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Pupils address local issues with MP

PUPILS at Kingdown School had an insight into politics as they were visited by MP Dr Andrew Murrison last Friday.

Hire car - involved in an accident

Hello all, i just recently joined this forum and was looking for some guidance. I was involved in an accident which was my faulty entirely in July...

Striding out to save Trowbridge Town Hall

Walkers carrying purple streamers and bows stepped out bravely in the searing heat on Sunday afternoon for the Trowbridge Chamber's 130 Challenge, raising money to help save the Town Hall from closure

Guide for recovery operations - GOV.UK

A guide outlining safety and compliance advice for drivers and operators in the recovery industry.

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Classic vehicles and fence damaged in blaze

TWO classic vehicles and a fence were damaged in a fire in Trowbridge early this morning.

Fixing household items to reduce waste

WESTBURY Community shed volunteers teamed up with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to fix all sorts of broken household items at Westbury's first ever repair cafe at Paragon Hall.

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Villagers rejoice as Best Kept Village winners announced

VILLAGERS throughout Wiltshire have been celebrating after learning of their community's success in the first round of this year's Best Kept Village competition.

Scarecrow trail is a brilliant success

MORE than 100 families took advantage of the brilliantly sunny weather over the weekend to take part in the inaugural Holbrook Scarecrow Trail.

Shakespeare Live gives cash to charity ahead of this year's production

AT their final rehearsal for this year's production of The Merry Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare Live's directors Pat Cannings and Graham Paton were delighted to present a donation of £400to one of the

Vodafone cash helps families find a Home from Home

FAMILIES across Wiltshire who find themselves living in Bristol while they have a child being treated at the Children's Hospital there will

Housebuilder gives cash to local arts project

MCCARTHY and Stone, the housebuilder behind the Applegate House Retirement Living development on Seymour Road in Trowbridge, has pledged its support to local charity, Arts Together, with a £500 donat

Go Wild summer fair is ‘best-ever’

ST JOHN’S Primary School in Trowbridge raised more than £4,400 from its ‘best-ever’ summer fund-raising fair on Saturday.

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Renewed my photo card driving licence today.

I knew the photo on them only lasted 10 years. For some reason I thought it was due in 2024 but now realise that’s my passport. I had the reminder...

Breakdowns and incidents (274 to 287) | nidirect

Highway Code rules for breakdowns and incidents.

Question regarding GATSO camera and red light...

I was in the car as a passenger with my younger brother. Whilst approaching a pedestrian crossing we both are convinced we saw a red light emitted in...

Penalty Charge Notice Sent to Old Address even after ontime DVLA update

I took a wrong turn in London borough of Tower Hamlet on 20th Feb 2017 and council have issued a ticket to me on 7th March 2017.. But on 2nd March...

Amazing thought process to prevent van turning over!

21st Feb 2018 Today I reversed down my grassy lane which has a slope to one side and a slope at the end, down to the road. I misjudged and was left...

private repair or insurance write-off or scrap

On New Years day my van was crashed into while parked on the street near my flat. Unfortunately the person drove off, without leaving a note. It’s...

Electric Vehicle Dissertation Questionnaire

Hi, im a student at Stirling University and I am writing my dissertation on the adoption of Electric Vehicles. If anyone could take part it would be...

Parking obstruction question

Just a quick question about roadside parking as I can't find it anywhere in the highway code. I know obviously that if the parked cars are on your...

Engine management lamp and limp mode

Hi, I recently bought a preused vw golf 2010 1.6 tdi and I’m having an issue with it. The engine management light came on several times on...

Vauxhall Astra 1.7 cdti engine rattle

ok...where to start.. Bought the car and all seemed fine. Got to the traffic lights 3 weeks later and rested my foot lightly on the clutch...felt a...

TRUE LIFE: A matter of life and death

At dinner parties, Steve Cavilla recalls that a friendly enquiry into his line of work would instantly kill the conversation.

TRUE LIFE: Just call me Bat(mobile)man

Looking at the front of the house in a quiet Swindon street, you would never guess that a futuristic world of fabulous machines and monsters lay beyond it.

Men's Sheds renew skills

An innovative shop called Renew, part of Swindon’s budding Men’s Sheds project, has become a centre for engagement and creativity, and sells a range of beautiful furniture, made and upcycled by th

26 miles as a tribute to Sue

London Marathon newcomer Andrew Pike lost his partner Sue to cancer at the end of 2016 - but says she will be with him every step of the way.

THREE OF THE BEST: Adver choice for weekend events

CLASSIC black comedy The Ladykillers sees a sweet little old lady pitted against a gang of criminal misfits in a play based on the popular 1955 film.

ON STAGE: Love and persecution in Nazi Germany

BENT, a powerful exploration of love in Nazi Germany by Martin Sherman, will be performed in Swindon on Saturday night.

TRUE LIFE: Life with cystic fibrosis: 'I hope to inspire others to pursue their goals'

Deep in the heart of a 10-acre wood, among gardens and ponds, where dark towers and elemental sculpture loom, Jago Hartland is planning his next extraordinary adventure.

TRUE LIFE: Following the path of the Druids

Roman leader Julius Caesar famously recorded that the Druids of ancient Gaul practised human sacrifice by burning their victims in a wicker man, but modern-day proponents of Druidry describe their pra

TASTE TALK: Portuguese egg tarts are the cream of the crop

WHEN customers told Portuguese baker Jose Cardoso that his egg tarts were the best in the UK, he took up the challenge and decided to enter his pastries in the prestigious Quality Food Competition.

Wiltshire leader named in top 100 of most influential people

WILTSHIRE council leader Baroness Jane Scott, who shares her time between county hall and the House of Lords, has been named 39th in a list of 100 most influential people working in the public sector.

Car Recovery Swindon Wiltshire

Just a little update on our prices for recovering cars in Swindon If you have found this page because you typed, car recovery Swindon, into your favourite search engine, and you are looking for the ch

We Recover Vehicles on the M4 Motorway J15, J16 and J17

Swindon Auto Recovery, will recover broken down cars, 4 x 4’s and vans on the M4 Motorway, between  juction15 and junction 17. If your car has broken down and you need a prompt fast service, call u

Do You Recover Broken Down Vehicles with A Dog Inside?

Do You Recover Broken Down Vehicles if I have my Dog With me? That was a question I was asked over the phone the other day. An old lady’s car had broken down in Liden, Swindon and had no way of gett

Locating Proper Vehicle Recovery Points

Swindon Auto Recovery service, a vehicle breakdown service based in the town of Swindon in Wiltshire. We recover cars, vans, and motorbikes and prices start from as little as £35. We also provide a c

What to do if Your Car Breaks Down

Swindon Auto Recovery service, a vehicle breakdown service based in the town of Swindon in Wiltshire. We recover cars, vans, and motorbikes and prices start from as little as £35. We also provide a c

Rollover Car Recovery

Swindon Auto Recovery service, a vehicle breakdown service based in the town of Swindon in Wiltshire. We recover cars, vans, and motorbikes and prices start from as little as £35. We also provide a c

Recovery gone wrong Discovery to rescue Ripley breakdown & Recovery

I’m always looking to improve my vehicle recovery service; I have found the best way to do this is by learning from other people’s mistakes. So, I was looking through Youtube for some car breakdow


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