How to revise for exams effectively

Revision is great to reinforce topics that they already understand, and to memorise facts that they might have to regurgitate in the exam.

BLAZER BRAIDING – cut-off date

The cut-off date for blazers to be handed into Stevenson’s (previously Mans World, Giffnock) for braiding is 9 July 2018.  This will guarantee that the braiding is ready for the start of term.  Pu

Making the Most of Revision Sessions

Making the Most of Revision Sessions Revision classes or sessions are a great way for your exam-sitting teenager to scrub up on that all-important skill and knowledge. Whether your child attends after

Thou art a villain: Ofqual fines exam board for Montague mix-up

Mistake in 2017 OCR GCSE question on Romeo and Juliet results in record £175,000 fine

Avoiding Silly Exam Mistakes

Avoiding Silly Exam Mistakes It’s a very unfortunate thing, when a teenager comes out of an exam and realises they’ve made a mistake. They’ve worked their whole school life to reach the pinnacle

Uniform – Stevenson’s Website

The Stevenson’s website for MCHS schoolwear is now live. To register and create an account parents can click on the link given below and follow the instructions  –

St Olave’s is not alone. Schools with dodgy practices are everywhere | Fiona Millar

The marketisation of schools has unleashed a dark side where performance tables are more important than pupils’ welfare

Parents rebuke Ofsted for failing to inspect St Olave's pupil welfare

Families say inspectors did not intervene over grammar school’s sixth-form exclusions despite multiple complaints

Engineering Apprenticeships

Available Now For full details click here Or click here for details about future Engineering Apprenticeships.

My child has fallen behind: can they catch up?

My child has fallen behind: can they catch up? For whatever reason, a teen may fall behind when it comes to revision. As a parent, you might be left wondering whether you should step in and help- and

Crunch Time: Revision After Easter

Crunch Time: Revision After Easter Now the Easter holiday has passed, the exams are around the corner it’s crunch time for your child, as they spend their last few weeks- maybe even days- getting re

How to Stop Eczema from Spreading

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes rough, bumpy patches on the skin. Although eczema can't be spread from person to person, scratching can sp

Things to do during British Science Week in Glasgow

Things to do during British Science Week in Glasgow Firstly, does anyone know why it’s called science week when it’s over 10 days? No, me either, but this just means more chance to get out and abo

Bringing Work Home

It goes without saying that there is a renowned expectation for teens to be taking revision materials and work home with them. Revision is an important time for your teen to be independent and take ow

Upbeat Day In – Tuesday 26th June

For pupils not involved in an Upbeat Day Out trip, there will be activities to select in school on the day. Pupils should report to the Open Area at 8 45 am when information will be shared with pupils

Friday League Youth Football – Barrhead YFC/ERCL – FREE

Boys and girls going into S1 – S6 have the opportunity to play Friday League football at Cowan Park. It’s free and all are welcome. It starts Friday 22nd June and will run for 10 weeks, 6.30 –

Inquiry condemns school that barred A-level pupils

Report critical of St Olave’s, where pupils unlikely to get top grades were forced out

How to Read pH Strips

If you’re interested in testing the alkalinity or acidity of a liquid, you can use pH strips to help you determine the pH level. If you’ve never used a pH strip, though, it might look like just a

How to Increase Nitrogen in Soil

When you cultivate a garden, you want to make sure your plants grow in the healthiest conditions possible. There’s no nutrient more important to the health of your garden than nitrogen! However, not

Spanish exam entries on track to surpass French in English schools

Spanish on the rise, French in decline and German ‘in danger of extinction’

Slow Writers and Hard-to-Read Handwriting: Tips for your Teen

Slow Writers and Hard-to-Read Handwriting: Tips for your Teen When it comes to written subjects, a couple of common concerns might seem tricky to change. One is watching your child write slowly and yo

How to revise for exams |

Exam success relies on careful preparation and these tips will help you make the most of your revision.

German students reveal exam answers to key Brexit questions

Pupils who sat Brexit test say decision to leave EU ‘sounds naive’ and Northern Ireland should vote again

Parent Newsletter

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The Guardian view on schools: boost children, not results | Editorial

In revealing the appalling treatment of children forced out by a top grammar school, a new report has highlighted the broader problem of ‘off-rolling’

Revision: Help your Child Make It Count

Help your Child Make It Count Firstly, you can help your teen by encouraging revision which has purpose. What are some of their outcomes, both in the immediate and also as a long term goal? What are t

The IGCSE: if it’s good enough for Eton, why not for our local schools? | Fiona Millar

The government’s decision to ban the alternative to GCSEs was as political as the earlier move to include them

How to Improve Punching Speed

Boxing takes a lot of physical and mental stamina, and in the ring, every second matters. There's nothing like a quick, streamlined punch to keep you ahead of the game. Combine your strength, speed, a

How to Use YouTube's Take a Break Feature

Google's "Take a Break" feature is one of the more remarkable updates in YouTube's history. This feature lets you to set a reminder to take a break while watching videos on YouTube. The feature is “

Revision: what should my teen be doing?

Revision: what should my teen be doing? Revision is a vitally important part of the examination process. It offers the chance to revisit subjects and topics, as well as identify areas where there migh

How to revise for exams effectively for SQA

Revision, that’s where you sit at a desk in your bedroom, or the dining room table, and you read. If you’re not reading you write out your notes, make pretty coloured cards with thousands of words

Pupil Leadership Team for 2018-19

Mearns Castle High School is pleased to announce that the following S6 pupils will be our Pupil Leadership Team for 2018-19; Head Boy: Gabriele Castelli Head Girl: Iona Ferguson Depute Head Boy: Hassa

Sounding an alarm over children’s mental health | Letters

Readers respond to news about soaring Ritalin use, the underfunding of child mental health services and the toll GCSEs are taking

IB results day

International Baccalaureate results day

How to Wear Off the Shoulder Tops

Off-the-shoulder tops are often the statement piece of an outfit. Since they're so versatile, you can wear them with anything — pair your off-the-shoulder top with high-waisted jeans and you've got

Getting the Top Grades: Tips

Getting the Top Grades: Tips When it comes to achieving the top grades, there are certain things students can do to give themselves the best chances. Here we explore some tips and tricks for things wh

How to Relieve Chest Tightness

If you are having symptoms of a heart attack, such as chest tightness together with pain in your left arm, seek emergency medical assistance immediately. Chest tightness caused by muscle soreness or o

How to Kill Poison Ivy Naturally

Poison ivy can be a pain to deal with! If you’re looking for a safe way to get rid of the pesky plant, try natural solutions like digging up the roots or spraying on a vinegar solution. Kill off any

For the attention of students going on MCHS trip to Barcelona

Please Note the Jet2 flight to Barcelona will leave from Terminal 2 at Glasgow Airport not Terminal 1 as originally communicated.

How to Remove Sweat Stains from Sheets

Sweat stains can discolor and dull your sheets. While you can’t remove these stains with normal detergent or chlorine bleach, you can get rid of them with other cleaning agents. If you have extra ti

How to Choose a DSLR Camera

You should consider your camera needs, desired features, and potential accessories when thinking about what DSLR camera to purchase. You can also base your DSLR decision around the camera’ features,

Creative Storytelling Workshops for S2

Four S2 classes had the fantastic opportunity to be part of Creative Storytelling workshops on Friday 15th June. Victoria Williamson gave a variety of excellent tips and practical exercises for the pu


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