Emergency Dentist Chatham

Emergency Dentist Chatham - Instant Dental Chatham - 01622-291999 Are you suffering dental pain or trauma? Do you need an emergency dentist in Chatham, Kent? Situated on High Street in Chatham, Instant Dental offer a 24 hour emergency dental service via our Premier Dental Care practice. Our emergency dentists in Chatham can see you within the hour (subject to appointment availability). Our out of hours emergency dental service is here to help the residents of Kent get their dental pain treated fast, effectively and affordably. We can help with a wide range of dental emergencies including broken teeth, wisdom teeth, root canals, emergency fillings, broken dentures, dental traumas and more. So, whatever your dental emergency, give us a call today. Our dentists help 100’s of people in Chatham every month, and we are here ready to help you too. Don’t suffer dental pain, get in touch now and get your dental pain treated fast!

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Emergency Dentist Chatham - Instant Dental Chatham - 01622-291999


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Our #blackfriday offer has landed!

Our #blackfriday offer has landed! Save on @boutiquewhitening_#teethwhitening Now just £225 for Professional Teeth Whitening! OFFER PRICE INCLUDES: Dental Assessment & Check up Boutique Teeth Wh

Corner House Dental Practice - Mouth Cancer Awareness

We're raising money for the Oral Health Foundation, the leading independent charity in the UK dedicated to improving oral health and well-being across the globe through public awareness campaigns. A

Cathie Brady

Cathie is currently the Director and Chief Clinical Officer at Rodericks Dental. Responsibilities include - Governance of the organisation, setting the strategic direction, developing aims and objecti

Soha Dattani

Soha is Head of Scientific Engagement at Johnson & Johnson.   Soha brings a strong foundation as a Periodontist across NHS, private, hospital and specialist practice together with extensive exper

How to spot mouth cancer

By spotting mouth cancer early, we have a much better chance of beating it. With early diagnosis, the chances of surviving mouth cancer are nine out of ten – those odds are pretty good, and that’

Denplan Oral Health Report 2023

New figures reveal almost six-in-ten (59%) Brits say they see the same dentist more consistently than they see the same GP, showing the vital role dentists have in the health of people’s lives. The

The Blue Ribbon Appeal

The Blue Ribbon Appeal continues to play a key role in directly engaging people with the issues surrounding mouth cancer. Whether it is talking about the risk factors involved, the early warning signs

Health experts call on parents to make sure their children receive life-saving HPV vaccination

The Oral Health Foundation and Portman-Dentex are urging parents to make sure their children receive a vaccination that could save their life by preventing a range of deadly cancers. The vaccination f

The Oral Health Podcast

We have teamed up with brands and different leaders in dentistry to bring you bite-size oral health information on a wide variety of topics, including gum heath, tooth erosion, and diet. You can liste

National Smile Month 2024

The smile is one of our best assets. That’s why it makes sense to give it the best care possible. By learning more about how to achieve a healthy mouth, we can keep our teeth for life while prot

Lichen planus

What is oral lichen planus? Lichen planus is a long-lasting disease, which can affect the mouth and sometimes other areas of the body. When it appears in your mouth it is called 'oral lichen planus'.

Nurturing Smiles: 5 Reasons Your Family Needs to See The Dentist

In the heart of every home, there’s someone who anchors the family together. They’re the unseen planner of wellness, the gentle reminder for all things health-related, and the quiet guardian of t

Six Creative Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Every parent knows the daily challenge: it’s time for bed, but the battle to get your kids to brush their teeth is just beginning. They run, they hide, they sulk – they do everything but reach fo

When Your Dental Filling Takes a Tumble: Managing Pain and Taking Action

Dental fillings are a common and effective solution for treating cavities and restoring the structural integrity of teeth. However, like all dental procedures, fillings are not immune to issues. Ther

When Teething Takes a Twist: Navigating the Bumpy Road of Older Children’s Dental Development

The Normal Process of Losing Baby Teeth The journey from baby teeth to adult teeth is a significant milestone in a child’s life. Typically, children start losing their baby teeth around the age of

What Procedures Do Endodontists Do? Understanding the Role of Endodontic Specialists

When it comes to dental care, it’s essential to understand the difference between a general dentist and an endodontist. While all endodontists are dentists, only a small percentage of dentists unde

How Much Pain is Normal After a Dental Implant? Understanding the Recovery Process

Getting a dental implant is a significant oral surgery, and it’s natural to be concerned about the pain and discomfort associated with the procedure.  Here, we will discuss what you can expect in

Facethetics at Horbury Dental Care

Did you know we offer facial aesthetic treatments at Horbury Dental Care? Now, don’t lose interest and stop reading – aesthetics isn’t about middle-aged women wanting a smooth forehead or young

Regain Your Radiance: Understanding Dermal Fillers for a Timeless and More Youthful Appearance

Most people hope to slow down the effects of aging and maintain a youthful appearance. While we cannot completely stop the passage of time, there are ways to rejuvenate your skin and minimise the sig

The Timeless Durability of Dental Implants: Unveiling the Secrets to Lasting Smiles

Dental implants have become the preferred choice for tooth replacement due to their longevity and numerous benefits. If you’re considering dental implants, you might wonder, “How long do dental i

Saving Teeth or Placing Implants: Dental Decision Making

When faced with a dental dilemma, whether to save a natural tooth or opt for a dental implant, it is important to weigh various factors before making a decision. The condition of the tooth, overall o

Get Rid of Those Wrinkles and Frown Lines on Your Forehead: Discover the Secrets to Smoother Skin at Shine Dental Clinic

Nobody likes those pesky lines and wrinkles that start showing up on our foreheads as we age. We all want to hold onto our youthful looks and feel confident in our own skin. Shine Dental Clinic’s f

Research at Horbury Dental Care

In September 2021, myself (Harriet Willings) and my colleague James Cook, signed up to participate in the ‘SCRiPT’ Trial – ‘Selective Caries Removal in Permanent Teeth’. This is a national

Emergency Dentist in Maidstone - Instant Dental Maidstone | Emergency Dentist - 01622 291999

Dental emergencies can occur when we least expect them, causing pain, discomfort, and potential complications. In such situations, seeking immediate care from an emergency dentist in Maidstone become

Children and vulnerable Adults Safeguarding at Horbury Dental Care

The practice is committed to complying with legislation and statutory guidance to protect children and adults at risk of abuse or neglect. The practice has an effective process for identifying and re

9 Fun Things to Do in West Palm Beach, FL (Complete Guide 2023)

The post 9 Fun Things to Do in West Palm Beach, FL (Complete Guide 2023) appeared first on Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics.

What Are the Basic Denture Types?

Dentures have long been a helpful option to restore your teeth and gums while giving you a new smile. There are many different denture types you can choose from. As with many other dental procedures,

6 Reasons Why Choosing an Out-of-Network Dentist is Good For You

When searching for a dentist, people usually have to decide whether to see an in-network or an out-of-network provider. But if choosing an in- network dentist means most is covered by insurance, then

7 Cool Things to Do in Delray Beach This Weekend

Picture this: “The Most Fun Small Town in America”. This is how Delray was recently named. The reason? There are things to do in Delray Beach for everyone. Whether you like sports, art, culture,

What to Do With a Broken Tooth?

It usually happens in a snap. One moment everything is okay with your mouth, the next you realize you have a broken tooth!  Biting down on hard food, getting hit or suffering a hard fall are some of

What Does a Prosthodontist Do? – All You Need to Know in 2023

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Types of Dentures and Cost: A Complete Guide (2023)

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Cosmetic Dentistry in West Palm Beach

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All You Need to Know About Dental Crowns in 2023

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Calling All Parents

Check out these tips from our associate dentist James Cook The post Calling All Parents appeared first on Horbury Dental Care & Implant Clinic.

Instant Dental Maidstone | Emergency Dentist - 01622 291 999

Regular dental checkups are an essential part of maintaining good oral hygiene and overall health. Despite this, many people tend to neglect their dental health and avoid going to the dentist–until

Root Canal Treatment at Horbury Dental

Please check out our video about root canal treatment by Dr Thomas Willan. The post Root Canal Treatment at Horbury Dental appeared first on Horbury Dental Care & Implant Clinic.

Look after your NHS Dentistry place or you may lose it

USE IT! DON’T LOSE IT! Did you know that to keep your NHS dental registration at our practice you need to attend regularly? Many of our patients forget to make regular visits to see their dentist.

Suresmile Aligners Conference

I was recently invited out to Malaga for the Suresmile Key Opinion Leader Conference which was a chance for all the top providers in Europe to meet and discuss new ideas. Part of the conference was d

Family and Friends Survey

We are pleased to share out latest Family & Friends test for Horbury Dental Care. The post Family and Friends Survey appeared first on Horbury Dental Care & Implant Clinic.

Emergency Dentist Kent - Instant Dental Kent

We are an emergency dental service providing assistance in your time of dental need. We have a variety of locations across Kent to help you find somewhere convenient to solve your dental emergency.

Meet our new dentist – Alistair Reynolds

Hi, I’m Alistair and I’m pleased to be the new dentist working at Horbury Dental Care. I’m 30 years old and was born and raised just outside Wakefield, so you could say I’m Yorkshire through

Patient Newsletter SPRING 2022

Patient Newsletter SPRING 2022 The post Patient Newsletter SPRING 2022 appeared first on Horbury Dental Care & Implant Clinic.

Emergency Dentist Chatham - Instant Dental Chatham

Are you suffering dental pain or trauma? Do you need an emergency dentist in Chatham, Kent? Situated on High Street in Chatham, Instant Dental offer a 24 hour emergency dental service via our Premier

Emergency Dentist Maidstone - Instant Dental Maidstone

Searching for an emergency dentist in Maidstone, Kent? Ideally located on Knightrider Street Instant Dental supplies the people of Maidstone with a 24 hr emergency dentist service. Our emergency dent

Emergency Dentist Gillingham - Instant Dental Gillingham

Instant Dental offer an emergency dental service in Gillingham, Kent. Based in the Nelson Road Dental practice (ME7 4NB), our emergency dentists are available 24 hours a day to help respond to your d

Should You Be Worried About a Bone Graft?

Bone Grafts for Dental Implants – Should You Be Worried You Need One? Bone grafts, in a dental sense, are used for growing or building up the bone around an implanted device. Often necessary for pa

Why Sinus Lifts are Almost ALWAYS Necessary

Have you Been Told you Need a Sinus Lift? Here’s Why As the go-to dental implant clinic in London, Aqua Dental deals with hundreds of missing teeth cases every year. So, if you’ve been refused de

Invisalign Open Day – Sat 14th August

Your Invisalign journey will start with a FREE*** consultation. We’ll then show a ‘before and after’ look at your smile, using the ITERO 3D Scanner.This cutting-edge scanner takes many scans of

Brushing before Breakfast!

What’s your breakfast go-to? A bowl of fruit / cereal with the little ones, maybe a cheeky pain au choc from the bakery on the way to work? Perhaps working from home now allows a bigger full englis

Teeth Straightening.

Are crowded, misaligned, gapped or crooked teeth knocking your confidence? Now you don’t have to deal with chunky metal braces, that knock your confidence even more, whilst they straighten your tee

Invisalign Teeth Straightening System NOW with ITERO Scanning

The post Invisalign Teeth Straightening System NOW with ITERO Scanning appeared first on northleedsdental.com.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) notice

Please be reassured that we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely to ensure we are complying with the government’s guidance on managing risk. The health, wellbeing and safety of our patient

Dental Bonding at Aqua Dental Clinic

Your Aqua Demntal dentists are very well equipped and skilled in dental bonding procedures. Dental bonding is usually recommended to fix chipped or broken front teeth that may also have dental caries

North Leeds Dental Website Goes Live

At North Leeds Dental Clinic we are proud to announce that our new website is live. We will be filling it with lots of useful information, keeping you up to date with news and dental life. The post N

Mouthguards Prevent Sporting Knock-Outs

If you’ve been following all the excitement of the Rugby World Cup in Japan, you may have noticed something odd in the mouths of players. The plastic mouthguards in custom team colours lend a rathe

Help! I’m scared of the dentist!

Dental phobia affects around half of the UK population. For most people living with the condition, symptoms like sweaty palms and an increased heart rate will be enough to make a visit to the dentist

Beating bad breath

Students from the University of Illinois recently uncovered some interesting links between black tea and oral health. It turns out that one of the nation’s favourite beverages could help in the fig

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Talk to any dentist about teeth whitening and they’re sure to mention Zoom The treatment is an effective, convenient way to restore teeth back to a natural, whiter colour. Zoom teeth whitening is u

Share Your Experience

To share what you think about the practice with the CQC please use the ‘Share Your Experience’ form. The post Share Your Experience appeared first on Heaton Dental Care.

Incognito: Hidden Yet Effective When You Smile

Are you looking for a secret means of achieving your dream smile? If you’re not keen on the idea of sporting visible braces, but you’d love straight teeth, we have just the solution for you. With

Four Tips to Take Care Of Your Teeth This Autumn

Autumn is almost upon us. After a summer of sunshine and fun, it’s time to look forward to cosy nights in and brisk walks in golden-hued forests. With a change of season on the horizon, it’s a go

Five Tips to Take Care Of Your Dentures

If you have dentures, it’s essential to take good care of them to minimise the risk of damage and ensure you get the best out of them. Here are 5 top tips to help you look after your dentures: Keep

Free Oral-B Pro 2000 Toothbrush when you join Denplan

Spread the cost of your dental care and receive a free gift. We are giving away an Oral-B Pro 2000 toothbrush (RRP £69.99) to all new patients who join Denplan*. For more information please ask a me


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