How to Get an Affordable Degree in Accounting

Learn the steps to take to earn an accounting degree and the career paths to the different specialties of accounting.

On top of the world in Singapore

Ten years ago, I began a journey of innovation. I had no idea how the changes I was making would impact my firm, my customers and my life.

5 Ways to Market Your Services on a Small Budget

GrowthHow Firms Can Market on a Small Budget

Kuesel launches biz dev training program

The virtual curriculum aims to introduce younger staff to the skills and ideas they need to bring in new business.

Building a better audit

Technology is not only making auditors more efficient, says Jeff Gramlich of Validis -- it's offering them the opportunity to significantly enhance quality.

PTIN renewal season begins

The IRS is now accepting applications and renewals for the tax preparer ID numbers.

Education Requirements | Board of Accountancy

The Board contracts with CPA Exam Services (CPAES) for application requirements, intake, and processing for Washington's CPA exam applicants. If you have questions regarding meeting the education requ

AFWA opens 2020 Accounting MOVE Project Survey

The annual poll from the Accounting and Financial Women's Alliance's invites firms to share their data on female leadership and representation.

What I learned from my clients' tax returns

If you’re a CPA who has considered a move to financial planning, there are a few strong reasons why you as a tax practitioner are already best positioned to offer Personal Financial Planning (PFP) s

Discover Accounting: Accounting Career & Education Guide Simplified

Why You Should Get An Online Accounting Degree?

Eide Bailly expands in Vegas

The Top 100 Firm will join with local firm Wallace Neumann & Verville in mid-November.

Listen up: Veterans offer their best advice for new tax pros

From education and pricing to memberships to marketing, experienced practitioners share what they’ve learned about starting out in the profession.

AICPA/WICPA Hosting National Advanced Accounting Education Event In Wisconsin | Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

The Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accounting (WICPA) will be hosting for the second consecutive year a summer professional development session for Accounting Education Instructors.  Our Wis

Accountants and Auditors : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Accountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records.

Two million ITINs expire in 2019

Numbers that haven’t been used in three years will also expire.

Tax Court Denies Casualty Loss for Reduced Property Value

IRSGuidelines on Damages for Casualty Losses

IRS projects fewer schedules, more e-filing

The Statistics of Income Division’s latest report looks ahead to a new filing landscape.

Blumshapiro merges in SunBlock Systems

The Top 100 Firm has added a consulting firm in Reston, Virginia, that provides cybersecurity, digital forensics and business intelligence services.

What were the challenges of the 2019 tax season?

Do you hear the big sigh of relief? It’s Oct. 18, just three days after we filed the last big group of extended returns for individuals and businesses. When I started working for a local public acco

New Cloud-based CCH SureTax Platform from Wolters Kluwer

Accounting Software NewsWolters Kluwer Redesigns CCH SureTax Platform

Case Study: Getting Started With Payroll

Practice ExcellenceWhy Payroll is the Right Start for Client Services

Taxpayer Shows Business Connection for Home Office Phone Lines

Business TaxIs a Home Office Phone a Business Expense?

What Your Clients Should Know About S Corps and State Tax

Business TaxClient Essentials for S Corps and State Income Tax

3 ways data can evolve your business

If you’re not on the data science wagon yet, you should probably consider jumping on in the near future. With 2020 right around the corner, data will continue to remain at the forefront of decision-

Why Clients Need to be First in Your Advisory Plans

ClientsWhy Clients Need to be First in Advisory Plans

The Tale of the Ancient Landlord and His Son

ClientsWhen Clients Refuse to Be Advised

What are IRS Letter Rulings and Why Do They Help or Hurt?

IndividualsWhat are IRS Letter Rulings?

Get your brain in shape!

The busy season is on the horizon, and many practitioners are preparing their firms to meet the demands. But are you getting yourself mentally ready for the fast-paced days ahead? In honor of National

Embrace an attitude of gratitude for well-being in your career

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues, but the parent of all of the others.” — Cicero If someone bumps into you and knocks your full cup of coffee onto your shirt, who’s to blame

3 perks of working for yourself

In today’s ever-evolving job market, there are plenty of new opportunities to work for yourself. Whether it’s freelancing, entrepreneurship or gigs — the list goes on. Actually, seven in 10 the

How a kid’s allowance can teach money management skills

Teaching children about money management is a big job for parents, and there are many ways to go about it. Money talk often starts by paying an allowance. According to new research from the American I

Advice from a peer reviewer: Documentation missteps to avoid

In my 25 years as a peer reviewer, I’ve reviewed thousands of audits from a variety of firms. You may be surprised by how often I see errors related to a fundamental audit step: documentation. Audit

Tax tops the list of best jobs. But wait — there’s more

A day before my meeting with Brooke Salvini, CPA/PFS, she receives a serendipitous note from one of her clients: … Thank you so much for your genuine way of being. You create such an atmosphere of p

AICPA finds public accounting hiring model shifts

The AICPA recently released the 2019 Trends in the Supply of Accounting Graduates and Demand for Public Accounting Recruits report. The report shows that the accounting profession requires new skill s


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