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You may want to look your best at a party. Finding the right jewelry is important if not a necessity. A safe choice for evening parties (and an unsafe option for work environments) is sparkling, brill


NOTE: The kimberlite magmas that carry diamonds to the surface are often much younger than the diamonds they transport (the kimberlite magma simply acts as a conveyer belt!).  

What are the requirements for importing diamonds, jewelry, stones, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, jade, etc.?

Commercial imports of diamonds, jewelry, pearls, and precious and semi-precious stones valued at $2,500 or more require a formal entry. Please see the guidelines for formal entries in our publication

Rolls-Royce Names Its First SUV After the Legendary 3,106.75-Carat Cullinan Diamond

Inspired by the majestic characteristics of the largest gem-quality diamond ever mined, Rolls-Royce announced Tuesday that its first-ever all-terrain SUV will be called “Cullinan” — a name the c

Hand Set With 89 Pink Diamonds, ‘The Jewelled Phoenix’ Is a Coin Like No Other

“The Jewelled Phoenix,” a remarkable three-dimensional gold coin hand set with 89 ultra-rare pink diamonds, was unveiled last week by mining company Rio Tinto and The Perth Mint at the 47th World

McDonald’s Celebrates Big Mac’s 50th and Valentine’s Day With a ‘Bling Mac Ring’ Contest

A seven-tier stackable ring that uses champagne-colored diamonds to represent all-beef patties, tsavorites to depict the lettuce and pickles, and orange sapphires to illustrate the special sauce is th

White Metal for Engagement Rings

Clients often ask us what type of white metal is best for engagement rings. The traditional choices are 14-karat white-gold (58.5% gold), 18-karat white-gold (75% gold), and platinum (95% platinum). T

Cool Picks on Designer Diamond Pendants

As there is fresh love up in the air, there should also be a refreshing feel, when it comes to picking your own sets on jewelry.

Diamond Source of Virginia Special Offers

Check out the Special Offers page at DiamondSourceVA.com to see diamonds, rings, and other jewelry we are brokering for clients. These are high quality items at special low prices. Click here to for m

New Mexico Woman Finds Diamond Ring in Tub of Vicks VapoRub

We’d hardly be surprised to find a prize mixed into a Cracker Jack box or a fun toy buried in a specially marked package of Lucky Charms, but a diamond ring immersed in a tub of Vicks VapoRub? Now,

Diamond Pendants on your Mind? Know These Aspects Before You Buy

Getting diamond pendants is the most beautiful wish of any woman at any age of life. Whether worn as a creative designer piece or just a solitaire, diamond pendants are loved by all. With advent of as

1 of the Biggest Diamonds in History Has Just Been Discovered | Fortune

By Bloomberg 6:21 AM EST One of the biggest diamonds in history has been discovered in the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa. Gem Diamonds (GMDMF, +10.20%) found the 910-carat stone, a

Happily Ever After: Robert and Joanne

Every story is a unique representation of love – the meeting, the maturity of the relationship and the journey towards marriage. Two individuals coming together to build a life as one. Despite the h

Exclusive Tips On Choosing The Right Bridal Jewelry

When it comes to choosing your very own sets on bridal jewelry, things can get a bit intimidating. The endless number of designs, settings, styles or even shades can leave you overwhelmed. You may sim

Stunning Designer Picks Within $250

Are you on a tight shoe-string budget? Would you love splurging on jewelry gift under $250? This is the right time to celebrate Christmas and New Year, with all the fervor and excitement.

Explore wedding bands that come with a style

With the festive season around the corner, letting you take a sneak-peak into some of the best wedding bands. These are eternity rings women can flaunt with, their entire life-time.

Engagement ring trends this season

If you’re searching for an engagement ring this winter, we have some insights on the latest trends. Not only are fancy shape stones making a comeback, they are currently being set in unconventional

Ultra-luxurious Christmas Jewelry You Fall in Love With

Jewelry stores stack their shelves with infinite number of designs. This is especially true when the festive season is just round the corner. Too many embellishments, shades or designs can leave shopp

Exclusive tips on choosing designer jewelry for earrings

You have the freedom to choose your very own designer jewelry.  However, there are some finer aspects attached to it. The jewelry needs to compliment your facial features, to a greater extent.

LA Museum Going Green with Diamonds This Winter

Los Angeles--The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is going green in a big way. On Saturday, the museum will open a new exhibition called “Green Diamonds: Natural Radiance,” adding eigh

One of World's Largest Diamonds Fetches $6.5M to Aid Sierra Leone

One of the world's largest diamonds was sold for $6.5 million by Sierra Leone on Monday to fund local development projects, dealing a blow to smugglers in the West African nation. The egg-sized, 709-c

Diamonds.net - Blue Diamond Sells for $15M at Sotheby’s New York

Sotheby’s sold $54 million worth of jewelry at its New York auction on Tuesday as several pieces containing rare blue diamonds and gemstones yielded higher-than-expected prices. An anonymous buyer s

Tips on Choosing diamonds From an Online Diamond Jewelry Store

When you want to shop for an engagement ring or any other form of petite jewelry online, you need to be aware of the quality of the product.

Exciting ideas to create customized wedding bands

You can wear your creative hat on, especially while customizing your own set of wedding bands. These bands, need to compliment the diamond stone, you have chosen, for your engagement or wedding. Writi

Geneva auctions: Big sales and fails

If there’s one constant at the much-awaited diamonds’ auction in Geneva, it’s the stones that are always bigger and shinier than their predecessors. The autumn sales in Switzerland were on fr

The Famed Donnersmarck Diamonds Could Fetch $14 Million At Sotheby's Geneva

The Donnersmarck Diamonds, a pair of fancy intense yellow diamonds with aristocratic provenance is being offered as part of Sotheby’s Geneva auction of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels November 1

ALROSA Reports Discovery of 34-Carat Yellow Diamond

ALROSA has found a 34.17-carat yellow diamond which is the largest fancy-colored rough diamond extracted by the company this year. The rough diamond, extracted from the Ebelyakh alluvial deposit, meas

Diamonds that Make the World a Better Place

Diamonds are viewed  and cherished as a symbol of commitment and love. However, most people are unaware of the positive impact they have on various communities. In remote locations where diamonds are

Diamond Fit for a King

At 37.30 carats, the Raj Pink is the world’s largest known Fancy Intense Pink diamond, which will be auctioned by Sotheby’s in Geneva next month. Discovered in 2015, the rough was studied for more

Happily Ever After: Sameer & Iryna

Every story is a unique representation of love – the meeting, the maturity of the relationship and the journey towards marriage. Two individuals coming together to build a life as one. Despite the h

Travel Carefully with Jewelry | Diamond Source of Virginia

Take camera photos of your jewelry so you can prove it is yours if lost and found. That photo might also be handy if you are questioned by customs when traveling internationally. Check with your insur

What Is Wrong with This Diamond? | Diamond Source of Virginia

I was recently contacted by a client who was wanting to sell a diamond he had purchased from some retailer. The diamond presents a good example of why we only recommend GIA graded diamonds and diamond

Happily Ever After: Jaimie & Adriana

Every story is a unique representation of love – the meeting, the maturity of the relationship and the journey towards marriage. Two individuals coming together to build a life as one. Despite the h

Happily Ever After: Nicole & Greg

Every story is a unique representation of love – the meeting, the maturity of the relationship and the journey towards marriage. Two individuals coming together to build a life as one. Despite the h

The Lowdown on Precious Metals

While selecting an engagement ring or another piece of diamond jewellery, we are often asked about the differences between various metals, their durability and aftercare. This week, 77 World describes

Red Diamonds: The Rarest of the Rare

With the recent unveiling of one of the world’s largest Fancy Red diamonds by mining company Rio Tinto of Argyle mine (Western Australia), 77 World takes a look into the origin and history of the ra


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