Church Capital Campaign Themes

Our sample church capital campaign themes are not to copy, (your capital campaign name may not match) but rather to give you and your team visual references for discussing / describing design ideas (and to get a consensus with key decision makers) in advance of giving us your input for the custom development of the campaign theme design. As is said, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and these capital campaign design references help our clients in ways that words alone cannot.

How to Create an Inspirational, Compelling Case Statement

Your case statement is the backbone of your fundraising program. This post is by Dr. Kathryn Gamble, senior consultant with Gail Perry Associates Why? Your case statement outlines your entire fundra

Church Capital Campaign Themes | Marketing Materials | Brochures, Pledge Cards

Church Capital Campaign Logos & Background DesignsAfter you determine your capital campaign name (or title), the next step is the theme design process. In exploring ideas for your custom campaign’s

How Your Board Governance Committee Is Like My Garden

My garden is a work in progress. And so is your board. Just like my garden, your board needs an overseer – to care and feed for the board itself. Every garden – and every board  - needs a desig

Let's Talk Multisite with Chris Mavity and Jessica Bealer

    Going multisite can be complicated. Growing multisite magnifies the complexities. Whether you're contemplating multisite for the first time or you

4 Key Fundraising Trends to Watch from the Rogare Think Tank

  What really is the true state of fundraising in the US? Our nonprofit landscape keeps shifting and changing more than ever. Can anybody tell us what really is the true state of fundraising in the

Strengthen Your Fundraising Appeal With the “IPM” Formula

  Here’s a very smart, efficient way to present your fundraising appeal. It forces you to be crystal clear about the three fundamental parts of any formal Ask: What impact it will make (I) Wha

Major Donor Relationships: How to Tell If You Have a Close Relationship With Your Donor

  Major donor relationships can be challenging! We find that fundraisers often don't take the time to understand their donors' interests and motivations. But don't plunge into an ask until you do

Our Next Location: The Art and Science  of Determining, Deciding, and Funding Your Next Location

Access webinar below. Note: This was a live webinar that aired on March 27, 2019.  Those that have been multisite for more than a decade probably know the reality of having to shut a s

Fundraising’s Not About Money (What???)

Fundraising's not about money - what did I say? What's more - fundraising is NOT about asking, either. Why? Because if you just focus on the money, you'll drive your donors away. In fact, if you make

Top Takeaways from #AFPICON 2019!

#AFPICON is always a terrific experience - with the best minds in fundraising in the room. We all come together to learn and share the latest research, trends and strategies. Here are some of my fav

Storytelling for Board Members: How to Unleash New Energy and Commitment

  Storytelling for board members just might be a lost art. The fact is, most board members simply don’t know what to say when they have the opportunity to talk about their cause!  Once a board m

Myths and Realities about Nonprofit Board Members and Fundraising

There seem to be a lot of myths when it comes to nonprofit board members and fundraising. Staff often expect that board members are supposed to raise money. But board members are not so sure of thi

Fire Up Your Board Retreat: Turn it into a Porch Party!

  In all our years of leading board retreats, my team and I find that some board retreats are fabulous and build energy. And others are duds and a waste of time. It all depends on careful planning


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