Aviation Maintenance Consulting Denver

If you're considering purchasing an aircraft, Hawkeye offers aviation maintenance consulting Denver.

Aviation and Transportation Technology - Purdue Polytechnic Institute

The School of Aviation and Transportation Technology is focused on providing the education and skills necessary to create and build airworthy machines, manage all facets of the aviation industry, and

AWC - Aviation Weather Center

Aviation Weather Center Homepage provides comprehensive user-friendly aviation weather Text products and graphics.

U.S. Defense Department Spending: Aviation Support Equipment And Facilities FY16-FY18 ($)

View the U.S. Defense Department Spending: Aviation Support Equipment And Facilities FY16-FY18 ($) chart in PDF format.

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Domestic Quarterly U.S. Scheduled Service

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

SpeedNews Aircraft & Engines Marketplace

View the SpeedNews Aircraft & Engines Marketplace chart in PDF format.

SpeedNews Defense & Space

EUROSAM consortium of MBDA and THALES has new five-year In Service Support contract from Occar for French and Italian land and naval systems (SAAM-Fr, SAAM-It, PAAMS and SAMP/T) and Aster missiles (As

Upcoming Events

To list an event, send information in calendar format to Donna Thomas at

Altman, Jones To Enter U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame

Retired NASA astronauts Scott Altman and Tom Jones will join 95 other men and women as members of the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame in ceremonies scheduled for April 21 at the agency’s Kennedy Space C

NATA Launches Supplemental Safety Training Program

The National Air Transportation Association has launched a supplemental safety training program.

Radiant Technology Develops ‘Precision Altimeter’ App

Radiant Technology, a subsidiary of Belite Co., has developed its first IOS App for the iPhone and iPad, called the “Precision Altimeter.”

BendixKing Earns FAA Approval For AeroVue Flight Deck for King Air B200

BendixKing, a division of Honeywell, has received FAA certification for its AeroVue integrated flight deck for King Air B200 aircraft.

Global Engine MRO Leaders Examine $42bn Industry at Aero-Engines Americas 2018

The aero engine aftermarket in North America remains the largest in the world and continues to grow. With the global engine MRO industry forecasted to reach ~$42bn and the active in-service fleet of e

Wall Colmonoy Hires Mohrbach

Ed Mohrbach has joined Wall Colmonoy bringing with him experience in the industrial segment with leadership roles in sales & marketing and general management. In the last 13 years, Mohrbach was pr

Best Airplane Maintenance Denver

Hawkeye Aviation, located in Broomfield, Colorado, is proud to serve the aircraft maintenance needs of the Denver area as well as all of Colorado and the surrounding states. Their roomy hangar is sit

Boeing and Embraer Confirm Discussions on Potential Combination

The Boeing Company and Embraer today (December 21, 2017) confirmed the two companies are engaged in discussions regarding a potential combination, the basis of which remains under discussion. There is

Titans Battle: Wild West of MRO: Big Challenges, Big Opportunities

Commercial MRO is primed for growth but faces more than the usual challenges. Scale, flexibility, technology, and global reach will be important in this ever-more-competitive arena. And, besides the t

STCs and PMAs in aircraft maintenance

How they’re different. How they’re the same. And how they can save owners, operators and MROs money at maintenance time. Ever since Charles Taylor started turning a wrench on the Wright Flyer, avi

TRU Approach of Maintenance Training

What advantages exist for a maintenance-training center closely associated with an OEM? A newly established academy next door to Textron Aviation is set to provide an answer. Textron Inc.’s full-on

MTU Maintenance: Five Ws and one H

Who? MTU Maintenance is a division of MTU Aero Engines. We are the world’s largest independent provider of engine services and a trusted OEM network partner. In short, we are engine experts. What? M

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) BEDEK Aviation Group

BEDEK – THE FULL SERVICE PROVIDER Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) is a world leader in the delivery of state-of-the-art ground, air, sea, space, and cyber technologies and systems for both

HEICO: “Built on trust and earning that reputation every day”

HEICO Corporation is a rapidly growing aerospace and electronics company focused on niche markets and cost-saving solutions for its customers. HEICO’s products are found in the most demanding applic

StandardAero Continues Growth Trajectory, Sets Stage for a Strong 2018

On November 3, 2017, StandardAero announced that the company had finalized the acquisition of Vector Aerospace Holding SAS from Airbus. Vector is a global aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul co

Best Colorado Aircraft Maintenance

The state of Colorado averages 300 days of sunshine per year with a variety of landscape including mountains, forests, high plains, mesas, canyons, plateaus, rivers, and desert lands. With 9 primary

Denver Airplane Inspections

Getting your plane inspected is part of the ongoing maintenance of an aircraft. Just like with any vehicle, you have to assure the safety of the all passengers. In Colorado, there is one place that s

Career in Airplane Maintenance

If you are intrigued by the idea of a career in airplane maintenance Colorado, now is the time to check out what Hawkeye Aviation has to offer. They are a local aviation maintenance company that has

Denver Plane Maintenance

If you own an airplane and you reside in the state of Colorado, you are going to need Denver plane maintenance. Finding someone you can trust that provides elite customer service is imperative, and w

Colorado Airplane Maintenance

Finding an aircraft maintenance company you can trust is critical. Hawkeye Aviation is the answer to all of your Colorado airplane maintenance needs.See all of our Hawkeye Aviation Videos here https:

Maintenance for Company Jet Colorado

Owning a company jet is a big investment, but maintaining the aircraft is critical to the welfare of the passengers. Whether you are using it to transport staff to meetings or providing a charter ser

Airplane Maintenance Colorado

With over 7,000 registered aircraft in this state alone, there is an obvious need for airplane maintenance Colorado. When you include the neighboring states there are over 40,000 airplanes registered

Learjet Inspection Colorado

The Learjet, a private luxury aircraft, is one of the most popular and trusted business-owned light jet options today. It has a sleek style and delivers a smooth ride that has the capability to reach

Corporate Aircraft Maintenance Colorado

Companies that own a business jet use them in a variety of ways. A corporate jet can be used for any business needs such as transporting passengers or products. For large corporations that have compa


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