Real Estate Investor CRM

Having a quality real estate investing system can make a huge difference in your property flipping career. Finding a great REI CRM can go a long way in helping your achieve your goals.

Do real estate investors really need systems for their motivated seller leads? - Flipping Junkie

In this post I'm going to tell you about the importance of having a system for keeping track of your leads and how doing so allowed me to buy a house that I had been trying to buy for over 8 years! Do

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Episode 114: [FUNDING] Buying With 0% Financing with Matt Recore

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Matt Recore first started working in the tech industry but realized it wasn’t his calling. He then began inviting in the pre-foreclosure world, focusing on ho

Episode 113: [Books] Books Worth Reading with Brandon Turner

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Brandon Turner is the janitor at, stumbling around in the dark looking for stuff to clean up. He also writes books. And he’s a slumlord. Jok

Episode 112: [LAND] Land Flipping with Seth Williams

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Seth Williams is a land investor and residential landlord, with nearly a decade of experience in the commercial real estate banking industry. He is also the Fou

Episode 111: [MARKETING] How Kyle Found Success with Kyle Burnett

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Husband and father to a 4 month old baby.  I started investing about a year and a half ago.  Ended up with a loss of $700 for 2017 but the first half of 2018

Episode 110: [GROWTH] Flipping and Growing Cannabis with Alex Wentland and Jason Rios

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Jason Rios has spent about 30 years of his life in Las Vegas and entered the real estate industry there over a decade ago after graduating cum laude from Pepper

Episode 109: [Mindset] Avoiding The Decline

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Danny was casually watching YouTube and found a video of the growth and collapse of civilizations in Europe. What he found especially interesting was the huge e

Episode 108: [Mindset] Overwhelmed? Stop Dreaming

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Danny shares his theory as to why many of us real estate investors feel so overwhelmed and it’s probably not what you think. What do you do when you find your

Episode 106: [TEAM] Increasing Lead to Deal Conversion Rates with Ryan Robson

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Ryan Robson has been helping sellers sell their homes for the last 8 years. He has averaged 100 plus flips since that time. He has experienced a lot of ups and

Episode 105: [LIVE] My Flip Hacking Live Presentation

Listen / Share / Download   Show Notes Danny spoke at this year’s Flip Hacking Live event! His presentation covers lead generation for real estate investors and how the market is shifting. Are you

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