Program #2: Anti-Smoking

For grades k thru 8 Age appropriate for audience level

Program #2: Anti-Smoking – Corny Crow

Corny Crow says, “It’s easier to stop if you never start.”

‘I’m waiting for spring to sell’: How to get sellers to list now

Here’s the formula you need to master to overcome this very common objection By Dale Archdekin If you are a real estate agent, then you have heard this objection from sellers many times: “I wan

Reflections On MANDY (2018)

  It’s been over a year since I updated this page.  A lot has happened.  I’d love to say I’ve been doing all my writing over at Daily Grindhouse, but the truth is, I haven’t done all that m


Picked up a couple Marvel Legends over the weekend, so just feeling like sharing this rhapsody about toys, from last year’s Daily Grindhouse group article on the subject.  Guess I should start by


        It’s been a long time, shouldn’t have left you, without three dopes and a podcast to listen to…   The Daily Grindhouse Podcast officially returns today. Click here to listen to our

Stand Up.

  Aleppo, Syria in 2009. Aleppo, Syria in 2016. The Syrian Army, directed by Bashar Al-Assad and supported by Vladimir Putin and the armed forces of Russia along with Iran and Hezbollah, has been

What’s In A Name.

  My friend Jamie Righetti wrote a piece this past week called That Time The Movies Saved My Life. As I do so frequently with her stuff, I’ve re-read that piece several times since she posted it.


  Everybody’s talking about Bob Dylan today, so I figured I’d check to see if I’d ever written anything about his work, and hey look, here’s this thing from 2011:     For Bob Dylan’s seve


      Tonight at 9:30pm at the Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn, the monthly Kevin Geeks Out show returns with KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT DEADLY WOMEN!   Kevin Maher, a writer and comedian who just plain a

Lip Sync Battle Champs.   Proud of my niece. She h

Grandpa, Part Two.

  This is what I said at the memorial in honor of my grandfather Sam Seifter at the Albert Einstein College Of Medicine in December of 2009, ten months after he died. I was speaking to his colleagues

Grandpa, Part One.

    This is what I said at the memorial service for my grandfather Sam Seifter on March 1st, 2009. Find out more about him at the Albert Einstein College Of Medicine’s website. That’s more of a


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