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Hays unveils new logo, website, and online price guide as part of its...

Hays Fluid Controls launches a brand campaign, including a new identity, to reflect its commitment and focus on a culture of solutions, quality products and unmatched customer service while continuin

Reprioritized restroom design rules

There’s no question that the pandemic has left a permanent mark on commercial restrooms. Seemingly overnight, the pandemic produced a new set of standards from which we, as end-users, now evaluate r

PMI Updates Codes and Standards Course

The updated course includes changes to the 2021 International Plumbing Code and Uniform Plumbing Code, as well as new information about various timelines, Requirements, standards and more.

ICC Resources Help Prepare for Safety and Recovery as Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins

The Code Council is committed to helping communities stay safe in the midst of hurricanes and tropical cyclones.

Water heater manufacturers target ease of installation, serviceability

The number of skilled trade jobs in the U.S. is far outpacing the supply of qualified workers to fill them. A new analysis by the skilled trades division of staffing leader PeopleReady finds that the

ICC, PMI Announce Transition of Matt Sigler to Code Council Plumbing and Technical Team

The addition of Sigler and other staff resources will allow the Code Council to expand its premier PMG products and services to more communities around the world.

Smarter buildings to meet the challenge of water conservation

Water is a large part of a building’s heating and cooling operating costs and water scarcity is posing a global risk; Open framework software is key for a holistic water optimization strategy;... (

Supply box installation steps and best practices for plumbing pros

There are many benefits to including supply boxes, also known as outlet boxes, in new construction or renovation. Among these benefits for end-users are a crisp and clean finished appearance, as well

PM Profile: Air-to-water heat pumps gaining national attention

Heat pumps offer attractive solutions to energy-efficient heating and cooling, and the market is growing. According to a November 2021 report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), nearly 180 mil

Oransi Partners with Senior Living Properties, LLC to Provide 250 Air...

Oransi has sold more than 5,000 air purifiers to nursing homes this year and 250 of its Mod air purifiers will create safer visitation spaces for Senior Living Properties’ residents, staff and... (

Toilet flange installation and repair

Whether you’re a new pro entering the industry or a seasoned plumber in need of a quick refresher, this article covers best practices when installing or replacing a new toilet flange; best practices

Uponor Revamps AquaSAFE Fire Safety Training for Installers

The new online qualification replaces former Level I classroom and Level II job-site training.

Backflow prevention: The last line of defense for plumbing system safety

Two facets of building infrastructure have gained close attention in the wake of widespread disease: Indoor air quality and water quality within commercial structures. Adding to the problem of providi

Plumbing Manufacturers International - Wikipedia

Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) is an industry association for manufacturers of plumbing products.[2][3] Its members make 90% of the plumbing products sold in North America.[4] Its headquar

How to design and size PEX pipe the right way

Best practices for designing and installing PEX to leverage the benefits of installation efficiencies, job-site safety and profitability potential.

Timeline History Of Plumbing | HistoWiki

Water is an important element for survival and the advancement of plumbing has made providing water much more convenient.

SAP Smart Air Purifiers Teams Up with NBDair to Attend IFA 2022 with...

The system provides a means by which to closely monitor air quality through one simple-to-control-and-manage dashboard, to provide good air quality in classrooms and meeting spaces while saving energ

President Biden Invites Johnson Controls CEO to Speak at Leaders Summit on Climate

CEO George Oliver to address the role of U.S. business community in supporting ambitious climate action and policy, and in creating jobs and economic growth.

Plumbing trends from the field

Although lack of available product and labor are ongoing factors within the residential plumbing sector, there is certainly no lack of opportunity. According to the 2021 North American Plumbing Fixtur

Installing and servicing CPVC the right way

CPVC has been used for residential plumbing in the U.S. for more than 60 years and is unique among today’s plumbing materials. CPVC was specifically designed to be compatible with American drinking

Navigating the Rapidly Changing Regulatory Landscape

In response to severe drought conditions, some states are looking to reduce plumbing fixture flow rates lower than WaterSense’s rate, which is lower than federal requirements. In addition, a propose

Energy equity and the electrification movement

Electrification is often presented as a strategy for reducing carbon emissions, but the truth is, it’s not practical to rely on electricity alone because no single energy source can solve the long-t

DC Metro Area Plumbing Company Launches Their New Website

O’Connor Plumbing, a D.C. metro area plumbing company, is happy to announce the launch of its new website for residential and commercial plumbing services. Their newly designed website highlights t

Johnson Controls Launches Community College Partnership Program

The company is investing $15 million over five years to help expand community college associate degree and certificate programs across the United States in HVAC, fire and security, and digital buildin

Contractors create in-house training facilities to home-grow plumbing, HVAC techs

Every industry in the United States is currently feeling the constraints of the labor shortage. Employers continue to struggle to bring in new workers and keep existing ones. Job openings far outnumbe

The Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award Unveils 2022 Watch List

76 of the nation's top quarterbacks are nominated for this year's Golden Arm Award (PRWeb August 24, 2022) Read the full story at

Hydronic retrofit brings utility and style together

The age-old question of function versus form has confounded experts in every field for countless decades. Jeff Sweenor, president and CEO of Sweenor Builders in Wakefield, Rhode Island, looks at it d

Biden Administration Suspends ANWR Oil Work

Given the amount of time needed for an environmental impact statement, the Interior Dept. order could easily delay lease processing by two years.

U.S. and Canada’s Power, Refining Industries Adjust After 2020 Headwinds

With the increase in COVID-19 vaccinations and the lifting of mask mandates, many industries are striving to make up lost ground following the market challenges posed by the global pandemic.

AprilAire Offers Back-to-School Deal on MERV 16 Air Filters, August 29...

As Students Head Back to School, Many Classrooms Have Improved Air Systems but Healthy Air at Home Is Just as Critical So the Healthy Air Leader Encourages MERV 16 Filter Upgrade to Capture 98%* of..

Scenes from the 2022 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), owned by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, wrapped it’s first in-person show in two years. The combined strengths of the NKBA and the National A

Drain Inspection: Getting to the root of the problem

When Robert Broccolo, Jr., owner of Professional Drain Services of Southern New England, answers any service call, he always has one of his company’s 11 video inspection cameras with him — ready t

Spot check on the commercial water heating market

The commercial water heating market has options for building owners and facility managers when it comes to selecting equipment for their facilities — tank or tankless, gas models or electric — eve

ICC Celebrates Updates to Texas Statute for Building and Residential Codes

Effective Jan.1, 2022, the 2012 International Building Code and International Residential Code will be the statewide municipal statutory codes in Texas.

KBIS returns to Orlando for first in-person show since 2020

It’s been more than two years since kitchen and bath professionals, designers and builders have gathered for the industry’s largest trade show and conference — the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

Plumber - Google Docs

PLUMBER Your plumbing system can turn into a major headache. Another year of wear and tear on your Los Angeles Pipes. Rocket Plumbing is here to repair or replace those garbage disposals, or check t

Top 5 pump myths debunked

Think you know pump systems? Think again. From misidentifying the major culprits of ownership costs to taking the wrong approach in implementing variable speed drives, misconceptions around pumps crea

Bath & Kitchen Pro eBook

As the plumbing bath and kitchen sector adapts to evolving homeowner, customer and end-user expectations, it’s more important than ever to stay up-to-date on the technology, product innovation and d

A look at linear drains

As with any construction or remodeling project, there are several key factors to keep in mind when selecting and installing a linear drain system for a bathroom shower. Being mindful of these consider

What's yer circulation strategy?

If you’re anything like me, the first thing that comes to mind when you think about variable speed circulators is 1970s rock band Supertramp. No? Okay, maybe you’re not like me. Either way, allow


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