Reasons For Irregular Periods Cancer

I wanted to review the reasons for irregular periods. These must be managed to help prevent cancer and restore balance.

Reasons For Irregular Periods - Dr Thomas Lodi

Let’s review in this article the reasons for irregular periods and how to resolve this. The reasons for irregular periods can result from many contributing health factors. We are going to focus the

8 Reasons for Missed or Irregular Periods - Dr. Axe

Frequently missed or irregular periods is relatively common. It’s important to pay attention to lifestyle habits that can negatively affect hormone.

Medscape Physicians' Choice: Top Hospital Rankings for 2018

Doctors rank their top hospitals in an annual survey by Medscape.

NPR’s Here & Now Discusses Miscarriages with Sharon Covington, LCSW-C, SGF’s Director of Psychological Services

Shady Grove Fertility’s Director of Psychological Services, Sharon Covington, joined NPR’s Here & Now podcast to discuss the emotional impact of suffering a miscarriage or miscarriages. Read t

30 Million Americans Now Have Diabetes

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 14 percent of U.S adults have diabetes -- 10 percent know it and more than 4 percent are undiagnosed.

Does Childbearing Delay Result in More Multiples?

Since the 1980s, the number of multiple births has jumped from roughly 20 sets per 1,000 live births to almost 35 sets per 1,000 live births, a new study has found. A sizable proportion of multiple bi

Does Pharma Hike Prices During Med Shortages?

Prices can be expected to rise about 20 percent for drugs facing a shortage, but only about 9 percent for medicines in good supply, researchers report.

Coca-Cola Eyes Cannabis Oil Market

Coke's interest signals the growing acceptance of cannabis by established companies, and of the importance of Canada to the development of those businesses, the wire service said.

Scientists Find 500 More Genes That Influence BP

High blood pressure, which is a risk factor for stroke and heart disease, claimed almost 8 million lives around the world in 2015 alone, the researchers noted.

Zapping Airway Nerves May Help COPD Patients

COPD, which is often linked to smoking, is a progressive deterioration of lung function that involves a combination of bronchitis and emphysema symptoms.

Psychedelic Drugs to Treat Depression, PTSD?

Over the last 50 years, researchers have made “transformative” advances in understanding how the brain works. But there haven’t been corresponding breakthroughs in psychiatric drugs.

SGF Medical Director Dr. Eric Widra Shares with Good Morning America Why Getting Pregnant Using Fertility Apps is Not Always a Sure Thing

Good Morning America’s online wellness article features SGF Medical Director, Dr. Eric Widra who talks about getting pregnant using fertility apps and whether more technology is really helpful for w

Injected Drug May Be New Weapon Against Gout

Instead of targeting excessively high uric acid levels as existing gout drugs do, the new strategy aims to reduce overall inflammation. The drug goes after a specific inflammatory molecule called inte

Vegan Keto Meal Plan

A vegan keto meal plan is tough to find. Coming up with a vegan keto meal plan is difficult as the exact ratios need to be met for the “ketosis” to take effect. Listen in to hear why you need a

Could Household Cleaners Make Your Kid Fat?

Babies whose parents used "eco-friendly" cleaning products had lower odds of excess weight by age 3, the findings showed.

Shady Grove Fertility’s Reading, PA Office Relocates to Lancaster, PA

Shady Grove Fertility’s Reading, PA office has relocated to a new location in Lancaster, PA, the second largest city in South Central, PA providing easier access for patients with appointments avail

Dr. Lauren Roth Featured on Popular Medical Education Podcast Discussing Infertility

Dr. Lauren Roth of SGF’s Silver Spring, Rockville, and Frederick, MD offices breaks down all things infertility in her podcast with Primary Care RAP.* Listen to the podcast here. What does Dr. Laure

Shady Grove Fertility’s Harrisburg, PA office Relocates to Mechanicsburg, PA

SGF’s Harrisburg, PA office has relocated to a new larger, location in Mechanicsburg, PA, just a few miles away, located on the campus of UPMC PinnacleHealth Fredericksen Outpatient Center. Drs. La

10 White Lies That Can Impact Your Fertility

Medical contribution by Stephanie Beall, M.D., Ph.D. of Shady Grove Fertility’s Towson, MD and Columbia, MD offices. How honest are you with your doctor? With your partner? With yourself? You pro

Why SGF Chooses Traditional IVF over Natural Cycle IVF

What is natural cycle IVF? During natural cycle IVF the goal is to retrieve the one (and only) egg a woman produces a month. The regimen reduces the use of drugs to stimulate the ovaries as occurs in

Get to Know Shady Grove Fertility’s Dr. Nancy Durso

Dr. Nancy Durso is one of Shady Grove Fertility’s newest physicians at SGF’s Fredericksburg, VA location. The new Fredericksburg location will offer a broad array of fertility services, including

Water Fasting For A Week

The benefits of water fasting for a week are life-changing. It is the absolute best way to detoxify the body. One of the first things you will notice when water fasting for a week is your tongue will

Why a Younger Generation is Considering Egg Freezing and How We Know the Process Really Works

A recent article featured in the New York Times discusses how millennials are becoming the new target demographic for egg freezing. While most women considering egg freezing are thought to be “30 so

Dr. Silva Explains how PCOS affects your fertility and how you can overcome it

With nearly one-third of all infertility diagnoses in women, polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is the most common ovulatory disorder in women of reproductive age. “While myths persist that women w

The Perfect Diet Is Not Eating

It may be hard for some people to grasp but the perfect diet is not eating. There is no perfect nutrient. There is a part of every nutrient, every food, that is not usable. For example, if you eat an

The Power Of Prayer And Praise

The Power Of Prayer And Praise from the Spoken Word The power of prayer and praise has a large influence on the body. There were some amazing studies conducted and documented by Dr. Emoto from Japan.

Why Body Detoxification Is Important

Why body detoxification is important for health The body has a built-in system to cleanse, to detoxify. Why body detoxification is important is because we are all accumulating toxins on a daily basis

Our Health Is Our Birthright

Our health is our birthright and should never be taken for granted! We are not taught anything about health in schools, instead what is taught is sickness management. Our health is our birthright and

What Does The Sun Do For Humans

What does the sun do for humans, it keeps us in the proper rhythm needed to function optimally. When asked what does the sun do for humans, we have to look at our relationship with the sun and light.

Can The Body Heal Itself From Anything?

Can the body heal itself from anything, absolutely, the body was designed to heal! It’s important that a person know that they will heal. So, can the body heal itself from anything, yes it can, as

Fasting Insulin Level Below Three

People should strive for a fasting insulin level below three and then maintain it. People who are healthy and don’t live in a major city are in the perfect position for proper brain wave function.

Ways To Resist Temptation

The Best Ways To Resist Temptation and Help Avoid The Wrong Path Let’s review some the best ways to resist temptation. What people would find out by going to sleep at night as the sun is going down

The Natural Cycles app, version 3.0.

Dear Cyclers, After many many hours of work, we’re very excited to finally be able to present to you: the Natural Cycles app version 3.0. We have worked hard on increasing the overall performance

Meet the team: Manoela

Where are you from? I was born and raised in Brazil. Before moving to Stockholm , I also lived in Argentina and Ireland.   Tell us about your work at Natural Cycles. I work as a Support Agent, and t

Meet the team: one of our website coders

Every month we introduce a member of the Natural Cycles team, this time around we had a chat with Sandy who is on the web team and works on coding our website to the next level. Where are you from?

Making sense of cervical fluid

Cervical fluid, otherwise known as discharge, is a see-through to a white and creamy substance that is secreted by your cervix and comes out through your vagina. Estrogen is the hormone responsible

Cycler Story: “Preventing a pregnancy doesn’t have to fall solely on your shoulders, ladies!”

Thousands of women are using Natural Cycles every day, and we love getting to know them and hearing their inspiring cycler story. This time around we have a chat with Claire from Boston; she talks ab

Thank you for this year!

This past year has been huge here at Natural Cycles! We got to celebrate plenty of successes, so we just wanted to take a moment and a step back, to say thank you. All of you lovely Cyclers have supp

Cycler Story: “Having this data-backed understanding of your body, is incredibly powerful.”

Thousands of women are waking up to Natural Cycles every day, and we love hearing their inspiring stories. This time around we had a chat with Karen from London; she tells us her Cycler Story about h

Meet the team: Stanley keeps our spending and financial accounts in check. 

Every month we introduce a member of the Natural Cycles team, this time around we had a chat with Stanley who is responsible for all things finance. He keeps our spending and financial accounts in ch

Cycler Story: “Natural Cycles is like taking an X-ray of yourself”

Thousands of women are using Natural Cycles every day and we love getting to know them and hearing their inspiring Cycler Story. This time around we had a chat with Constanza from Chile, she talks ab

The most important female hormones you’ve gotta know

Hormones play a very important role not only in your menstrual cycle but in overall health. Sometimes they sound a little difficult to wrap your head around but we’re here to help break it all down


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