Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns are everywhere, goblins and ghouls are hanging on front porches; which all means that Halloween is fast approaching. For the youngsters, Halloween night is a night to remember. But, trick-or-treating can be dangerous, don’t forget these safety tips to ensure that your Halloween this year is safe and filled with scrumptious treats! Make A Plan: Know your neighborhood and map out a path that you and your children are familiar with to avoid getting lost. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, avoid princess heals and complicated tie-up shoes; and don’t forget to double-knot your laces. Remember to bring flashlights or reflector lights! Add reflectors to your kid’s costume or trick-or-treat bags to ensure that they have a well-lit surrounding. Always have a backup plan or a meeting spot in case someone gets lost or wanders away from the group. Know your Doors: If your kids are old enough to trick-or-treat by themselves make sure they know the rules. Encourage them to only go to doors that they are familiar with and never go inside of a house, even if they know the neighbors. If your kids are going trick-or-treating without parental guidance make sure that they have extra flashlights, a plan, and a curfew. Check your Candy: The best part of trick-or-treating is coming home and emptying all your candy all over the floor. Seeing all the goodies you’ve gathered and sorting through the chocolates, lollipops and candy bars. While organizing all your chocolatey treasures, be sure that you throw away any candy that seems to have been altered or previously opened. After your superheroes and princesses are dressed up, with their candy bags in hand, make sure you go over these Halloween safety tips to ensure a safe, spooktacular Halloween.

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