue reading to

What Is A Male Kimono Called? Guide To The Types Of Kimono Robe Men

Men kimono is a generic word like clothing. There are many different types of kimono for men. In the west, the Japanese men kimono is also called "Kimono Robe Men" or "men's Japanese kimono robe". Wh

Yukata VS Kimono: Here Are The Major Differences

Yukata and Kimono have long been the symbols of the Japanese culture, and for good reason. These traditional garments have been around for centuries and steeped in history, but remains very much rele

What Is A Kimono? Where Did The Kimono Originate?

A single garment has dominated the Japanese style for generations: the Kimono. The kimono reflects the beautiful refinement of Japanese culture and style, illustrating that clothing should be much mo

Discover The History Of Cosplay

Cosplay, which means for costume play, is a performance art in which performers, referred to as "cosplayers," use fashion accessories and costumes to portray a certain persona. Cosplayers interact to


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