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Black tea is highly caffeinated. It comes with around 40 milligrams of caffeine in every cup. It also has antioxidants such as thearubigins and theaflavins that have both been linked to help in lowering cholesterol levels. This tea option can also lessen risks of stroke by 20 percent.

The University of Michigan Health System

Tea is included in the Healing Foods Pyramid™ as part of a balanced, whole foods, plant-based diet. This Food Pyramid emphasizes foods that nourish the body, sustain energy over time, co

Healthy Living - The Best Teas to Drink for a Healthier You | Tealy

There are many ways tea can help you. It can help you beat the heat during summer and keep warm during cold nights. Aside from quenching your thirst, tea has...

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Could Salad Be Hindering Your Weight Loss?

Could salad & exercise be causing you to gain weight? Dr Nat TCM drops two Chinese Medicine truth bombs.

The Effects Of Over Exercising

How your exercise routine may be doing you more harm than good, and finding the balance between burn & burn-out.

Food Intolerances – Part 2

Dr Nat TCM looks into food intolerances - and where you can look to start making inroads toward gut health.

Break The Cycle – Exhaustion

Dr Nat TCM, takes us through her tips on how to break the exhaustion cycle.

Food Intolerances – Part 1

What the sun is to planet earth, your gut is to your body; everything revolves around its energy.

Food Intolerances – Your Tea Global Survey

They say the truth can be found in three things - children, leggings, and drunk people. We say, it can also be found in the pages of our Global Food Intolerances Survey.

Waking Up At All Hours?

Poor sleep or lack of sleep may extend to organ disharmonies. This can be known as the ‘Qi clock’ which maps out the various times of the day and night that each organ is at its peak. Waki

How The Change In Season Affects You

Perhaps you’ve stopped and observed how you feel when the seasons change. Each season has special characteristics that come as part of the package. Chinese Medicine loves to observe the body thr

What Actually Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

What Actually Is Traditional Chinese Medicine? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complex and very ancient art of healing the body using a very unique diagnostic and treatment systems.


What is it about mindfulness and meditation? Have a read.

Pomegranate Moringa Oleifera Herbal Tea by A Healthy Leaf

Upon returning from a 10-day break I had a surprise package – a box of tea from A Healthy Leaf, containing some of their pomegranate flavour Moringa Oleifera herbal tea bags. I’ve heard of

Possible Effects of Switching From Coffee to Tea

Coffee is known for causing teeth stains and caffeine-related palpitations. These are also the reason why many people choose to switch to tea as it could make their smile brighter....

What are the Risks and Side Effects of Rooibos Tea

  Rooibos tea or red tea is made from Aspalathus Linearis leaves. The leaves are a plant that grows in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa. During fermentation and oxidation...

Green Tea Can Do More Than Just Cleaning You Body

Water is an ideal beverage of choice of a lot of people. However, a high-quality green or genmaicha tea can also be a valuable and healthy addition. It is an...

Rooibos vs Green Tea: Which tea is better for you

  Have you heard of the newest super-tea in town? Its called rooibos tea. This beverage is made from African bush, and fast becoming popular in different parts of the...

Not Just for Drinking: More Ways to Enjoy Your Green Tea

    Matcha or green tea flavored foods are everywhere, from your favorite cold drinks at the local café to the desserts served at the popular restaurants. This tea has...

Top Fruit Teas That Will Get Rid of Afternoon Slump

    Have you experienced that drop in your energy level in the afternoon? As if you just want to relax and do nothing for hours? Whether you are a...

Why Experts Recommend Drinking Tea Every Day

    It’s not a secret that tea can do wonders for your health. But we’d like to point out more reasons why experts recommend you to drink it every...

Amazing Benefits Of Black Tea For Your Overall Health

Black tea has stronger flavor as compared to other tea options. But what it’s lacking on the flavor make up for the health benefits one can get after drinking it....

Unique Uses of Tea: The Best Home Remedies Using Tea

  You’ve probably heard how tea can help you lose weight or boost your mood. While these benefits are great, there are more ways you can use tea at home....

Find Out How Your Dog Can Benefit from Drinking Rooibos Tea

A lot of people are familiar with how rooibos is a great tea option with tons of benefits. But only a few knows that it can also be enjoyed by...

Jade Mountain from T2 Teas

The other day I visited a T2 Tea store – a modern, exciting, and colourful store with a HUGE range of premium teas and teaware. And home to a delicious brew called Jade Mountain. They’re a

Ivan Chai from Chaivan Teas

I'm particularly excited by this Chaivan Ivan Chai tea since it is from Russia as opposed to the typical tea-growing Countries like India or China.

English Breakfast from Cheeky Tea

One of my favourite blends in the whole World is good old English Breakfast – particularly first thing in the Morning . . . with, you guessed it, Breakfast! Now, I’ll apologise in advance

Jasmine Tea Crystals from Pique Tea

I was super-excited when Pique Tea’s jasmine tea crystals came through the door. As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I’m a massive fan of matcha tea. The whole premise of matcha

Raspberry Matcha From Tea’s Me

I love love love matcha Green Tea! So any matcha samples are warmly received. I’ve never tried the matcha and raspberry combo before, so I’m excited when Tea’s Me’s Raspberry M

Peruvian Spiced Berry From Inca Tea

I’ve had various teas from Inca Tea‘s range before, so I was particularly looking forward to reviewing their Peruvian Spiced Berry Tea. Until now my favourite of theirs had been their Tawa

Pomegranate Mojito from Zest Tea

I could literally sit and sniff this tea all day long – Pomegranate Mojito Tea from Zest Tea. A smell reminiscent of my childhood (not that I drank mojitos as a child!) – more that it

Blue Lady from Zest Tea

This week I received an exciting package of teas from Zest Tea – some sample packs, a cylindrical tin, and a pouch. It was great to see all of the different packaging types that this tea company

Golden Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips Tea by Cup Above Tea

A delightful package arrived at my door yesterday – one very delicately and intricately wrapped with care. As I opened it, I knew it had to contain something pretty special. And it did! It was C


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