Online Automotive Parts

Is purchasing after sale car parts online the best route?

Mass Production of Self Driving Cars Coming Soon

Can The Average Consumer Buy One Car manufacturers have been ramping up their commitment to safer roads with self-driving vehicles. It was recently announced that Cruise Automation and their pare

Amazon Selling Automotive Parts

Amazon has been disrupting the online eCommerce world for some time now, but is the prospect of selling automotive parts is their next venture?

2016 Top Markets Report – Automotive Parts

Top Market Reports - Automotive Parts

Characteristics of a Good Car Salesperson

Sales and Success Tips We’ve all had to deal with them (and purposely try to avoid them) – car salespeople.  There are a lot of jokes and stereotypes, especially concerning used car s

Do Car Covers Really Protect Your Car

Preserving The Life Of Your Car Everyone who owns a car would love to have a garage to store it in. That would eliminate most concerns about theft, vandalism and weather damage. However, it’s no

How to Avoid Vehicle Theft

Outsmarting the Criminals to Protect Your Automobile No matter where you live, whether in a urban, suburban, or rural area, there are good and bad people. Most would assume that your odds are higher t

Tips for Interior Car Care

Cleaning the Inside of your Car Caring for your car’s interior is about the opposite from cleaning the exterior. You need a completely different set of products and tools to manage the interior

Automatic vs Manual Transmission – Which to Choose?

Pros and Cons With Both Types of Automotive Transmission I grew up on a farm driving vehicles with a manual transmission and I always felt like there was something kind of cool about controlling those

Touching Up Paint Chips On Your Car

No matter how much tender love and care you give to your vehicle, the odds are that at some point you will probably end up with a chip in your paint. It usually happens because a rock is propelled off

Best Method For Repairing Hail Dents

With the extreme weather in the San Antonio area, your car can take a beating…literally. Not only do you have to watch out for door dings and runaway shopping carts, but the worst is when those

Autolite Iridium XP Spark Plug Install

by Steve and Gavin Maloof The guys at AutoPartsWarehouse asked me to try out the new Autolite Iridium XP spark plugs and I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach my car-crazed grandson, Gavi

Which is Safer -Traveling By Car or By Plane

The topic of the car vs plane and safety when traveling has been discussed by many people who are afraid of flying in an airplane. Statistically, the answer is always the same. But for people who have

Road Safety Tips for Summer Vacations

Summer is a great time to hit the road with the family and discover new locations in Texas and beyond. Even though it can be stressful to be in a car for extended periods of time, the memories that ar

Car Care 101: Common Reasons Why Your Brakes Squeak

Does it bother you when you hear unusual noises coming from your brakes? Well, as the brakes are quite possibly the most important safety feature of your car, it's only normal to be concerned when suc

Car Care Checklist for Summer: Part II

Here are more things to consider to get your car ready for summer!

Car Care Checklist for Summer: Part I

Here's a rundown of items for you to go through before revving those engines and covering miles under the big, wide sun.

How to Know When It’s the Right Time to Replace Your Brake Rotors

If you are familiar with your car’s braking system, you’ll know that the brake pads clamp down on the brake rotors to stop the wheels from spinning. This makes the brake rotors j

StopTech Axle Pack Brake Kit Install: 2009 Honda Pilot

By Auto Parts Warehouse Staff Difficulty Level – Easy Total install time about two hours – With air tools A good brake job is usually an easy task for the average driveway mechanic, and wi

Four Surefire Ways to Avoid Engine Knock

Equip yourself with knowledge—and the necessary tools—to get engine knocking under control.

Toyota’s move toward the future

The future is coming to the Toyota Way.

The Dos and Don’ts of Owning an Electric Car

These Dos and Don'ts for EV owners won't just save you precious bucks but will also spare you from the hassles and embarrassment of running out of battery charge.

On Saving the Planet: 4 Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

According to a study done in 2015 by the Environmental Protection Agency, 27% of the United States’ total greenhouse grass emissions come from transportation. It’s only second to the elect


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