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Has scratching and walking, maybe even running over head, have you alarmed? If it’s nuisance animals in your attic, you should be concerned. Wildlife in your home really never ends well. Squirrels will gnaw wires causing so many fires that most homeowners insurance policies won’t bother covering squirrel damages. Raccoons that have broken in create a whole new set of problems. The entry points raccoons tear open to enter are very large to accommodate the size of their body. This is not only is severe damage to your home’s roof, soffit or fascia, it also allows in elements such as rain and snow. Which can cause water damage and mold. Not all problems with wildlife come from high up. Skunk are plenty capable of wreaking havoc on a home in very little time. One blast of skunk odor and you can be sure all of the contents of the home can also smell as if they were directly sprayed by the skunk. Many people don’t realize the severity of skunk odor being absorbed by concrete. Aside from skunk spray, skunks dying underneath a deck or stoop can be extremely difficult to extract and remove. In any wildlife control situation, each animal represents an individual set of problems that are all severe in their own right.

How to Prevent Problems with Wildlife: Exclude Wildlife Living with Wildlife University of Illinois Extension

It is easier to keep animals out of your home than to deal with an animal that has decided to den inside or underneath your home. Regularly inspect the exterior of your home. Siding or roofing materia


Bat biology, how to handle a single bat flying into a house or a bat colony in a house, bat-proofing techniques, legal status, and public health concerns.

National Wildlife Control Training Program | Research based wildlife control information

National Wildlife Control Training Program  The NWCTP is a professional wildlife control training program created by a coalition of universities, government agencies, and private industry to help

Professional Wildlife Management Education & Training

Workshops, Conferences, Symposia and other informational resources related to wildlife damage management for the wildlife control professional.


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