Reflexology Massage in Ottawa

If you live in the Ottawa region, you can get a reflexology session pretty easy. Many massage therapists are trained to do reflexology as well, as part of their attempt to cover as many massage modalities as possible.


Reflexology massage is a system of tissue manipulation employed to relieve tension and treat illness. Reflexology is based on the theory that reflex points o...

Ottawa Reflexology

Reflexology massage is a system of tissue manipulation employed to relieve tension and treat illness. Reflexology is based on the theory that reflex points on the feet, hands, and head are linked to

Massage Modalities - Thai Massage

Thai massage is a modality that incorporate a lot of yoga like movements and stretches. The advantage with a Thai massage over yoga is that the patient gets some help to do the stretches. This is ver

Massage Techniques - Anma

Massage Techniques - AnmaAnma massage is a traditional Japanese massage technique, and modern shiatsu is actually derived from anma.Check Wikipedia's article about Anma for more info:https://en.wikip

Massage Career

Information on massage career.As a massage therapist you choose a career that you are passionate about and it inspires you. It is, however, important for you as a student to remember that the choice

Knee Strengthening Exercise With A Loop Band

This is a variation of another exercise, the difference is that we do this with a loop band to force the muscles around the joint to keep the knee stable.This is especially valuable, if when you do t

Knee Strengthening Exercise in an Office Chair

This exercise is great to do in any chair, but I like to do it at work, in the office chair. I take a few minutes breaks and I do my exercise.This can be both an easy exercise and a hard one, dependi

How To Use AirCast Cuffs

This video shows how to use a cryo cuff from Aircast. The video shows how to use a knee cuff, that is used for reducing the knee inflammation, using cryotherapy. Cryotherapy, (sometimes called hydrot

Percussion Massage Techniques - Tapotement (Cupping)

Visit: to learn more about massage tapotement. Other massage percussion techniques are presente

How To Make A Pyramid

Build your own triangular pyramid, from skewers. An easy way to build a tetrahedron frame for experiments, meditation, healing, and anything else.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

You deleted the files and you don't know how to retrieve them from the Recycle Bin. Here is a little video tutorial on how to handle a full recycle bin, and find your files in there.

Remedy for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

What is Charcot-Marie-Tooth DiseaseCharcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT),also known as Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathy (HMSN), Hereditary Sensorimotor Neuropathy (HSMN), or Peroneal Muscular At

Remedy for Cancer - Immune system, lymphatic system ,cancer and leg pain

Antibody-Immune systemIn human body ,besides blood circulation system,there's also a lymphatic system. Lymph ducts or lymph capillaries begins with a very tiny lymph vessels that connected to the lar

Remedy For Leg Pain

Leg pain seems a common symptom that a lot of people have, however it might turn into an acute disease if you do not take care from the beginning. The leg pain which includes : muscle cramps,tingling

Remedy For Digestive System

Digestive System - StomachStomach is known as an external organ that manage the digestion of food. Poor digestion is the main factor of nutrient insufficiency. Therefore ,Chewing food is the very f

Remmedy for heart disease

Case Study: Heart diseaseLailly's youngest daughter Darllie has Mental Retardation Disorders. Like most of the Mental Retardation Disorders child , Darllie has suffered from heart disease probl

Remedy for high blood pressure

HeartThe heart is the muscular organ that suspended in the vertebrates.Function of the heart : It is responsible for delivering blood into lung,exchange of gases in the ling : Carry out carbon d

Remedy For Lung Disease

Lungs As we all know lung plays an important role of the respiratory system.Begins from nose,throat ,windpipe,and all the way down to the lungs.Its main function is to transport oxygen from the air i

Reflexology For Shoulder Problem

Shoulder problem should not be neglected ,otherwise it may lead to arthritis. Especially the age of over 60 years old.Disorder: Stiff shoulder and pain (Polymyalgia rheumatica is rheumatic disor


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