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What’s on MPR News – 1/18/19

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Giant ice disk concludes its 15 minutes of fame

It is somewhat comforting that the nation can still be united enough to marvel at a chunk of ice in a river.

Newspaper apologizes for refusing to run obit with anti-Trump line

The obituaries editor of the Louisville Courier Journal was just looking out for the danger posed to the nation by a dead 87-year-old woman who didn't much care for the person who is president of the

For Metro Transit, just one word: plastic

Metro Transit is one of the few transit agencies that still uses fabric seats, the Star Tribune's Tim Harlow reports. But maybe not for long.

Maplewood market’s woes challenge a community to step up

If the people of Maplewood ever lament the loss of a locally-run market, they have only themselves to blame if they don't step up in some fashion to help a couple victimized by bad luck and bad people

How to recover your cellphone from the bottom of the lake

This might not be the sort of photo you'd value unless it's your father who died last year and it was on a cellphone that was in your breast pocket and it fell into the water when you were ice fishing

City of Edina Minnesota History -

Fast Eddys Keys Express offers a brief history of the city of Edina. We offer building lockout & Vehicle lockout service as well as rekey locks and install hardware & repair hardware in Edina since 19

Student apologizes for anti-Semitic proposal to a dance

The school's principal called the sign 'deeply offensive' but won't talk about any punishment for the students because of privacy concerns. It might not be a bad idea to go over the history curriculu

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

Seeing Capt. Colm Black in action, it’s clear he’s in good shape to do his job. That’s why an on-the-job health scare this fall caught him by surprise.

Embracing winter: the perfect skate

Peter Cox's excellent story on the perfect ice conditions on area lakes has a life lesson to it: you can't always get what you want. And one's man's trash... and all that.

The world loses Minnesota’s ‘Mad Hugger’

Around the time Robert T. Smith, the Minneapolis Tribune columnist, gave him his nickname, Plut began to realize he wasn’t just a college professor; he was a beloved college professor.

At Lincoln Memorial, students mock Native American

If history is any guide, these school students mocking a Native American elder on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial will be identified and claim they were just joking and, hey, what's the matter with

Hays Take On: El Jefe Cocina

This week we take a look at another food truck turned restaurant in El Jefe Cocina. With some mighty Mexican The post Hays Take On: El Jefe Cocina appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Hays Take On: Yum! Kitchen and Bakery

This week we head to a bright and friendly restaurant/bakery that’s been a fan favorite for many years now. Yum! The post Hays Take On: Yum! Kitchen and Bakery appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Predictions for 2019: Why Cybersecurity Protects Physical Security

Given recent trends in information technology and crime, we have two major predictions about security in 2019: The biggest single threat to your business will come via cybersecurity vulnerability. Th

Hays Take On: Convention Grill

We’re kicking off 2019 with a neighborhood classic for malts, burgers, and fries just down the street at Convention Grill. The post Hays Take On: Convention Grill appeared first on A.D. Hays Group

Hays Take Year In Review 2018

Welcome to the last Hays Take On blog of the year, and it’s hard to believe we covered almost 50 The post Hays Take Year In Review 2018 appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Hays Take On: Marino’s Deli

If you’re familiar or group up in the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis, you’ve probably visited this weeks stop at some The post Hays Take On: Marino’s Deli appeared first on A.D. Hays Gr

10 Security Lessons from “Home Alone”

“Home Alone” is an all-time classic holiday movie. Young Kevin McCallister cleverly outsmarts two house burglars in a hilarious Christmas comedy. In addition to the slapstick laughs, Kevin employ

Holiday Season Thieves Threaten Small Businesses

This time of year in New England, small businesses are at special risk from thieves looking to cash in on the busy Christmas season. To be as safe as possible owners of these businesses can take spec

Hays Take On: Sandy’s Tavern

In a strange turn of events we haven’t hit a burger on Hays Take in over a month! So we’re The post Hays Take On: Sandy’s Tavern appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Don’t Let Package Thieves Steal Your Holiday Cheer

Christmas time is not only the season for giving — for package thieves, it’s the time for taking. That risk increases each day leading up to Christmas.     Roughly 30 percent of Americans are v

Hays Take On: Lucky Cricket

For this week’s edition of Hays Take On we venture into some slightly new territory with the take with the The post Hays Take On: Lucky Cricket appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Hays Take On: Kramarczuk

This week we head off to Northeast Minneapolis to visit one of the classics. If you call yourself a fan The post Hays Take On: Kramarczuk appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Carbon Monoxide: Winter’s Silent Killer

This colorless and odorless gas escapes from faulty furnaces, as well as portable generators, stoves, lanterns, gas ranges and other sources. When the fumes enter an area lacking adequate ventilation

Hays Take On: Nico’s Taco Bar

This week we’re back for some tacos just around the corner in Uptown at Nico’s Taco bar. Aiming at street The post Hays Take On: Nico’s Taco Bar appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Stay Merry this Thanksgiving by Taking Fire Precautions

The only thing worse than a burnt turkey on Thanksgiving is being forced to evacuate your home because of a fire. Thanksgiving Day is the most common day for kitchen fires in New England and across t

Hays Take On: Meyvn Eats

Meyvn is self described as a lot of things to a lot of people, and with its variety of food, The post Hays Take On: Meyvn Eats appeared first on A.D. Hays Group.

Protecting the New England Holiday Retail Industry

As the holiday retail season approaches, retailers and supermarket owners of all sizes in New England must defend themselves against theft. As a retailer, there are many steps you can take, including

Halloween: Spooky Security Facts for Homeowners

Halloween crept up quicker than you can say “boo!” and you should be aware of the night’s spooky security facts. About 175 million Americans will be observing the holiday in some form, says CNN

Never Let Hurricane Season Catch You Unprepared

September marks the peak of hurricane season, a time when New England property is at risk, even without a direct hit.  Unfortunately, as this past season demonstrated, despite all the computers, ins

Protecting Seasonal Homes and Businesses

Columbus Day came and went, and winter is coming soon. Seasonal businesses are closing, and part-time residents will be returning to their winter homes. Everyone hopes to return next May to find thei


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