How to revise for exams effectively

Revision is great to reinforce topics that they already understand, and to memorise facts that they might have to regurgitate in the exam.

New Year’s Revision Resolutions

New Year’s Revision Resolutions As we’re celebrating seeing in 2019, your teen might be feeling a little more daunted than celebratory: it’s an exam year- and the months creep ever closer! So, w

How to Use Retinol

Retinol is an over-the-counter skin cream derived from a highly concentrated form of vitamin A. It's typically applied to the face in order to reverse some of the effects of aging, and can be purchase

How to retain teachers in the current climate? | Letters

Guardian readers respond to education secretary Damian Hinds’ new strategy for teacher retentionDamian Hinds’ recognition of the need for a new teacher retention and recruitment strategy is to be

Effective Revision Tips

Effective Revision Tips When it comes to revising, your teen will want to maximise on the time that they have to strive towards the top grades! Therefore, it’s wise to consider the best ways to revi

SCHOLAR Online Tutor Sessions w/c 25 February 2019

SCHOLAR’s upcoming Online Tutor Sessions are: For more information on how to take part in upcoming sessions, please visit SCHOLAR’s Online Tutor Sessions. Please note that worksheets will be avail


Mearns Castle High School will be delivering an Easter School programme from Monday 1st April – Thursday 11th April. For further details including a timetable, subjects and costs please click here.

Exams: The Cool, Calm and Confident Way

Exams: The Cool, Calm and Confident Way Cool, calm and confident is not often words fitting to a student preparing to sit exams. And those that do fit this description… well, we sometimes worry that

GCSE pupils in England outperform those in Wales

England having more than twice as many minority ethnic pupils could be factor, study says Higher levels of immigration and the distorting effects of league tables may explain why children in England

Muster Up January Motivation

Muster Up January Motivation As parents, we know how important our child’s education will be in the future, and it can be frustrating when your teen doesn’t seem to grasp a sense of the motivation

How to Crochet Scalloped Edges

A scalloped border is a wavy edge that goes around the outside of an item. Scalloped borders add interest to crocheted and knit items, such as blankets, scarves, and hats. It is easy to add a scallope

How to Thicken Ganache

You’ve just made a batch of delicious chocolate ganache, but it’s too thin for your baking needs—don’t despair! You can try a few different tricks to thicken your ganache rather than scrapping

Revision Kit List: What Does My Teen Need?

Revision Kit List: What Does My Teen Need? You might think it’s lucky if your teenager finds a pen around the house to write with, let alone owning a whole stash of stationery to revise with! Some t

Steiner schools aren’t cranky – we develop heart, head and soul | Letters

Readers respond to Zoe Williams’ article about Steiner schools and the free school agendaZoe Williams (These Steiner ‘failures’ are really a failure of the free school agenda,, 1

Denying loans to students with weaker A-levels will ‘penalise poor families’

Data shows that leaked proposal would hit the north-east and Yorkshire and the Humber hardest Plans to deny student loans to those with lower A-level grades would hit poor families in regions where s

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with an Iron

Grilled cheese sandwiches are easy and very affordable to make. However, if you do not have access to a stovetop or are lacking a frying pan, you may be thinking that you are unable to make one. But i

How to Head for the Highest Grades

How to Head for the Highest Grades Most teens strive to do their best when it comes to exams- and rightly so! It’s important to make their school years count. There’ll be nothing more satisfying-

How to revise for exams |

Exam success relies on careful preparation and these tips will help you make the most of your revision.

Keeping up Momentum

Keeping up Momentum The January Blues may have been and gone, but your teen may still be stuck in a state of sluggishness. With wintry weather still upon us- and prelim exams likely well underway- you

Five Ways to Improve Grades

Five Ways to Improve Grades When it comes to improving grades, many teens aren’t sure what to do. Lots of them are under the impression that they “just need to write more” – but this is largel

Replace GCSEs with baccalaureate, says Conservative MP

Radical proposal to overhaul exams would allow greater focus on vocational skills GCSE exams in England should be scrapped and replaced with a baccalaureate for school leavers that includes vocationa

BAM Construction: Apprentice Surveyor Vacancy

Apprentice Surveyor Scotland (located in the Central Belt) Looking to kick start your path to a degree? You will complete a 4 year Graduate Level Apprenticeship in Construction and the Built Environme

Tougher GCSEs widen gap between poorer and better-off pupils

Education department analysis shows gap grew in 2018 after two years of narrowing The introduction of new, tougher GCSE exams in England has led to a widening of the gap between the results achieved

National Technologies Network – Career Information event

Software Development Graduate Apprenticeship Career Information Event University of Glasgow, Thursday 28th of February 2019 from 5 to 6pm Book your place here

Football tournaments penalise GCSE students. Can’t we avoid this fixture clash? | Gavin Kelly

A study shows pupils massively underperform in years when there’s a World Cup or European ChampionshipIt was the Hand of God that made me fail my religious education O-level – or at least that’s

Future Chef Update

Well done to Rebecca in S4 who represented Mearns Castle High School and ERC in the Scottish Central and South Regional Future Chef finals last week. Although she narrowly missed out on top spot which

SCHOLAR Online Tutor Sessions w/c 18 Feb 2019

SCHOLAR’s upcoming Online Tutor Sessions are: For more information on how to take part in upcoming sessions, please visit SCHOLAR’s Online Tutor Sessions. Please note that worksheets will be avail

How to Become a Dance Teacher

With the proper credentials and training, “dancing through life” doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Many people make a living doing what they love, and if dance is your passion, you can make a gre

How to Make Money While Traveling

You may think it is difficult to make money while traveling, but with the Internet it has become easier to find location-independent work. Surely you have some skills that you will be able to leverage

College/University Parents Information Evenings

The following colleges and universities will host their Parents Information Evenings on the dates listed below: West College Scotland – Paisley Campus:  Tuesday, 16th April South Lanarkshire Colleg

How to revise for exams effectively | Scholar Tutoring Agency

How to revise for exams effectively Revision, that’s where you sit at a desk in your bedroom, or the dining room table, and you read. If you’re not reading you write out your notes, make pretty co

Scrap GCSEs? We’ve been here before | Letters

Tim Feest on Robert Halfon’s call for an exam overhaul, and Mike Tomlinson’s radical proposal in 2004Good luck with that one, Robert Halfon (Influential Tory calls for GCSEs to be scrapped in exa

How to Drive Uphill

Driving uphill can be tough, especially if the slope is steep. In particular, if you drive a manual, you might have problems with stalling or rolling backwards. Shifting to a lower gear is the key to

How to Resist Temptation

Temptation is when you have the desire to do something that is bad for you in some way. For example, you might feel tempted to do something you know is unhealthy for your body or that is against your

The Power of Guided Revision

The Power of Guided Revision The world of revision looks rather different nowadays, to what it may have looked like several years ago. As a parent recalling your own school days, you may remember bein

New behaviour code for Sir and Miss caught in schools moral maze

A guide for headteachers in England aims to help them deal ethically with thorny issues like exclusions - and to confront colleagues who do not One of the most enduring images of recent decades has b

Glasgow Kelvin College

A Career in Service, Maintain & Commission Building Engineering Services. Today’s market is looking for engineers that are multi-skilled and have the range of technical knowledge and applied ski

How to Wash Shoes in a Washing Machine

If your shoes have become extra dirty or smelly, you may be able to refresh them in the washing machine. Canvas or pleather shoes can easily be washed on the gentle cycle and then air-dried. Don’t w

How to Learn to Say No

Many people struggle with saying, "No." If someone asks you for a favor or a commitment, you may feel obligated to say "Yes." Remember, just because you can do something does not mean it is required.

Mind Set just before an Exam

Mind Set just before an Exam Before great sporting events, athletes tell of things that motivate and prepare them for the challenging event ahead. Mentally, sportspeople have scenes, routines or image

Schools pushing children into home schooling, say councils

Watchdog told that parents are coerced into home educating, often before GCSEs Local authorities in England say some parents are being “coerced” by schools into home educating their children, oft


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