Vlogging, JibJabs and Stage Fright

JibJab tutorials, lens hacks, handling stage fright, Pinnacle Studio videos.

6 Ways to Use a 5 in 1 Reflector!

5 in 1 reflectors are crazy handy for video and photo work. In this video we cover 6 different ways to use a reflector to further control your lighting. My 5 in 1 Reflector on Amazon: http://geni.us/

Who I Follow on Youtube - Wednesday Livestream 9/20

I show you my Youtube subscriptions and we chat about awesome channels on Youtube! I follow a mix of filmmaking/gear channels and other channels that cover my interests including tech, gaming and DIY

Introducing Export to Wistia for Soapbox

Earlier this year, we took the leap to go beyond video hosting. Our new goal? Help people create video to communicate more quickly and clearly, and maybe have a little fun in the process. Since the

$25 Sony a6500 Vlogging Mirror? Yes Please!

Vlogging without a flip out screen is tough but with this vlogging mirror/monitor, you can see the screen of your camera! The Vlogging Mirror is a device that works with cameras that have a flip up n

Hard Drives & RAIDs for Video: Everything You Need to Know

We cover everything you need to know about picking hard drives, enclosures and RAID configurations for video production!In this live stream we will also look at putting together custom setups for vid

The Friday Roundup - Vlogging, JibJabs and Stage Fright

This week a JibJab tutorial, lens hacks, stage fright, more Pinnacle Studio videos and the latest on YouTube not suitable for all audiences notices.

My Favorite Sony Lenses for Video

Here are the 4 Sony lenses I own and use for my videos. They aren't the most expensive but great for anyone looking to shoot great videos with Sony lenses and take full advantage of auto focus.LENSES

Why Videos Featuring Humans Are Easier to Trust

We've written time and time again about why it's

I'm Looking for a Few YouTube Creators to Mentor for FREE!

I'm Looking for a Few YouTube Creators to Mentor for FREE!So... for the exciting news. There are going to be a few lucky YouTubers out there! I've developed a consulting program to help a group of Yo

7 Camera Preamps I've Owned and Which Is Best For Your Budget

Today I test 7 of the camera preamps I've owned and like to see how they stack up! Using a preamp for your camera is one of the best things you can do for your audio as it will increase the signal fr

How to Make a 360 Real Estate Video

360 video technology may still be relatively new, but it's already become a powerful tool for realtors. After all, pictures can only do so much to give an accurate feel for a property. That's why we'v

5 Ways to Add a Headphone Jack To Your Camera

Do you have a camera without a headphone jack? Today we will cover some options for monitoring audio without a headphone jack on any camera. All these solutions will work for most cameras including t

The Science Behind Why Your Gestures Look So Awkward on Video

Have you ever been told that you use your hands a lot when you talk? You've probably never noticed it yourself in the moment—it's just how you express yourself. But now you can't

How I Got Started In Video

I share how I got into video production and how DSLR Video Shooter started! We'll also talk about cameras, lenses and other video questions at the end. Subscribe to watch future live streams and vide

Using Colored Gels for Videos and Photos

Need some color in your lighting? Video and photo gels to the rescue!Using colored gels is one of the most controlled and budget friendly ways to color a gel. Who needs RGB lighting when you can add

🔴 DSLR Video Shooter Live Q&A #2!

Lets hang out live! I'll be answering some questions, asking you guys some questions and chatting about gear and upcoming videos.UPDATE: Stream Starts at 1:16 - Thank you for the patience with the te

August Product Update: New Enhancements to Customize, Captions, CTAs, and More!

It’s been a busy summer at Wistia. From our the launch of

Becoming a Better Writer Through Video Feedback

Type “how to” into Google and you might see any of these suggestions:

WARNING: I'm Not Suitable For All Advertisers

WARNING: My content is not suitable for all advertisers and I had my latest video that was demonetized! WHAT?? Adpocalypse??? Yes, even a YouTube fanboy got nailed! I will explain what its going o

Amazon Wants YouTube Influencers - Amazon Influencer Program

YouTube influencers can now sign up for Amazon’s Influencer Program. Get a customizable page on Amazon and a vanity URL to showcase your product recommendations.My Amazon Page ➜ https://www.ama

Announcing the Winners of the #getonyoursoapbox Contest!

Last month, we put out a call to find and champion the business video stars of tomorrow by way of the #getonyoursoapbox contest. The rules were pretty straightforward: use Wistia’s new video cre

Live YouTube Channel Evaluations + Q&As

Get More Great Tips - Subscribe ➜ http://goo.gl/dWNo9HShare this Video: ➜ https://youtu.be/Ix1gnDmuMyIMy Favorite YouTube Tool TubeBuddyDownload TubeBuddy Free Today! ➜ http://goo.gl/PrGfLeJoin

Why We Get Stage Fright When We Turn on the Camera

Your knees lock. Your palms get sweaty. Suddenly, you can't remember how to speak anymore.

Storytelling Night at Wistia: Fostering a Culture of Growth, Community, and Inclusivity

Whether it's sitting around a campfire, flopping down in front of the TV, or gathering 'round for

YouTube Algorithm 2017 Explained - The A.I. Behind The Curtain

Here is part of my CVXLive 2017 Presentation: YouTube Algorithm 2017 Explained - The A.I. Behind The Curtain. This is the 3rd part of the Decoding the YouTube Algorithm and learn how to grow fast on

Decoding The New YouTube Algorithm 2017 - How To Grow Fast on YouTube Pt. 2

Here is my VidCon 2017 Presentation: Decoding the YouTube Algorithm and learn how to grow fast on YouTube with Algorithm Driven views. Part 2.Share this Video: ➜ https://youtu.be/BfxgJet8ym0Get Acc

Super Easy Way View Analytics on Any YouTube Video

🕵🏻 Most YouTubers watch and see what their competition is doing. Learn how to view your competitor's Youtube Analytics on any video and see how the video and channel is performing.Download Tub

How To Build A Loyal Community On Youtube with Tim Schmoyer

Looking to grow your YouTube Channel, Tim Schmoyer explains was to grow a loyal community on YouTube.Get More Great Tips - Subscribe ➜ http://goo.gl/dWNo9HCheck Our Other Video on Tim's Channel - E

YouTube Algorithm Update: No More Creator Suggested Videos

YouTube is at it again! They just updated YouTube Algorithm across the platform and it affects all creators. They eliminated creator suggested videos. 😳Get More Great Tips - Subscribe ➜ http://g

Amazon Creates New Influencer Program for YouTube Creators

Amongst all the YouTube Boycott Craziness, Amazon quietly launches a influencer program for YouTube Creators and other social media Influencers. This is different than the Amazon Associate Program.


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