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Learn how Tucson Roof Repair Pros can help with commercial roof repair, commercial roof replacement, commercial roof installation along with tile roof repair, flat roof repair, shingle roof repair and metal roof repair in Tucson, Arizona.

Why Do Spray Foam Roofs Need Recoated?

Quick Answer: Spray foam roofs require a recoat every 10-20 years because the coating that protects the foam from UV rays wears away. Perhaps you’ve heard the term “spray foam recoat” but didn

What’s the Best Way to Flash a Roof Against a Vertical Wall?

Perhaps you’re a property owner who’s had multiple issues with flashing a vertical wall? You’ve tried “patching,” but that’s only worked for a few months. It’s time to think about a di

The Best Roof for a Shopping Center

The best roof for a shopping center is a spray foam roofing system. There are several reasons: They have closed-cell insulation, which will not allow leaks They are easy to maintain with caulk or co

How To Remove Loose Gravel off a Commercial Roof?

The most cost-effective way to remove loose gravel from a commercial roof is to “wet vacuum” it. If you’re unaware of wet vacuuming, it’s a large vacuum that picks up loose gravel and uses p

Up for a challenge?

Let’s get started. Below is a drag and drop game of how old Simon Roofing actually is. At the top, there are words of items that are older or younger than Simon Roofing, drag them to the OLDER THAN

How Does a Company Install the Correct Thickness of Foam?

So, you have some questions about a spray foam roof installation. One question you have is: “How are they able to accurately level a sprayed foam over the existing roof for consistent depth of foa

How Does Spray Foam Get Secured to an Existing Roof?

Perhaps you’re learning about spray foam roofing for the first time. You hear how it’s seamless, fluid-applied, and in most cases, doesn’t require the existing roof to be removed. And you wond

Not all roof inspections are created equal

When it comes to evaluating your commercial roof, not all inspections are created equal. A conventional roof inspection typically includes both a visual inspection and an infrared scan to identify we

What to Do: Leak on a Roof with Ballasted Rocks on Top?

Quick definition: Rock Ballast means any type of stone used in a roofing system, such as river rock, slag, and pea gravel. So, you have a leak on a roof that has rocks on top. If so, what are you...

What Is the Cheapest Commercial Roofing System?

The cheapest commercial roofing system is a spray foam roof. It’s the cheapest when you consider everything involved with the total cost: The cost of the installation (process + labor + materials)

3 Reasons why Simon Roofing’s Repair Warranty is better than the rest

Watch the video below to find out how Simon Roofing’s Repair Warranty is second to none! 3 Reasons Why Simon Roofing’s Repair Warranty is Better Than the Rest It covers both the repair made on th

What Is a Self-flashing Roof and What Are Its Benefits?

A self-flashing roof is when the top layer of a roof doesn’t need fasteners, adhesives, or rocks to be secured to the insulation or deck below. There are only two examples of a self-flashing roof.

Not Eligible for a Roof Coating System? – Here’s What To Do

So, you’ve heard of the benefits of a silicone roof coating system but recently found out that you’re not eligible. What’s the best option now? The short answer is to install a spray polyureth

Supply chain issues’ impact on roofing materials

Check out this new article in BUILDINGS about the supply chain squeeze on the commercial roofing industry. Read more about the factors contributing to the overall supply shortage, the impact on roofi

Resolve to Improve Your Commercial Roof’s Performance in 2022

It’s a new year. A new beginning. A time to set new goals. Why not consider a roofing-related resolution this year? The post Resolve to Improve Your Commercial Roof’s Performance in 2022 appeared

The Naughty or Nice List: How well do you know the best practices for roof maintenance?

Test your knowledge with our interactive quiz about maintenance that either puts you on Santa’s naughty or nice list. The post The Naughty or Nice List: How well do you know the best practices for

Mind Over Materials

According to a recent NRCA industry issue update, “The U.S. roofing industry is experiencing unprecedented shortages of roofing materials and products and significant price volatility.” Not so at

4 Scary Things We See During Bi-Annual Roof Inspections

Failing to have routine inspections on your roof can lead to some chilling discoveries. Check out some of the scary things we see during routine maintenance! Insects – wet insulation attracts bugs

Commercial Roof Leaks are No Cause for Punting

At some point, just about every commercial roof will encounter a leak. It’s inevitable. It’s no time to sit on the sidelines because the quicker you deal with it, the better off you’ll be in th

7 Questions to Help Determine if a Restoration is Possible for your Commercial Roof

By now, you’ve certainly heard that commercial roof restorations can be viable options for bringing failing roofs back to watertight condition and back under warranty. And they do so with much less

Facilities Management - University of Arizona

The mission of Facilities Management at the University of Arizona is to effectively and efficiently provide maintenance, operational services and utilities services that support the faculty, staff and

Home Repair Assistance - Pima County

Qualifying low income home owners can get assistance with home repairs.


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