What is Important in 2020 Real Estate Tips

Buying a houee in 2020? Here are some real estate tips

What You Need To Buy a House - Calgary AB. Certified Home Inspection | Begin Inspections Ltd.

by daveglow | Feb 20, 2020 | Blog, Certified Home Inspector, Home Inspection Calgary, Home inspection Services, New Home Inspection

How to Start an Online Boutique for Your Small Busines

Have you ever considered opening an online boutique or storefront?

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Sales [Visual Template]

Social selling is part activity and part reputation. If you're writing insightful comments on your prospects' blogs, responding to their posts, and liking their shared content, you've got

Consulting Agreements: What They Are & How They Work

Consulting is never structured arbitrarily. You don't see many clients give their consultants carte blanche, a blank check, no timeline, vague goals, and the flexibility to spill company

The 8 Most Common Sales Objections by Prospects & How to Overcome Them

Imagine: You know that a particular prospect would be a perfect candidate for what you're selling, and you dial them up. Perhaps they're an inbound lead who has come in through your websi

The Cost & Importance of Small Business Insurance

No matter the industry, small businesses need to protect their work and assets. While small business insurance can seem like a burden, it’s an important part of doing business. But how

Scaling Your Sales Team? Don’t Make These 12 Dangerous Mistakes

More salespeople equals more sales, right? Wrong. Scaling your sales team is crucial to growing a healthy business. Do it at the right time, and your company will grow exponentially. Do i

7 Key Steps for Transitioning from a Sales Rep to Real Estate Agent

Sales roles aren't always what you would like them to be. You might settle into a solid career trajectory in the field only to struggle to find meaning in your day-to-day responsibilities

21 Sales Tools to Improve Productivity and Convert More Prospects

Sales tools automate day-to-day processes, increase efficiency in all aspects of the sales process, and simplify various aspects of a sales rep's day to save valuable time — time that c

How To Register a Business Name

Finding a business name is, well, serious business. You want something that will grow as your company does. While you can rebrand with a new name down the line, you’ll save time, money,

How to Learn Customer Pain Points

Ever spent time with a prospect who didn't buy? Of course you have.

September 2021 Market Insights | REBGV

We're not seeing the same upward intensity on home prices today as we did in the spring. Join REBGV economist Keith Stewart as he gives an overview of the Metro Vancouver housing market.

August 2021 Market Insights | REBGV

While home buyers have remained active in Metro Vancouver this summer, the supply of homes for sale hasn't been keeping pace with demand.In this video, REBGV economist Keith Stewart walks through the

How to simplify and streamline your business for success | REBGV

Business manager and process expert, Jessica Frigon, tells us how REALTORS® can eliminate inefficiencies in their business using business systems and process.Learn more at projectloveco.com

Building client confidence with home design

We asked interior designer Annaliesse Kelly how interior designers and REALTORS® can work together to build client confidence when buying or selling property.

July 2021 Market Insights | REBGV

Moderation was the name of the game in July, as Metro Vancouver's housing market saw more moderate sales, listings and pricing trends. Watch as REBGV economist Keith Stewart walks through the market

REALTORS Care® Award Presentation 2020 | REBGV

Our 2020 REALTORS Care® Award recipient has made incredible contributions to the community and profession this year.Join us as we reveal the REALTOR® who has helped make life better for others duri

May 2021 Market Insights | REBGV

REBGV Economist Keith Stewart takes a look at the numbers for for the Metro Vancouver housing market for May.For more market insights and information, visit www.rebgv.org.00:00 May 2021 Market Insigh

REBGV Medallion Life Members 2020

Congratulations to all our Medallion Club Life Member qualifiers for 2020.

First Times with 2020 Rookie of the Year Wendell Bautista presented by Montecristo Jewellers

Congratulations to 2020 Medallion Club Rookie of the Year Wendell Bautista.

April 2021 Market Insights

Home sellers have become increasingly active in Metro Vancouver’s housing market this spring in response to heightened demand and rising home values that have materialized during the pandemic.Read

A Complete Guide to Home Inspections

Complete guide to home and property inspection

Overlooked Home Inspection Items

This article sets out in detail 3 sometimes overlooked home inspection items that aren’t easy to find problems and require diligent insp

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

If you want to avoid costly repairs, make sure that your home is ready for the winter. But isn’t always easy to know what you can do no

5 Pro Tips from Real Estate Agent

5 pro tips buyers absolutely must know: BY MAUREEN STANLEY September 10, 2020 Tip #1 Know your credit score According to Experian, a cons

Tile Roofing Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing Written by Bob Formisano Tiled roofs are beautiful and durable. They are also expensive and heavy, but that

Roofing Tips

Roofing Tips Should I Repair or Replace My Roof by Nick Guli While homeownership can be great, it typically comes w

What You Need To Buy a House

Published from Redfin.com on February 3, 2020 – By Ryan Smith You are about to embark on one o

How To Prepare for an Open House

BY ELIZABETH WEINTRAUB posted on the thebalance.com Real estate agents often use open houses

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter is coming. Whether you live on the coast or in an area that gets blanketed in white for months of the year, it’s time to prep.

Garage Door Inspection

TESTING YOUR GARAGE DOOR AUTOMATIC REVERSE Published from US Inspect  A garage door auto reverse is pretty much what it sounds like –


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