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You may want to look your best at a party. Finding the right jewelry is important if not a necessity. A safe choice for evening parties (and an unsafe option for work environments) is sparkling, brill


NOTE: The kimberlite magmas that carry diamonds to the surface are often much younger than the diamonds they transport (the kimberlite magma simply acts as a conveyer belt!).  

What are the requirements for importing diamonds, jewelry, stones, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, jade, etc.?

Commercial imports of diamonds, jewelry, pearls, and precious and semi-precious stones valued at $2,500 or more require a formal entry. Please see the guidelines for formal entries in our publication

Nearly 28-Carat Pink Diamond Found in Russia

Moscow--Alrosa reported this week that subsidiary Almazy Anabara has recovered what is by far the largest pink diamond in company history. Weighing 27.85 carats, the rough diamond has dimensions of 22

Clean Your Jewelry | Diamond Source of Virginia

Learn the proper cleaning process for each jewelry item since different gemstones and metals have different characteristics. Metal and stones used in costume jewelry are generally not as durable as mo

Music Friday: Coldplay’s Chris Martin Learns He Doesn’t Have to Possess Achilles’ Gold to Get a Shot at True Love

Hey, it’s Music Friday when we bring you awesome songs with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the title or lyrics. When “Something Just Like This” was released earlier this ye

Know When Not to Wear Jewelry | Diamond Source of Virginia

Regardless of the materials used in your jewelry, it is delicate. Knowing when not to wear jewelry is a key element for taking care of your jewelry. Avoid jewelry when playing sports and gym workouts.

$8 Garage Sale Brooch Delivers $26,250 Windfall at Bonhams Auction

A sparkly red, white and green brooch that was scooped up for just $8 at an Ohio garage sale five years ago delivered a $26,250 windfall at Bonhams New York on Tuesday. Although the brooch was hardly

Government of Botswana Calls ‘First Dibs’ on Exceptional Diamond Discoveries

In mid-November 2015 — during a span of just 72 hours — Lucara’s Karowe Mine in Botswana yielded three exceptional rough diamonds that tipped the scales at a combined 2,296 carats. N

Lifelong Cubs Fan and Former Wrigley Field Usher Wins $70,000 Player-Grade 2016 World Series Ring

Geneine Dietz, a lifelong Cubs fan who spent 10 seasons ushering games at Wrigley Field, plunked down $10 on a raffle ticket and scored an authentic, player-grade 2016 World Series ring valued at $70,

Argyle Mine — World’s Primary Source of Pink, Red and Blue Diamonds — Is Nearly Tapped Out

Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine in Western Australia — the world’s most prolific diamond mine and primary source for pink, red and blue diamonds — is nearly tapped out. The mine is exp

Happily Ever After: Jaimie & Adriana

Every story is a unique representation of love – the meeting, the maturity of the relationship and the journey towards marriage. Two individuals coming together to build a life as one. Despite t

Diamond Earrings: Essentials for Every Woman’s Closet

There are a few things a woman should have in her wardrobe. A stylish black dress is a must and is cozy and classy black pumps. You could also have a colorful scarf, a slimming pair of professional tr

Music Friday: Cut Like Precious Diamonds, TobyMac Reflects the Sun in ‘Lights Shine Bright’

Welcome to Music Friday when we often bring you inspirational songs with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the title or lyrics. Today, Christian hip-hop recording artist TobyMac collaborates wi

Royal Treatment: 3,500-Year-Old Tomb of Egyptian Goldsmith and His Wife Discovered in Luxor

Ancient Egyptians were captivated by gold. They considered gold “the skin of the gods” and associated it with eternity. They wore elaborate jewelry to enhance their beauty, indicate their

Bounce, Bounce, Plop: Anxious Suitor Fumbles Engagement Ring on Picturesque Footbridge in KC

With his hands sweating and his heart thumping, Seth Dixon became an accidental media star early this week when he fumbled a diamond engagement ring through the planks of a wooden footbridge in Kansas

Wildly Divergent Hues Are the Stars of Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report for Spring 2018

Wildly divergent hues unbounded by traditional guidelines, seasonal borders or gender norms are the stars of Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report for the spring of 2018. The “untypical&rdq

Category 4 Hurricane Irma Fails to Thwart Tulsa Man’s Key West Surprise Marriage Proposal

Months ago, Tulsa native Russ Dugger scheduled a romantic vacation to scenic Key West, Fla., where he planned to surprise his girlfriend, Nadia Kyrylova, with a marriage proposal on the world famous b

Looking For the Perfect Wedding Band

You have selected the venue of the wedding, the photographer and the DJ is checked off the list. Now, you have to look for your wedding band.

Happily Ever After: Nicole & Greg

Every story is a unique representation of love – the meeting, the maturity of the relationship and the journey towards marriage. Two individuals coming together to build a life as one. Despite t

Jewelry Repairs: Repairing a Precious Piece of Jewelry

Your grandmother meant a lot to you. Before she passed away, you received a lovely diamond and gemstone pendant she wore on several special occasions.

The Tale of Custom Design Jewelry

It is a fun and interesting experience to custom design jewelry. There are several reasons why most people choose custom designing jewelry. Most times fine jewelry is passed down and it may not be to

The Lowdown on Precious Metals

While selecting an engagement ring or another piece of diamond jewellery, we are often asked about the differences between various metals, their durability and aftercare. This week, 77 World describes

The Differences Between Men and Women

The differences between men and women have been made famous by author, John Gray, in his book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Over the many years we have been selling diamonds, we have observ

Jewelry Insurance

After you have purchased that special diamond, there is still one more important step to ensure your future happiness. That step is to adequately insure your diamond against loss or damage. Next to an

New Special Offers

Check out some of the new Special Offers we have available at Diamond Source of Virginia. Princess cut diamond with 1.15-carat weight graded E color, VS2 clarity, depth 72.0%, table 74%, Very Good pol

Tennis ball-sized 'diamond in the rough' too big to sell

TORONTO (Reuters) - In the mysterious world of diamond mining, it turns out that some stones are too big to sell. Canada's Lucara Diamond Corp will have to cut its tennis ball-sized rough diamond to f

Bringing Old Jewelry Back to Life

We all have a secret, tucked away in the corners of the jewelry boxes. That’s right… the old unworn diamonds and gemstones, gold and silver, lost in the darkness of the drawer. These are

Creating Custom Design Jewelry

Custom design jewelry is not just for engagement rings. Even though, it is perfect for designing this kind of jewelry, you can look into creating any kind of jewelry. Your imagination is the only limi

Red Diamonds: The Rarest of the Rare

With the recent unveiling of one of the world’s largest Fancy Red diamonds by mining company Rio Tinto of Argyle mine (Western Australia), 77 World takes a look into the origin and history of th

The Simplicity of Buying Bridal Jewelry

When a couple decides to get married, their enviable attention goes towards buying a diamond engagement ring. It is an essential piece of bridal jewelry people will buy, but there is so much more to i

Diamonds.net - Letšeng Yields 126ct. Rough Diamond

RAPAPORT... Gem Diamonds has recovered a “high-quality” rough diamond weighing 126 carats at its Letšeng mine, following a switch to a more lucrative section of the project in Lesotho, the compan

What is a whopping 709-carat diamond worth? It's a mystery in Sierra Leone

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — The recent find of a mammoth diamond the size of a hockey puck has everyone in this small West African nation wondering how big a fortune it will fetch. Giddy talk about the

A new frontier for diamond mining: The ocean

OFF THE COAST OF NAMIBIA — Deep beneath this frigid stretch of the Atlantic Ocean, some of the world’s most valuable diamonds are scattered like lost change. The discovery of such gems has sparked

Happily Ever After: Rio & Sammi

Every story is a unique representation of love – the meeting, the maturity of the relationship and the journey towards marriage. Two individuals coming together to build a life as one. Despite t

Happily Ever After: Will & Laura

Every story is a unique representation of love – the meeting, the maturity of the relationship and the journey towards marriage. Two individuals coming together to build a life as one. Despite t

Diamond in the Rough: From Boot Sale to Big Bucks

Back in the 1980s,  a ring was purchased at a car boot sale in west London for £10 under the assumption it was a piece of costume jewellery.  Several months ago, when informed by a jew

Every Bit Magnificent

In a charged-up environment, dynamic bidding on the phone, online and in the room at the Mandarin Oriental in Geneva saw a total sale of US $151,546,458 (£116,413,012) on 16 May as auctioneer So

World’s Most Precious Pink and Blue Diamonds

To mark the auction of the Dream of Autumn Leaves (formerly Artemis) and the Memory of Autumn Leaves (formerly Apollo) fancy colour diamonds at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and No

Jewels Fit for the Gods

Kicking off its annual spring auction with two rare coloured beauties as the stars, Sotheby’s is expecting a spectacular show at its sale of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels at Mandarin Orien


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