PADI IDC instructor course: IDC internship Courses

Ever wanted to quit your day job and live your dream lifestye? Many 5 star IDC Dive centers around the world offer a PADI IDC course baesd on internship, which enables you to get real life experience while learning from PADI's leading instructors.

PADI Skill Circuit - Surface skills

Our second video in our PADI Skill Circuit series. To help prepare you for your PADI Professional courses, The Dive Centre (TDC) have split the PADI Skills into bitesize videos - Dive prep, surface s

Become a PADI Pro and Teach Scuba Diving Courses

Become a PADI Professional with the help of our PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) here in La Laguna Beach Club & Dive Centre PADI 5 STAR IDC CENTRE Our next IDC on June 27 up to July 15,

Specialised Training for Career Enhancement

At GoProUtila and Utila Dive Centre we have a proven success in our training programs and can offer you training in IAHD Adaptive Teaching (disabled divers), International Yacht Training and the Diver

May 2016 IDC Fun photos

Here are some photos during our Instructor Program (IDC) May 2016 – Lots of fun together with our IDC candidates Colin & Julienne, with the help of Jhe’ai acting as student and the course was

PADI Skill Circuit - Dive Preparation

Welcome to our first PADI Skill Circuit video!To help prepare you for your PADI Professional courses, The Dive Centre (TDC) have split the PADI Skills into bitesize videos - Dive prep, surface skills

Neutrally Buoyant - PADI Divemaster & Instructor Course (PADI IDC) Skills circuit

One skills video to rule them all, this is a unique video in that we embrace the most environmentally sound scuba diving etiquette's in demonstrating our PADI skills circuit neutrally buoyant, some i

PADI Skill Circuit - Deep Dynamic Skill

Our final video in our PADI Skill Circuit series. To help prepare you for your PADI Professional courses, The Dive Centre (TDC) have split the PADI Skills into bitesize videos - Dive prep, surface sk

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My PADI Story – ‘Scuba’ Zac Araneta, Dive Tribe Leader

My PADI, My Ocean, My Hope.“My PADI is my passion, my lifestyle and my way to see the underwater world.” – Scuba Zac, PADI Master InstructorPADI Elite Instructor Scuba Zac has been instilling p

Homepage - GoPro Utila

GoPro Utila-PADI IDC & Divemaster internships and PADI Scuba Instructor courses with a difference! Welcome to GoPro Utila! We were nominated and voted winners of PADI Americas and Sport Divers Instruc

IDC May 2016 Dive Theory Review

Our  IDC candidates Colin & Julienne – Dive Theory review in our classroom to prepare for their course exams with the supervision of our PADI Course Director Magne Nilsen & Master Instruct

PADI Skill Circuit - Shallow Skills

Our third video in our PADI Skill Circuit series. To help prepare you for your PADI Professional courses, The Dive Centre (TDC) have split the PADI Skills into bitesize videos - Dive prep, surface sk

May 2016 – IDC Confined water Presentation

Our IDC candidates Colin & Julienne performing Confined water Teaching Presentation 2; evaluated by our PADI CD – Magne Nilsen & Master Instructor Rosemarie Nilsen here in La Laguna B

IDC May 2016 – EFR Instructor Course

EFR Instructor course with our IDC candidate Colin Martin conducted by our very own EFR Instructor Trainer and PADI Master Instructor Rosemarie D. Nilsen. EFR Instructor course… “Creating Confiden

PADI Rescue Diver Excersise #7 Workshop by Platinum CD Richard Swann

This Rescue excersise #7 Unresponsive Diver on the Surface workshop film has been made by the Downbelow 5* IDC Dive Centre GoPro instructor development team featuring PADI Platinum Course Director Ri

THE dive centre - PADI Professional Internship Program

THE dive centre, located in the UAE runs a very successful PADI Professional Intern program.The program is designed not only to train you to become a PADI Divemaster, PADI Instructor, PADI MSDT or PA

Gili Island Etiquette

Gili Island Etiquette       Why do you want to travel to the Gili Islands in Indonesia? Just like a lot of people you are probably want to discover tropical places and different cultures, open your

Basic Service & Maintenance Training 2016

Basic Repair & Maintenance Training held @ Kanyon’s Bar in La Laguna Beach Club & Dive Centre last April 27-28, 2016 organised and conducted by Aquaventure White Tip. Lots of fun  and the p

Tropical IDC in LLBC

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) teaches you how to become an instructor by applying the PADI system and enables you to master teaching students both in classrooms and in practical in-wate

PADI Divemaster Simone: her story

PADI Divemaster Simone:her story! On beachy sand, close to Gili Air’s pier, Lombok, Indonesia, stands a remarkable building. With the palmtrees, tropical coffee bar and swimming pool in the back, se

Summer Time in Puerto Galera, Philippines

Summer Time here in the Philippines…. Sun is up, and here comes beautiful weather with very nice and calm sea makes it perfect for all the fun water activities esp, Diving!… Experience Holiday wh

Beautiful Underwater Life

Discover underwater world with some of these marine life you can find here in Puerto Galera dive sites, Philippines. If you are about to learn to dive of just wish to try of maybe improve your diving

March 2016 IDC – Fun photos

Fun photos during our PADI IDC last March 2016 here in Tropical IDC in La Laguna Beach Club & Dive Centre, Puerto Galera Philippines Join us and become a PADI Professional. Just visit our webs

Giny’s PADI CDTC experience

My PADI CDTC experience After years of teaching diving at all levels throughout the world, I started the road to the PADI Course Director Training Course in 2014. Sander Buis and Joeri van Hal were gr

How is Dimitris PADI IDC going?

Mijn indruk van Oceans 5 en de PADI IDC   Toe ik aankwam op het eiland had geen idee wat ik kon verwachten. Oceans 5 is een prachtig resort met een professionele duikschool. Ik werd hartelijk ontvang

Why should we dive with Nitrox?

Enriched Air Nitrox specialty and instructor specialty courses at Oceans 5 Dive Resort.   Oceans 5 offers both Enriched Air Nitrox (EANX) specialty and instructor specialty courses         What i

The pre dive safety check

How did you learn the pre dive safety check? One of the first things we teach in the Open Water Course is to check that all the equipment is ready and in working order to ensure a safe and comfortable

Road to the PADI CDTC

PADI master Instructor writes her story to get accepted for the upcoming PADI Course Director Course

Diving during rainy season

Dive resort Oceans 5 Gili Sir dives all year round around the Gili Islands. Also during rainy season!

PADI Skill Circuit for the Divemaster or IDC Course

PADI Divemaster (DMT) and Dive Instructor (IDC) Demonstration Dive Skill Workshop or Skill Circuit on Koh Tao in Thailand. - During your PADI Divemaster and Dive Inst

Diving around the Gilis

Diving around the Gilis Diving around the Gili Islands has everything what a divers like to see. The Gili Islands, just 2 hours by fast boat way from Bali is the ultimate holiday destination for 2016.

Scuba Instructor Course in the Gili Islands

Scuba instructor course at dive resort Oceans 5 Gili Air will train the PADI IDC candidates to become confident PADI Scuba Instructors

Island Lifestyle & Environment

Utila is the real Caribbean, escape the crowds, no cruise ships, sustainable development, a way of life that is traditional and authentic.  Amazing diving with over 50 dive sites, diversity of fringi

Becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor

“Because my worst nightmare is to wake up old and grey, thinking about all the things I didn’t do!” –  Start your journey to becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor and living the dream lifestyle an

Tec diving

Awaken your inner explorer and advance your dive training and discover the depths of technical diving.  Our PADI TecRec courses are offered all year round and Utila is the perfect training location f

IYT Coxswain & DiveBoat Mate Graduates!

Well done to Dee Wilson, Jordan Kirkland and Jason Sharp on qualifying as an International Yacht Training Dive Boat Mates opening up an ocean of possibilities in both the dive industry and superyacht/

Utila Dive Center 100% Aware

Make a difference with Utila Dive Center We're proud to announce that in January 2014 and beyond Utila Dive Center will be supporting Project Aware as a 100% partner and financially supporting Project

Get Rebreather Certified & Dive Galapagos with us!

Join our Rebreather Trip to the Galapagos September 7th to 14th 2015 Following the success of our first comprehensive rebreather trip to the Galapagos in 2013, we are now organising the next bi-annual

Utila Whale Shark sightings

Look who's showed up! – Utila Whale Shark Sightings! During the Easter week the conditions on Utila have been flat seas and the Whale sharks have been consistently sighted, in this photo our awesome

Congrats Ossie – Rebreather Instructor

How fitting that on Earth Day this week, marine biologist Ossie Stewart qualified with us as a PADI Poseidon Rebreather Instructor, and becomes the 1st female certified as a PADI Rebreather Instructor

Congrats August Instructors!!!!

Congratulations to our August Scuba Instructor course with another 100% Pass – Often Imitated but Never Surpassed!!!! What a way to start summer and giving themselves a gift that can now be shared w

PADI Divemaster & Instructor Course (IDC) Skill Circuit Part 3 - Deep Water Skills

Course Director Nat Lefort and IDC Staff Stein Kwadijk Part 3 of 4 - Deep Water Skills

PADI Divemaster & Instructor Course (PADI IDC) Skill Circuit - Part 1 Surface Skills

Course Director Nat Lefort and IDC Staff Stein Kwadijk Part 1 of 4 - Surface Skills

PADI IDC Revision - Equipment - Regulators

PADI IDC Revision - Equipment - Regulators Platinum PADI Course Director Steve Prior shares some PADI IDC DiveTheory Revision tips on Equipment - Regulators+++++++For details of my next PADI IDC in E

PADI IDC Revision - Physiology - Ears

PADI IDC Revision - Physiology - Ears. Platinum PADI Course Director Steve Prior shares some of his IDC DiveTheory Revision tips on Physiology - Ears+++++++For details of my next PADI IDC in Egypt: h

PADI IDC Revision - Physiology - Lungs

PADI IDC Revision - Physiology. Platinum PADI Course Director Steve Prior shares some tips on PADI IDCDive Theory Revision - Physiology - Lungs

PADI IDC DIve Theory revision -Physics- Sound

PADI IDC theory revision. PADI Platinum course director Steve Prior explainsPhysics - sound

Mero Diving, Tauch-Boot / Taucher-Bucht "Cala Lliteras" in Cala Ratjada

Fantastische Hausriff-Tauchgänge in der Taucherbucht "Cala Lliteras".Mit dem Schnellboot zu dem UW-Marine-Parks von Cala Ratjadahttp//

PADI Divemaster, PADI IDC: Compartments, Half Times and M values made easy

A simple way to answer PADI questions on Compartments, Half Times and 'M' Values for PADI DM and PADI Instructor level Exams. Dive Theory made easy by Platinum Course Director Steve Prior. www.steve

PADI Divemaster Skill Circuit - Courtesy of UDC

The PADI Divemaster course expects the candidate to be able to perform the basic scuba skills to a demonstration quality. It takes practice and positive reinforcement from a PADI Instructor to achie

Open Water Diver SNSI - Scuba Nr. 1 (US)

This is the video of the dive Nr.2 for the SNSI Open Water course. The aim of this video is to show everybody exercises for the first session of training with scuba.This video is part of an integrate

Rescue Diver SNSI - Chapter 1 (ENG)

This is the Chapter 1 of the SNSI Video for Rescue Diver course. The aim of this video is to show to divers how to prepare a diver to prevention, attention, control and safety to become a skill and k


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