Edina Minnesota is a prosperous community

Fast Eddys Keys Express is proud to offer its locksmith services to the people and businesses located in Edina MN

Newspapers do their part to foul political discourse

There's a growing trend -- particularly among smaller newspapers -- that's doing nothing to improve the political climate. The newspapers are charging to have a letter to the editor printed in the loc

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — School and city administrators are making changes to improve traffic safety at the state’s largest high school.

Big Bird leaves Sesame Street

In almost 45 years in the radio business, the answer to the most famous person I ever met has always been the first famous person I ever met.

In apology to its women, Norway confronts a dark past

During World War II, when the Nazis invaded Norway, Heinrich Himmler encouraged soldiers to get Norwegian women pregnant. He thought the Norwegians were perfect for creating the Aryan master race.

Reflection on our younger, dumber selves

We've never met Lee Sjolander, the police chief of Kenyon, Minn., and that's something we've got to do something about one of these days. Nonetheless, we've made him the official police chief of NewsC

Protecting Seasonal Homes and Businesses

Columbus Day came and went, and winter is coming soon. Seasonal businesses are closing, and part-time residents will be returning to their winter homes. Everyone hopes to return next May to find thei

Timberwolves ready to open a lost season

It's like old times at Target Center; a Timberwolves season seems lost before it even begins.

Police officer praised for not shooting kids holding toy gun

Officer Peter Casuccio, of the Columbus Ohio police, has become quite the media star in the last 24 hours because he didn't kill an 11-year-old kid holding a toy gun when he was responding to a repo

Hays Take On: Rise Bagel Co.

The Minneapolis North Loop area is filled with great stores, restaurants, and coffee shops, and this week we head to The post Hays Take On: Rise Bagel Co. appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

What’s on MPR news – 10/17/18

Here are the stories, topics, and guests you'll hear today on MPR News.

New York Times couches poll showing GOP swing in northern MN

The New York Times is backing away -- sort of -- from its weekend poll that showed a sudden swing to Republican Pete Stauber in Minnesota's 8th Congressional District.

Heitkamp #MeToo open letter used women’s names without permission

North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, who is in a close re-election fight with Rep. Kevin Cramer, was put on the defensive today while trying to go on the offensive over the sexual assaults of women.

A St. Cloud football player shows how to apologize

You know how it is; sometimes you just get caught up in the moment and do something stupid. It happens, particularly with kids.

Hays Take On: Scott Ja-Mama’s

We go back to Barbecue this week and this spot hits all of the marks for what we look for The post Hays Take On: Scott Ja-Mama’s appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Fire Prevention Week: Fire Facts

National Fire Prevention Week has arrived, providing an opportunity to stop and review home fire facts. This observation commemorates the Great Chicago fire of 1871, which killed 260, left 100,000 ho

Hays Take On: Hi-Lo Diner

This week for Hays Take On we venture to a classic style restaurant with some new tricks up its sleeves. The post Hays Take On: Hi-Lo Diner appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Hays Take On: Hello Pizza

This week for Hays Take On we go back to an always favorite meal: Pizza. However, this pizza is part The post Hays Take On: Hello Pizza appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Merrimack Valley Gas Disaster: Proactive Vigilance Is Essential

Tragedy can strike any time, from even the most mundane sources as the recent Merrimack Valley gas disaster demonstrates. According to WHDH News in Boston, excess pressure in natural gas pipelines ca

Hays Take On: Taqueria La Hacienda

One of our favorite lunch meals has to be a nice authentic Mexican taco, and Minneapolis is full of hidden The post Hays Take On: Taqueria La Hacienda appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Saving Money on DIY Security Cameras Means Taking Major Risks

In recent years we have seen technology improvement leaps and cost reductions in do-it-yourself (DIY) cameras and security systems. This has contributed to the rising popularity of residential alarms

Hays Take On: World Street Kitchen

This week we head through the sliding side door at MilkJam Creamery and head over to the food truck turned The post Hays Take On: World Street Kitchen appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Security for Seniors: Maintain Independence and Peace of Mind

Security and peace of mind for parents and other seniors is priceless. Accident and injury to elders frequently goes unreported, and many are unaware of the risks to their senior family members and f

Hays Take On: MilkJam Creamery

This week Hays Take moves to everyone’s favorite part of eating: Dessert! One of our favorites has to be a The post Hays Take On: MilkJam Creamery appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Hays Take On: Hola Arepa

A drastic shift from bar food to Latin cuisine is nothing new here week to week at Hays Take On, The post Hays Take On: Hola Arepa appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

When Waters Rise: Get Flood Warnings via Alarm Solutions

As Labor Day rolls around and autumn winds pick up, the Atlantic Coast reaches peak hurricane and thunderstorm season. These sudden and powerful weather events can bring a flash flood and storm surge

Hays Take On: Gopher Bar

We shift our focus this week over to St. Paul to check out the iconic Gopher Bar. For some “ski The post Hays Take On: Gopher Bar appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

School Systems Security in the 21st Century

In recent years, we’ve seen all too many tragedies unfold in our public school systems and universities. Even more incidents end quietly that could have been much worse. Last year, a school custodi

Hays Take On: Penny’s Coffee

This week we take a slight shift in coverage to a small coffee house that’s rising in popularity in the The post Hays Take On: Penny’s Coffee appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

An Alarm System Can Boost Home Value and Enable Smart Living

On the fence about installing an electronic alarm system to protect your personal or rental property? Not convinced your security demands such a solution? A home security system can lighten your fina

Defend Against Commercial Property Burglars

For commercial property owners and managers, the world might seem a bit threatening. According to FBI crime statistics (from 2016) non-residential burglaries were up 2.6 percent, to 412,743. Also, ac

Home Protection Must Never Go On Vacation

Nothing ends a vacation on a worse note than returning home to find it’s been robbed. A sobering FBI research statistic points out that of the 2.5 million burglaries a year, 66 percent are home bre


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