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When you call Spartan Plumbing, Inc. you will only work with experienced technicians who are fully licensed and insured to get your toughest plumbing and Tucson AC problems solved. Our technicians undergo extensive training and specialize in executing the latest innovations in plumbing technology, as well as meeting current building codes.

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Live help 24/7 and 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all the services from Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We are an affordable licensed plumber and air conditioning company in Tucson, AZ.

Modern Hydronics Done Right Volume 4

We are proud to present the fourth of five eBooks specifically for the hydronics market. Brought to you by Plumbing & Mechanical, PM Engineer and Supply House Times, this FREE eBook is a collectio

Tugo Bike Share System is Expanding

The City of Tucson recently expanded the Tugo bike share system by adding four new stations and 51 docking points. This will make bike share more accessible to more people and neighborhoods. The new

'Music in the Park' Saturday Concert Series Continues at Udall Park

The Arizona Symphonic Winds, under music director and conductor László Veres, continues its fall concerts on Saturday evenings during September. This Saturday, Sept. 14, violinist Michelle Abraham K

XOXO: Where to rock, Friday Sept. 12

Their full-flavored sound is a mezcla of rockabilly, cumbia, jazz and Gypsy.…

Ray Wohlfarth: Consider a hybrid heating system buy assessment

The owner asked for a bid to replace her 35-year-old cast iron boiler which was still operating. She had two requirements: Redundancy in the event of a boiler malfunction and lower fuel costs for the

Official website of the City of Tucson

Official website of the City of Tucson

County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez Is Calling It Quits

County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez, a Democrat who has served in the office since first winning office in 1992, announced today that she will not seek reelection in 2020. "All events in lif

2nd Saturdays Downtown Tomorrow

The next 2nd Saturdays Downtown takes place tomorrow, Sept. 14. Events during the day include Locomotive Saturday at the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum, Read to a Dog at the Joel D. Valdez Ma

Matt Michel: 5 ISH trends

Every other year, ISH, the world’s largest PHC trade show is held in Frankfurt Germany.

City Recruiting Engineering Project Manager

The City of Tucson is hiring an engineering project manager to work in its Transportation Department. The position supervises and performs senior-level professional engineering work in the planning, d

Claytoon of the Day: Bahama Trauma

Find more Claytoonz here.…

Participate in the Water Scavenger Hunt

Tucson Water is holding a scavenger hunt and offering three $50 Visa Gift Cards or a set of limited-edition, water-themed vinyl stickers created by a local artist as prizes. Use a smartphone to find

Laughing Stock: Plenty Good Comedy!

Comedy returns to Black Rock Following a summer hiatus, The Black Rock Brewery Comedy Showcase returns with host Mo Urban at 7:30 p.m., Friday, Sept. 13. Headlined by Josiah Osego (What R

XOXO: Where to Rock This Weekend, Sept.14-15

Saturday, Sept. 14 "I Remember Now."…

Meetings Continue to Discuss Recycling Collection Changes

The City of Tucson’s Environmental & General Services Department (EGSD) will change residential recycling collection from every week to every other week beginning the week of Sept. 30. The day

A.O. Smith A.O. Smith hosts grand opening of technical training facility

How far has water-heater manufacturer A. O. Smith’s training capabilities come?

Some Thoughts On The TUSD Family Life Curriculum Conflict

I've been out of town recently, so I haven't been personally involved in any of the board meetings or other events connected with the proposed Family Life Curriculum. With that in mind, h

All Bets Are On, Volume 30: On Arizona's Clash With Texas Tech, Marcel Yates' Job Security and Larry Scott's Terrible Adventure

Co-hosts Christopher Boan and Tyler Vondrak return for another episode of the Tucson Weekly's sports podcast. The duo break down Arizona's 66-41 win over NAU a week ago and preview the t

24 Great Things to Do This Weekend in Tucson

Friday, Sept. 13 Born & Brewed Pre-Party at 1912 Brewing. Before the festivities truly commence for “Born & Brewed,” hop over to 1912 Brewing for a special tasting of two

PHCC recognizes Bradford White as highest strategic partner category

The new recognition expands the partnership from solely Bradford White Water Heaters to the entire Bradford White Corp., an American-based family of companies creating technologically enhanced, ener

E-Scooter Pilot Program Begins This Week

Tomorrow, Sept. 12, is the launch date for the six-month pilot program for shared electric scooters. The e-scooter pilot program has been designed to maximize safety, minimize sidewalk riding and clut

Great Cover-Up 2019 Submissions Are Open!

It's time once again to prepare for Tucson's favorite cover band extravaganza, but the best part is, you don't have to stay in the audience. The Great Cover-Up is now accepting submissions for

Meetings Continue to Discuss Recycling Collection Changes

The City of Tucson’s Environmental & General Services Department (EGSD) will change residential recycling collection from every week to every other week beginning the week of Sept. 30. The day

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Claytoon of the Day: Inhaling The NRA

Find more Claytoonz here.…

Sandbag Distribution Ends This Week

As the region’s monsoon nears its end, the City of Tucson Transportation Department’s Operation Splash sandbag program will conclude this week. The pre-filled sandbag distribution site at the Tuc

Friday Celebration of New Ada-Accessible Playgrounds at Reid Park

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, Ward 6 Council Member Steve Kozachik, and Tucson Parks and Recreation are celebrating the addition of two new ADA-accessible playgrounds with shade at Reid Park, 920

NASCAR Driver Ward Burton Knows a Winner

Ward Burton is one of the most acclaimed drivers in NASCAR history with a victory at the 2002 Daytona 500 and multiple wins at Darlington, considered the toughest course on the NASCAR circuit. Burton

Cobra Tools drain auger

The Cobra Skinny Snake by Cobra Tools is the latest edition to its family of drain augers.

Dave Yates: Heat pump mayhem

Mmanufacturer of air-to-water heat pumps called asking if I would be willing to visit a home to perform a heat loss/gain calculation where two of its heat pump systems had been installed and determine

HQ Homtek smart descaler

HydroCare Smart Descaler, a computerized electronic device, eliminates and prevents limescale. Utilizing a unique electrochemical process with unparalleled strength, it works in all types of plumbing,

Midwest Innovative Technologies' hydrant casing system

The Wall Hydrant Made Easy (WHME) allows hydrants to be replaced quickly and easily from the outside of the building, the company says.

Hoeptner sanitary roof hydrant

The FreezeFlow Sanitary Roof Hydrant is the only frost-free hydrant on the market that not only does not require a drain to prevent freezing but does not require winterizing of any kind, the company s

John Guest Speedfit Angle Stop Valve

The John Guest Speedfit Angle Stop Valve provides an extra line off of an existing stop, giving the user independent water flow control and the ability to upgrade or repair accessories without shutti

What Environmental Factors Cause the Most Pipe Damage?

If you’ve noticed recent spikes in your water bill, water performance issues, and spotting on your lawn, there’s a solid chance your underground pipes have been damaged in some way.

The lightweight, compact Kinetic Water Ram from General Pipe Cleaners

The lightweight, compact Kinetic Water Ram from General Pipe Cleaners safely, quickly and cleanly clears clogged sinks and showers, toilets and tubs with Kinetic Energy. Kinetic Water Ram unleashes a

New Jersey Adopts 2018 National Standard Plumbing Code

Ontario, Calif. — New Jersey residents will continue to be protected by the National Standard Plumbing Code (NSPC), as the Garden State has adopted the 2018 edition of the NSPC, the first to be pub

Coors Field Hits Home Run with Restroom Renovation

Not only is it home to Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies, but also the 50,398-seat venue hosts a full lineup of summer concerts and events when the Rockies are on the road. With so much wear

Legionella Topic of Latest Aquatherm Video

Sixth video in the Tech TV series presents pros and cons of various control strategies. Lindon, UT — Preventing Legionnaires’ disease by controlling the growth of Legionella bacteria in water sys

American Standard Greenbrook High Efficiency Urinal

Sleek, contoured design offers a superior rinse and water savings Streamlined for a clean, modern look with an inverted back wall, American Standard’s Greenbrook High Efficiency Urinal (HEU) is the

Safe Water and Medical Grade Disinfectant Deployed to Hurricane Dorian Survivors in Bahamas

U.S.-based non-profit WaterStep already has some of its safe water equipment on the way to help Hurricane Dorian survivors in the Bahamas, and in the next few days, a full shipment of tools that prod

DrainXcel Eliminates Build-Up in Grease Traps, Drainage Pipes

Safe and effective preventative maintenance for industrial, commercial and home use DrainXcel from Brookside Agra utilizes an all-natural, unique blend of bacteria and enzymes that multiply quickly t

24-Hr Toilet Unclogging Service from Spartan Plumbing in Tuscon AZ

A malfunctioning or clogged toilet is not a mere minor inconvenience. It can be terrible - especially if you don t own a plunger. In fact, clogged toilets can seriously hamper a household s smooth

Tuscon AZ Emergency Drain Cleaning Unclogging - Overflowing Drains

Over time, food particles, hair, grease, and oil may build up inside your pipes. These will eventually harden and become tough to get rid of, taking a heavy toll on your drains and pipes. While yo

New High Performance Stainless Steel Braid Hose Boosts Water Jet Cleaning Power

Enhance the performance and cleaning power of our popular, portable JM-1000 Mini-Jet™ and JM-1450™ water jet drain cleaners with the new high performance stainless steel braid jet hose from Gener

For Homeowners in Tucson AZ Drain Clog Prevention for the Holidays

The holidays should always be about fun and relaxation. And of course, clogged drains are nothing but an ill-timed inconvenience for anyone who s trying to enjoy the festive season. So, it s cruci

Water Pipe Leak Repair Detection from Spartan Plumbing

If you think you have this type of plumbing issue at this moment, why not seek help from the reliable plumbers of Spartan Plumbing? We are well-trained plumbers that can easily detect the leak and

Pipe Break Repair from Spartan Plumbing in Tucson AZ

Surely, you agree that pipe breaks require immediate attention. With water flowing everywhere, regardless of where the pipe is, you d be worrying about all kinds of damage. And of course, the cost

How Much Does a Running Toilet Really Cost?

You probably rarely think about toilet plumbing troubles until you need a plunger; however, a running toilet can cost you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in wasted water every yea

Garbage Disposal Installation and Maintenance from Spartan Plumbing

Most modern garbage disposals seem capable of cleaning themselves, barely showing any signs of wear despite constant use. They last even last longer with proper daily maintenance. Well, the truth i

How to Pick the Best Water Heater for Your Household

Water heating is necessary for households today. When on the market for a water heater, it s important to know what to look for in a unit that so that you can be sure you ll get the best for your h

Reasons Why Your AC System Might Not Be Working Ri

Reasons Why Your AC System Might Not Be Working Right When summer is at its peak, that s when you rely on your air conditioner the most. So, it would be a huge disappointment to find your unit blo

5 Warning Signs Your Sewer Pipes May Be Breaking

If you’re not a professional in the plumbing industry, chances are you aren’t likely to suspect when your pipes are breaking. Homeowners need to know what warning signs indicate co

Leaking Gas Pipes from Spartan Plumbing in Tuscon AZ

A gas leak may happen when your gas lines are old and have weakened over time, or when small cracks start to appear. One easy sign that there might be gas line leaks is the presence of an obnoxious

Gone are the days when you d need to feed a large

Gone are the days when you d need to feed a large burner with firewood to heat the water in your home. Now, there are tankless water heaters available on the market. They have many names like inst

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover a Broken or Damaged Sewer Pipe?

Here’s a question that plumbers hear all the time, usually after a damaged sewer pipe has wrought considerable damage to a homeowner’s property:

How Affordable is Trenchless Pipe Lining Compared to Other Repairs?

  When it comes down to it, there’s really no easy way to deal with pipe damage, or worse, severe pipe failure. That said, you don’t necessarily need to drain tens of thousands of

The Best Water Efficient Faucets for Your Home

In some of our previous articles, we’ve gone into depth on the most efficient water heaters and toilets currently on the market, which homeowners can install to reduce their monthly wat

Up on the Rooftop: How to Unclog Your Roof Drain With Ease

Properly installed roof drains protect your property from rain, melting snow, and other weather conditions Mother Nature sends in your direction. But like most installations, it requires

When and Why is Pipe Bursting Better than CIPP Lining?

Trenchless plumbing technology takes the headache out of fixing a problematic pipe. There’s no need to dig up large areas of your property, delving uncomfortably deep or maybe even unde

Blocked Toilet: When to Call a Professional

Every person has had an experience trying to keep their toilet from overflowing after burrito night or something similar. It happens to the best of us. Even high-tech toilets get backed u

Water Filtration Process: How Do Water Filters Work?

On average, each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water a day. While many people don’t give the quality of their water much thought, the crisis in Flint, Michigan brought the issu

Why Is My Shower Cold? Understanding The Most Common Issues (And How To Fix Them!)

Nobody likes a cold shower, especially when the weather outside starts to turn chilly. A hot shower in the morning is the best way to start the day – and a warm shower or bath at the end of the day

The Ultimate Guide To Lowering Your Winter Power Costs

The time of year has arrived to start thinking about how to keep your Winter utility bills under control as you watch the mercury drop. If you are now just starting to see a rise in your monthly bills

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Spring

Preparing your plumbing for winter might seem like the more usual thing to do, but when spring arrives, it’s the perfect time to check on your plumbing. The weather is getting warmer, but there coul

Tankless Water Heater Installation Costs

Are you looking forward to replacing your traditional water heater? What’s the cost of installing a tankless water heater? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be finding out here. Conventional water

What are the Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters?

Tankless heaters are gaining popularity in the world today and for good reasons. Initially, most homes had the traditional water heaters. However, with the ever-rising electricity and natural gas cost

The Pros And Cons of a Tankless Water Heater

There are various reasons why you might be considering a tankless water heating system, but wonder if they’re really worth it. Do the benefits justify the investment or are these systems really what

The 10 Easiest Ways To Reduce Your Power Bill (And Save Big!)

The chilly winter months are just around the corner – and that means that many of us are going to be facing steeper power bills. Extreme temperatures – both in the winter and the summer – can of

Are Tankless Water Heaters Right For You?

You don’t always have to move with the crowd or make uninformed decisions based on what your friends say. However, it pays at times. With advancement in technology, tankless water heaters are gainin

5 Signs That A Tankless Water Heater Is Right For You

Tankless water heaters are growing in popularity, as homeowners begin to realize the cost saving and efficiency benefits of moving away from traditional, tank-based water heaters. Compared to tank-bas

Preparing Your Plumbing For The Winter – 8 Essential Steps To Take

The winter is a challenging time for your plumbing system. Pipes that are not properly winterized or insulated can remain full of water and explode when the water freezes. Your water heater or tankles


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