Garage Door Inspection

Information on why a garage door inspection is important

25-Point Garage Door Inspection

Garage door maintenance made easy. Inspect all parts of your garage door: cables, springs, opener & more. Schedule an appointment with Puls garage door professional today

Cost Vs. Value 2021

The Cost Vs. Value of a Garage Door Replacement in 2021 Many homeowners like to keep busy by working on home improvement projects. Over time, the costs of those projects can add up fast, but there is

Top Questions to Ask Any Garage Door Company

Top Questions to Ask Any Garage Door Company Custom Door & Gate is a certified garage door company in Raleigh, NC, that provides garage door repairs, estimates and installations. We have over 100

Garage Door Design Options

The Most Common Garage Door Design Options Installing a new garage door or updating your current one is an exciting process. Choosing colors, materials and styles that complement the rest of your hou

Steel Garage Door Construction Types

When you decide to have new garage door installation performed on your home, it’s important to know about the various types of steel garage doors available on the market. Steel doors are generally

Preventive Maintenance Tips

What You Can do to Keep Your Door in Good Health It’s easy to take your garage door for granted. It opens, closes and looks great, but what about the day it stops working? Few things can be as frus

How to Choose the Right Garage Door

How To Choose The Right Garage Door For Your Home It’s time for a new garage door, but where do you start? Buying a garage door goes beyond good looks. Size, style, material, and insulation are jus

Everything to Know About Garage Door Openers

On average, residential garage doors are opened and closed at least 1,500 times per year. Considering how most doors rise from the ground at seven inches per second, the mechanisms that run a garag

The Top 10 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Work

As commercial and residential garage door service professionals, we’ve pretty much dealt with every issue you can think of when it comes to garage door repair. Even still, there are sometimes issue

When Is It Time to Change Your Garage Door Opener?

A properly working garage door is vital for the operator to work effectively. Therefore, it is important to test the two mechanisms independently (garage door opener, and garage door) to fully determ

A Complete Guide to Home Inspections

Complete guide to home and property inspection

Overlooked Home Inspection Items

This article sets out in detail 3 sometimes overlooked home inspection items that aren’t easy to find problems and require diligent ins

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

If you want to avoid costly repairs, make sure that your home is ready for the winter. But isn’t always easy to know what you can do no

5 Pro Tips from Real Estate Agent

5 pro tips buyers absolutely must know: BY MAUREEN STANLEY September 10, 2020 Tip #1 Know your credit score According to Experian, a cons

Tile Roofing Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing Written by Bob Formisano Tiled roofs are beautiful and durable. They are also expensive and heavy, but that

Roofing Tips

Roofing Tips Should I Repair or Replace My Roof by Nick Guli While homeownership can be great, it typically comes w

Benefits Of Gating Your Parking Lot

Offering employees a place where they can park their vehicles during work is a fantastic perk, especially if your offices sit in a downtown area where parking comes at a premium. But are you doing al

What You Need To Buy a House

Published from on February 3, 2020 – By Ryan Smith You are about to embark on one o

How To Prepare for an Open House

BY ELIZABETH WEINTRAUB posted on the Real estate agents often use open houses

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter is coming. Whether you live on the coast or in an area that gets blanketed in white for months of the year, it’s time to prep.

Garage Door Inspection

TESTING YOUR GARAGE DOOR AUTOMATIC REVERSE Published from US Inspect  A garage door auto reverse is pretty much what it sounds like –


This will be one of the hottest new products of the year!  Click here to watch video

Emergency Garage Door Opener Repair 75034, Texas

Roadrunner Garage Doors is your Reliable provider for any kind of Garage door repair, installation or opener issues. We sell and service all garage door and opener manufacturers, such as Genie, Lift m

Emergency Garage Spring Repair Services Dallas, TX Only @ $26.95

If you are looking for Garage Door Spring Repair, replacement or installation then our team at Road Runner Garage Door is able to help you. We understand that a broken garage door Spring is frustratin

24/7 Gate & Gate Opener Repair Service Houston, TX @ Only $26.95

Affordable gate & gate opener system repair in Houston, Texas is at your fingertips. Literally, all you have to do is call us to benefit from our great services. We understand that a broken garage

Affordable Garage Door Repair | New Gate Installation Houston, TX

When you are choosing a new gate installation for your house, one of your concerns is to be sure it matches the exterior of your home, especially if it faces the street. Call us for new garage door in

Garage Door Installation and Repair Services Dallas, TX only @ $26.95

New garage doors should only be installed by professionals, and at Road Runner Garage Door, we have team members who have installed many garage doors before. Dallas, Texas residents who are looking ar

Garage Door Installation and Repair Services Houston, TX only @ $26.95

Did you just buy a new garage door? If so, be sure to have an expert install it for you. Road Runner Garage Door has technicians that can provide garage door installation here in Dallas, TX. We want t

Garage Door Spring Repair and Services Dallas, TX | Only @ $ 26.95

Broken garage door springs are not always obvious. You might even think that your opener is the problem if your garage door has stopped opening and closing properly. When it comes to spring repair, Ro

Garage Door Repair Only @ $26.95 in Houston, TX

Roadrunner provides Storage Unit Garage Door Repair in Houston and Dallas – Texas. Self-storage facilities in Texas use different types of doors that all require some type of preventative maintenanc

Garage Door Repairs | Dallas, Frisco, TX | Roadrunner Garage Doors

Residential Garage Door Services: Urgent 24/7 Garage Door and Garage Door Opener Repair – We know that a broken garage door or malfunctioning garage door opener can have a big impact on your home. O

Warehouse Garage Door | 24 hour Garage Door Service

Roadrunner guarantees same day service on all your Warehouse Garage Door needs so we will be there when you need us! We operate throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex and Greater Houston areas.

Garage Doors Open Up Homes to Curb Appeal and Value

Garage doors just aren’t what they used to be. The garage door is a fundamental part of the blueprint, structural design and sanctuary of a home. The garage door is one of the most important visual

Ready Your Garage Door for the Winter

The garage door is the main access point to the home for more than 70 percent of homeowners, and as the Winter weather approaches, it’s important for homeowners to ensure the operation and safety of

Unfortunately, Advertised Garage Door R-Values are Meaningless

Published on by Martin Holladay Is R-8.6 per inch even possible? The advertised R-value for Clopay’s model 9200 garage door strains credulity. If you’re shopping for a gar

June is Garage Door Safety Month

Increasing Garage Door Safety Awareness The International Door Association (IDA) and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) have designated June as Garage Door Safety Month. B

Garage Door Check-Ups

At least once a year you should examine the garage door(s) on your property. To insure for proper operation and the longevity of your investment, we recommend that you pay-attention to your garage dur

Troubleshooting: Remote Control for Your Garage Door Opener

Believe it or not, technologies like garage door opener remote controls are supposed to make our lives easier. Unfortunately,  there is nothing easy about having to open a garage door by hand in the

The Biggest Impact on a Home

For something that has been so prominent in the design of new homes over recent years, the garage door has generally been seen as a Plain Jane. But who cared, really? It was just a two-, three- or fou

The Original All Steel Carriage House Garage Door

How about a garage door that looks like a carriage house door from the past but manufactured entirely of steel? The Original STEELHOUSE™ garage doors have two-sided steel insulated facing boards th

Garage Doors: To Insulate or Not to Insulate

Deciding if you really need insulation in your garage door depends on where you live, so the benefits of an insulated garage door and how to select the right degree of insulation to best suit your n


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