Ladies: Rejuvenate Your Life in 21 Days

Rejuvenate Your Life in 21 Days is a system designed to empower you to change your thoughts, change your habits and change your life. This system is not the definitive answer for ALL of your personal development for the rest of your life; it IS the definitive answer in starting you on your journey.

Inez Bracy

Inez Bracy, Your Audacious Life Coach, works with you in gaining confidence, courage, and the freedom to live your life your way. She helps you get clear on your desires, set goals and realize your


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Rejuvenate Your Life in 21 Days - YouTube

Rejuvenate Your Life in 21 Days is a system designed to empower you to change your thoughts, change your habits and change your life. This system is not the ...

How to dress like a grown up with Sarah Bailey: Why 4cm is the height of summer

British fashion expert Sarah Bailey, revealed 'nano heels' as the latest big trend to embrace. She suggests looking at Natalie Portman and Kate Bosworth for style inspiration.

Then & wow, FEMAIL unveil the women who look better now than ever: Jennifer Saunders

Each week, FEMAIL uncovers the transformation of a female star. Jennifer Saunders has changed her appearance since age 33 by colouring her hair using honey tones.

Inez Bracy Your Audacious Coach

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What will £30 buy you? 

Emily Monckton revealed the stunning wicker bags available from the UK High Street for only £30. Top picks include a red bag from John Lewis and a bamboo handle bag from Asos.

Healing from the inside out | ASU Nursing and Health Innovation

When the students are ready, the teachers will appear.And they did.The instructors came in the forms of a gray-haired Baby Boomer from California and a lean, gentle Korean from Down Under. They were s

The one lesson I've learned from life: Edith Bowman on why it's not selfish to look after yourself

Edith Bowman, 44, has worked as a TV and radio broadcaster for more than 20 years. She revealed why it's important to take time to care for yourself and not just focus on fixing others.

Is it just me? Or do bingo wings put every midlife woman in a flap? asks SARAH VINE 

Sarah Vine believes cropped cardigans and cap sleeves can't hide bingo wings. She questions what hope is there for the rest of us if even Judy Murray is self-conscious about her arms.

Make this the week you...get paid to have fun!

Florence Scordoulis reveals a selection of methods for making money whilst having fun. Top suggestions include starring as a movie extra and being a 'mystery shopper'.

Life's little luxuries: FEMAIL picks out the best salad plates for every dining occasion this summer

British style expert, Liz Hemmings revealed this summer's best salad plates for every dining occasion. Her top picks include items from Liberty London, Heals and Tate Shop.

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My lightbulb moment: Restaurateur Adele Ashley reveals the inspiration behind her eatery chain

Adele Ashley, 55, ran a chain of wellness clinics before setting up her restaurant chain Filmore & Union in 2012. She was inspired by seeing an increase in people needing help for gut problems.

Best books on embarrassing families: Author Patricia Nicol suggests novels

British literary expert Patricia Nicol gave an insight on the best books about embarrassing families including Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit Of Love and Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice.

New label you'll love: Tara Jarmon

French brand Tara Jarmon is all about giving classic feminine pieces a modern twist. Co-founded by Tara and her businessman husband, David, the collections are full of playful colours.


Women for Change (WfC) as a gender focused non-governmental organisation that builds capacities in rural communities by focusing on rural development as well as gender development has planned various

WfC Board Chairperson honors the contribution of rural women to poverty reduction

Women for change on the 31st of October commemorated its 25th silver jubilee (anniversary) alongside the International Day of Rural Women (IDRW) an event which falls on the 15th of October every year.

Signing Off: Van Winkle's is Saying Goodbye and Good Luck

After almost two and a half years, Van Winkle's is calling it a night. We launched on June 9, 2015 to make sleep journalism a thing. And I think we succeeded, if I do say so myself.

Fall Asleep to Ghost Against Ghost's Bedtime Playlist

The "post-everything electronic-rock" project known as

Why We Should Pay Attention to Sleep in the Wake of a Natural Disaster

It's a safe bet that, when hurricanes hit, sleep health is not a top priority for residents of affected regions. But sleep disturbances are one of the most common health issues reported during and

Help! I Haven't Been Able to Sleep Since My Cat Died

We asked three experts to weigh in on one reader's sleep problem. Here's what a neuroscientist and two psychologists had to say about losing sleep after losing a pet. 

Fall Asleep to Vulfpeck's Bedtime Playlist

Vulfpeck, an LA-based funk jam band, is currently traveling around the world on a mostly sold-out tour. But, while the band is becoming known for their distinct sound, it was actually the sounds

Study: Let Your Dog Into Your Bedroom (If You Want)

Dogs live in about 36 percent of American households. And, of the dog-owning population, almost 65 percent of people consider their canine companions to be part of the family. While experts in the hu

Seven Things to Know About the Link Between Sleep and Academic Performance

Good sleep habits correspond to academic success. The link between hitting the sack and scoring A's bears out in grade school, graduate school and everywhere in between. This general trend shouldn’t

Inez Bracy - On the Vern Shank Radio Show Surf 97.3

Inez Bracy shares tips on Purposeful Living, Blissful Living, Traveling With Confidence and Unconditional Self-Love in her interview with Surfn' Vern on 97.3 FM. Connect with Inez

Empowered women taking leadership roles in communities

Alice Njovu is Chairperson of Mumbwa District Development Association (MUDDA). As MUDDA Chairperson, she overseas over 10 Area Associations and over 100 groups comprising 35 to 40 persons that were fo

Veronica Nyirongo working towards her dream of being a teacher

Females and males in rural areas are less educated than their urban counterparts. The median years of schooling are 3.0 and 3.7 years for females and males, respectively, in rural areas compared with

Changing lives through education

One World Bank study found that for every year of education a girl receives, her life-long income rose by 18% – with a vast impact on economic growth. Indeed, “The evidence is very clear: when w

Basket Weaving Project enhances access to girl education and poverty reduction

Kebby Lingomba Mandandi is the father to Mebelo and is a basket weaver who is not formally employed. “I educate my children through basket weaving. So far two of my daughters have completed schoo

Enhanced gender knowledge has reduced GBV cases – Traditional leader

Headperson Lukezo of Chiteu camp has thanked Women for Change (WfC) for contributing towards reduced incidences of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in his area through a project called Mawa. Headperson Luk

Community led- Sustainable Forestry Management takes off

Women for Change is implementing a one-year project called Community led- Sustainable Forestry Management project with funding from Counterpart under the Fostering Accountability and Transparency (FAC

Advocacy & Self-help for Improved Access to Health – Chitukutuku Area Association women lead the way

Access to health; especially to sexual reproductive and under-five health care are imperative to reducing high maternal and infant mortality. According to the United Nation’s Emergency Children’s

Creating women leaders at grassroot levels – breaking the barriers

Several factors affect women’s ability to take up leadership positions at various levels in different segments of the Zambian society, which is governed by a dual legal system that includes statutor


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Inez Bracy Power Word of the Day


Inez Bracy Power Word of the Day


Inez Bracy Power Word of the Day


Inez Bracy Power Word of the Day


Inez Bracy Power Word of the Day


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