Meet Zovargo's Animal Ambassadors

Meet Zovargo's Animal Ambassadors in our After School, Birthday Party or zoo event. POur animal educational program is fun, learning and hands on.

Meet Zovargo's Animal Amassadors - YouTube

Here's a look at some of our Zovargo Animal Ambassadors that are a super important part of our education programs! Schools, Scout Meetings, Classroom Program...

Meet the Animals | Smithsonian's National Zoo

From reptiles and amphibians to fish, birds and mammals, meet the animals at the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute.

Endangered Species | Home Page

More species searches...

Scientists have made the loudest sound humanly possible

Researchers at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory may have found the highest limit for decibels underwater.

Your love for dogs may be in your DNA

A new study says there could be a genetic reason why some people own dogs and others don't, beyond the experience of having had one as a kid.

13 superfoods you should be eating

These dietary dynamos fight everything from cholesterol to cancer, helping you live a longer, healthier life.

Kids who walk or bike to school are more focused and less likely to be overweight

In the U.S., however, walking or biking to school has become less common over the last 50 years.

Homemade sunscreen won't protect your skin

With DIY sunscreen recipes, you have no idea if you'll be protected from the sun's harmful rays.

A fire chief comforts a dog who refuses to leave his trapped owner's side

A dog named Lucky and a firefighter take a quiet moment at the scene of a terrible highway accident. Lucky wouldn't leave until the passengers were freed.

What is déjà rêvé?

Ever dream of something and then experience it in real-life?

14 tips to help you wake up feeling amazing

Ready for some clean sleep? A bedtime routine and quality bedding are some sleep hygiene secrets.

How The Brain Shapes Pain And Links Ouch With Emotion

Pain is more than an unpleasant sensation. When pain signals reach the brain, they interact with areas involved in thinking, memory and emotion.

10 Unique Museums Around The World

Visiting a museum is an educational and cultural experience that we all enjoy when traveling. Thousands of museums and galleries around the world display fine arts, precious artifacts, and historical

10 British Kings You’ve Never Heard Of

Most of us can name a couple of British kings off the tops of our heads. Interested in English history? William the Conqueror and Henry VIII. Classic literature? The Scottish king Macbeth and Henry V

10 Things You May Not Know About The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple has made headlines for its recognized status as an official religious organization with tax-exempt status, beginning in 2019. They’ve also gained plenty of past media attention f

Something very big and very dark punched a hole in our galaxy

A Harvard scientist finds evidence of a massive hole in the Milky Way.

Billion-Dollar Gamble: How A 'Singular Hero' Helped Start A New Field In Physics

In the 1970s, Rich Isaacson was presented with what seemed like a crazy idea: using lasers to detect gravitational waves. It became the biggest project the National Science Foundation had ever funded.

10 Uplifting Stories To Get You Through The Week (5/19/19)

At the end of the week, Listverse is the perfect place to catch up on the bigger stories that you might have missed. You can read about the weird and unconventional stuff on the offbeat list. Here, w

Top 10 Unusual Facts Involving Chalk

When marine creatures die, their shells turn into a sludge consisting mainly of calcium carbonate. This goo eventually turns into the limestone known as chalk. The stone is responsible for several sc

10 Bizarre Calendar Fixes That Made Us Add Or Skip Dates

Most nations use the Gregorian calendar as their official calendar. Several centuries ago, however, the Julian calendar was in charge. However, it was so imperfect that we were lagging behind by a nu

50 Years Later, Looking Back At Apollo 10, Precursor To The Moon Landing

It's the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 10 mission. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with General Thomas Stafford, who led the Apollo 10 mission.

Atlanta to Appalachia: Meet the quirky neighbors who keep my life interesting

From spraying coyote urine to mourning the passing of a horse, I'm learning to be part of this community.

Calories, Carbs, Fat, Fiber: Unraveling The Links Between Breast Cancer And Diet

A new study finds that women who ate a low-fat diet and more fruits, vegetables and grains, lowered their risk of dying from breast cancer. But which of those factors provided the protective effect?

10 Macabre Tourist Attractions

When we plan our vacation activities, many of us think of lazing on the beach with a good book or hiking through crisp mountain air. Maybe we plan on taking in the cultural treasures in museums or ar

10 Offbeat Stories You Might Have Missed This Week (5/18/19)

Another week has passed, which means that it is time, once again, to look at some of the bizarre stories that made the headlines recently. If you want to read up on last week’s list, click here. Th

10 Jobs We Already Lost To Technology

We are all concerned about robots and artificial intelligence taking over our jobs. However, nobody seems to be worried about the jobs that were taken over by earlier advancements in technology and e

Critics Say USDA Relocation Proposal Is A Political Move

A plan to move USDA research groups out of D.C. has towns clamoring for "700 high-paying jobs." But critics say it's part of an effort to gut objective research and cut many jobs at the two agencies.

Suicide Rate For Girls Has Been Rising Faster Than For Boys, Study Finds

Researchers found that the increase was highest for girls ages 10 to 14 in the U.S., rising by nearly 13% since 2007. The increase for boys of the same age was 7%.

Researchers Say Evidence Shows What You Eat Really Does Matter

Two new diet studies add to the evidence that when it comes to staying healthy, counting calories may not be enough. What really matters is what you choose to eat and the quality of your diet.

10 Human Mental Disorders That Affect Pets Too

Today’s pets are often taken care of with the same level of involvement that people once reserved for their children or grandchildren. We fuss over diet, activity, training, and health care for our

Smartphone App And Paper Funnel Could Help Diagnose Ear Infections

Researchers have developed a smartphone app that can help diagnose an ear infection. Parents will be able to use it at home, pending further tests and Food and Drug Administration approval.

How To See The Future (No Crystal Ball Needed)

When disaster strikes, we want to know, who screwed up? This week we explore the psychology of warnings: Why some warnings get heard, and why some of us are better at seeing what lies ahead.

Dallas Zoo welcomes a healthy baby hippo

Calf born to mom Boipelo Tuesday evening DALLAS (May 16, 2019) – The Dallas Zoo is proudly welcoming a Nile hippopotamus calf born Tuesday, May 14, around 6:30 p.m. to 12-year-old mom Boipelo after

Dallas Zoo welcomes a healthy baby hippo

The Dallas Zoo is proudly welcoming a Nile hippopotamus calf born Tuesday, May 14, around 6:30 p.m. to 12-year-old mom Boipelo after an eight-month-long gestation. Both mom and calf are doing well

It's Not Just Salt, Sugar, Fat: Study Finds Ultra-Processed Foods Drive Weight Gain

"Landmark" study finds a highly processed diet spurred people to overeat compared with an unprocessed diet, about 500 extra calories a day. That suggests something about processing itself is at play.

Dallas Zoo helps release flamingo chicks back into the wild after life-saving emergency rescue

In January, the Dallas Zoo was part of an unprecedented rescue effort after 1,800 lesser flamingo chicks were abandoned at their nesting grounds due to severe drought. But the work was far from over.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mom deserves the BEST of everything, but getting her the perfect gift can be tough. Not to worry…we’ve got you covered!

Saving our state reptile

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (like our state reptile was during the winter months), you know how much we love Texas horned lizards here at the Dallas Zoo. Last weekend we began our 10th ye

Giant house spider - animal

Giant house spider - animal that have eight legs and chelicerae with fangs able to inject venom. common house spiderIs a spider a bug?house spider - animaldomestic house spiderAre spiders insectswhat

Dallas Zoo’s popular evening concert series Safari Nights Presented by Reliant kicks off April 27

Enjoy live bands, animal encounters, dinosaurs, and more for 11 consecutive Saturday nights DALLAS (April 25, 2019) – The wildest evening concert series to hit North Texas is back for its seventh se

My pet cows and its calves

My pet cows and its calvesa calf is the young of domestic cattle. calves are reared to become adult miniature cowbest pet cow breedsbaby cow petpear cows friendlyMy pet cows and its calves

Creating a better world for turtles

With a family tree that began 300 million years ago, turtles have been around since the time of the dinosaurs.

Domestic Cat - (Felis catus)

Domestic Cat (Felis catus), is a small carnivorous pet cat android videofelis catus speciesfelis catus invasive speciesfelis catus genusfelis catus classificationfelis catus meaningfelis c

Kittens and Cat Mom

#animals #wildlife #naturekittens for adoptionfree kittens near metaking care of new kittensnewborn kitten care guidekittens forkittens for sale near metaking care of a kittenkitten lady instagrambab

Giant dinosaurs hatch at the Dallas Zoo this spring

DALLAS (March 19, 2019) – More than 24 larger-than-life animatronic dinosaurs will roar into Texas’s largest zoo on FRIDAY, APRIL 5, and it’s going to be epic. Dinos at the Dallas Zoo will tr

Tiny Kittens and Cat Mom

Tiny Kittens and Cat MomMy pet cat phoncy and her 19 day old Kitten#Kitten #animals #wildlifekittens for adoptionfree kittens near metaking care of new kittensnewborn kitten care guidekittens forkitt

Update from the field: Emergency flamingo chick rescue mission

Senior Zoologist Dana I. and Assistant Bird Supervisor Nathan C. guest blog on ZooHoo!

Domestic cat (Felis catus)

Domestic cat (Felis catus)my 2nd pet male cat Tom#cat #wildlife #animals #naturekittens for adoptionfree kittens near metaking care of new kittensnewborn kitten care guidekittens forkittens for sal

Domestic Cat -- Felis catus

Domestic cats or house catsMy pet cat name is phoncy#cat #Felidae #Feliskittens for adoptionfree kittens near metaking care of new kittensnewborn kitten care guidekittens forkittens for sale near m

Dallas Zoo welcomes another baby gorilla! 

Baby gorilla playdates will be endless this year at the Dallas Zoo! We are welcoming our second baby gorilla born in 21 years – and the second born in just the last year. Our 13-year-old critically


#Insects #Insect - Wikipedia Pas de Deux YouTube Song-Music

10 day old Raising Kittens

10 day old Raising Kittens how take care kitten #Kittens Pas de Deux YouTube Song-Music

Bringing a kitten home first night

How do you take care of a 2 day old kitten#kitten Pas de Deux YouTube Song-Music

Zovargo earns GS Friendship Award

At the 2018 Girl Scouts San Diego Conference, Zovargo was awarded the Friendship Award. Through several letters and nominations, we proudly earned this award. We are honored to have earned this speci

Say NO to Palm Oil

Girl Scout Cadette Troop 2856 in San Diego, Ca - with help from GSSD community partner, Zovargo - took on the problem with palm on as their Take Action Project. Watch this video to see what they disc

WILD LIFE: A Moonlight Masquerade KNSD TV 10 9 18 web content

Zovargo is the special guest for the San Diego Museum of Man's event WILD LIFE! Bringing along lots of crawling insects and arachnids for educational encounters, Zovargo is proud to partner with this

Zovargo on Fox 5 San Diego!

Zovargo provided an interactive Reptile Show for the Shoppes at Carlsbad in September 2018. To help promote our special Creature Encounter, we visited Fox 5 to spread the word and preview some of our

Meet Zovargo Educator, Vanessa!

Meet Zovargo Educator, Vanessa! Learn about her background and what her experience has been like as a Zovargo Educator. Everyone on our team has a different story and different experiences - enjoy! S

What is Conservation?

Conservation means many different things to everyone. Hear from our Zovargo partners and friends what conservation means to them and how we can all make a difference to help our world. Schools, Scout

Thank You Doyle Elementary HD

This year was our third time coming out to Doyle Elementary! We had a great time with the whole school and really appreciate these letters! Schools, Scout Meetings, Classroom Programs, and Birthday P

Zovargo on San Diego Fox 5 News!

In support of the 10th annual STEM Expo in San Diego, Zovargo provided a preview on live morning TV of all the neat "teacher creatures" that they will have during the Expo Day at Petco Park

Zovargo on San Diego's KUSI Morning Show

In support of the 10th annual STEM Expo in San Diego, Zovargo provided a preview on live morning TV of all the neat "teacher creatures" that they will have during the Expo Day at Petco Park

The Self-Awareness Capability in Giant Manta Rays

Contributed by Marielle Grenade-Willis The capacity for self-awareness in marine species is not a newly discovered phenomenon. As Lori Marino […]

Zovargo Gives Back

In January of 2018, Zovargo provided a free animal show for our military community in San Diego, Ca. Nearly 200 people attended and it was an awesome show!

Cold Fish or Party Animal: Distinct Personality in Nonhuman Animals

Contributed by Marielle Grenade-Willis Personality type has long been a subject of human fascination such as the Myers-Brigg Personality Indicator or […]

Counting Capabilities in Nonhuman Animals

Contributed by Marielle Grenade-Willis Everyone remembers singing “The ants go marching one by one/Hurrah, hurrah…” on bus rides home after […]

Capabilities that Only Predators Have for Managing Ecosystems

Contributed by Marielle Grenade-Willis Sharks, and predators in general, have been getting a bad rap these days. Between the latest […]

Marmots: Not The Social Butterflies That Prairie Dogs Are

Contributed by Marielle Grenade-Willis Many animals, including us, are known to fare better when we have regular social interactions. However […]

Mayhem for Marsupials: How Kangaroo Capabilities Are Being Impacted Down Under

Contributed by Marielle Grenade-Willis A new documentary, Kangaroo, is illuminating a dark side to Australia’s relationship with one of its […]

Dolphins Can Recognize Themselves

Contributed by Marielle Grenade-Willis Cetaceans have been known to showcase an array of intricate social, emotional, and physical capabilities. Most […]

“Can You Hear Me Now?” – Impacts of Anthropogenic Noise on Animal Capabilities

Contributed by Marielle Grenade-Willis If you live in a densely populated city, you know there is hardly a moment that […]

Bonobos May Seek Powerful Allies Over Congenial Cooperation

Contributed by Marielle Grenade-Willis According to developmental psychologist Michael Tomasello, cooperation, in terms of our ability to work towards a […]

Jealousy in Titi Monkeys

Contributed by Marielle Grenade-Willis Psychologists define jealousy as an integrated and powerful emotion that occurs when a third party intercedes […]


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