high Altitude increases life span

high Altitude increases life span

High Altitude increases life span

Want to lengthen your life? Take your next vacation in the mountains. In fact, stay a month if you can. The high altitude is good for you.

You and Your Pooch May Have Similar Tummy Bacteria

The researchers also found that changes in protein and carbohydrate levels in the diet had similar effects on the gut microbiomes of dogs as on humans.

Here’s what’s secretly added to your water

Here are the chemicals they are secretly pumping into the water supply? ------Important Message----- This 150 year old diabetes remedy cures it completely...so why aren’t they telling men about it?

More Cases in E. Coli Outbreak Tied to Romaine Lettuce

The illnesses have been identified as linked to a particularly virulent strain of E. coli O157:H7. Cases have now been reported in five more states, the CDC added, bringing the total number of states

Gene Therapy May Be Cure for Rare Blood Disorder

There are an estimated 288,000 cases of beta-thalassemia across the world, making it one of the most common genetic diseases, according to an editorial accompanying the study.

'Dance Moms' Star Paralyzed From Spinal Infection

Early Tuesday, Miller underwent nearly five hours of surgery to remove the back part of several vertebrae to relieve pressure on her spinal cord.

Does Pot Really Dull a Teen's Brain?

Further, intellectual effects that do crop up from frequent pot use appear to wear off soon after a teenager stops partaking, researchers report.

This is the only toxin-free bread in the store

It’s even been shown to be safe for people with gluten intolerance! ------Important Message------- Can men increase their sensitivity and overcome penile problems? For most men, the longer they have

This HIV-prevention drug is often not prescribed to those who need it most

The prescription of HIV-prevention pills has lagged, and negative biases towards patients could help explain why

Former First Lady Barbara Bush Dies

Former first lady Barbara Bush, who had COPD and congestive heart failure, died at the age of 92.

New Therapy May Prevent Tough-to-Treat Migraines

Researchers found that the injected drug, called erenumab, could prevent migraines if other treatments fail to do so.

Skin Sensor Could Track Alcoholics' Booze Intake

Routine monitoring of people in addiction treatment programs is a challenge. The most common way to check patients' blood alcohol levels is a breathalyzer, but the devices are bulky, not that accurate

BP Meds Tied to Pancreatic Cancer Risk in Women

In a large study of postmenopausal women, those who had ever taken a short-acting calcium channel blocker (CCB) saw their pancreatic cancer risk shoot up by 66 percent.

Ketamine Spray May Help Stop Depression, Suicide

Ketamine has a checkered history, and is perhaps best known as the recreational club drug "Special K."  But researchers have also noted its effects in easing signs of depression.

Can this fizzy drink get more blood flow down there?

It quadrupled penile blood flow, Turkish researchers found. ------Important Message------- I didn’t tell my wife that my blood pressure was dangerously high...until... It had gone up to 190/110 at t

Why are people infecting themselves with tapeworms?

Will your doctor one day recommend tapeworms as a treatment? This is crazy… ------Important Message------ There IS a magic formula to fixing EVERY performance problem The reason it works is it REWIR

Chocolate-covered jellyfish, anyone?

From face cream to fertilizers, all sorts of products are under development to make use of soaring jellyfish populations

How I use inosine

Inosine relaxes me, makes me feel confident, and raises my Testosterone -----Important Message----- My story: How this potent brew got me to be a “man” again... I downed the bitter liquid each mor

This iron blocker adds 11 years of active life?

How iron levels can be improved WITHOUT taking iron, and why iron is actually toxic and accelerates aging and dementia. ------Important Message----- “I’m not a dribbler anymore...now it’s a fire

The BIG Vitamin D mistake

Don’t listen to the misinformation. At last, here’s the real way to safely and effectively raise your Vitamin D levels. ------Important Message------- “It was rocky...then we got into bed, and s

Benjamin Button effect = age half as fast

I felt my muscles literally getting bigger and I look younger too -----Important Message----- Harvard study: How to prevent diabetes if you are pre-diabetic, or reverse it if you already HAVE diabetes

Why you probably aren’t drinking enough coffee.

This will protect you against the worst diseases of modern times (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes -------Important Message------- Why is $20 billion being invested in t

Do Custom Training Plans Work Better Than Basic Plans?

A few weeks ago I published a post with the data on the success rate of basic training plans. I held off on publishing the data of our own custom training plans because I wanted the focus to be on the

We need a better way to measure monarch populations

An iconic butterfly is in trouble – but how much trouble?

Forever young: how society might adapt to longer lives

Living longer will shake up social institutions, experts say

Why the Training Between Your Goal Race Might Be More Important Than Your Actual Race Training

There’s a common theme I’ve seen emerge the last couple of years with runners I’ve talked to. Simply put, it’s neglecting the training in the months between goal races. It could be “taking a

A country bursting with people wants to control its animal population

As people and animals clash in India, one researcher is experimenting with wildlife birth control

Climate change emojis could help save the planet

Starting online conversations one trash bag at a time

Why Basic Running Training Plans Don’t Work

Today marks a somewhat historical day in RunnersConnect. We’ve stopped providing basic training plans – PDFs, Excel, anything that isn’t personalized; free and paid. Why you ask? Well, we found

My cats get high off of catnip, so why can’t I?

Here's why the herb drives cats crazy

VIDEO: Urban Oasis

How a band of renegades created New York's first community garden

PODCAST: Sense of self

How infants develop the concept of identity

Why You Might Not Lose Weight (and Even Gain Weight) When You Eat Less and Run More

There’s a saying that I simply love as a coach and athlete: Simple ain’t easy. This phrase applies to a lot of what we hope to accomplish as runners to get healthy, get fitter, and lose weight. If

4 Reasons Your Training Plan Will Fail (and what to do about it)

It’s that time of year again when most runners are starting the real meat of their training plan. The recovery period is over, you’ve had your few weeks of building back into a plan, and now the r

IT Band Syndrome Injury in Runners: Stretches, Preventive Exercises, and Research-Backed Treatments

Running can be tough in the best of times, but when the pain keeps getting worse until you cannot run another step, well, that is heartbreaking. If you feel like the pain is coming from anywhere along

What to Eat Before a Run

What should I eat before I run? It’s an age-old question faced by many runners both new to the sport and those who have been training seriously and are looking to fine tune their training diet. Whil

How Important is VO2 Max? What Does Yours Acually Mean?

It’s hard to get too far into reading about training without encountering the phrase “vo2 max” or hearing about “VO2 max testing.” But what is VO2 max and how does it relate to runners? When

The Ultimate Injury Guide Everyone Needs To Read

In a constant quest to run faster and further, we should not as runners be surprised when from time to time things start hurting. Performance gains come from forced adaption, i.e. your body will only

4 Ways to Prevent and Treat Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Sharp pains in your arch or foot. Visible inflammation along the tendon. Stiffness in your ankle joint. A popping sensation. Sore to the touch. Do any of those sound familiar? If so, you probably hav


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