Home Security Cameras and More

Our ancestors had to confront the issue of home and personal security and we can learn a lot from how they successfully protected their homes from intruders. Home security systems have been developed since the first home was impacted by criminals. Make sure your home and property are securely protected from would be intruders.

This is Remote Life: Embracing the Suite Life of Interning from Home

With only a handful of years of wisdom under my belt, I’ve come to realize that the world works in ways you never expect. The big “P” was a challenge that no one could have prepared for, but o

Celebrating Duo’s 2021 Community Impact Award Winners

Giving back to our local and global communities has always been a big part of Duo’s culture. This tradition inspired us to launch the Duo Commmunity Impact Awards, now in its second year, which r

Now Available: Microsoft 365 Application for Duo Single Sign-On

When I open my laptop for the first time in the morning, one of the first things I check is my email. As a Duo team member, and as part of the greater Cisco organization, I am one of more than 258 m

Adopting OIDC Standard For MFA

This blog is part of an ongoing blog series for Duo’s Universal Prompt Project. The project is a major re-architecture and redesign of the Duo multi-factor authentication experience. In this post,

Administrator’s Guide, Part 3: What Makes Passwordless, Dare We Say It, Phish-Proof?

Part of our Administrator's Guide to Passwordless blog series See the video at the blog post. In some ways, the term “passwordless” is a misnomer. Yes, it’s a password-less authentication me

Black Hat 2021: Better Than Ever (As Always)

You can always expect certain things at the height of a Las Vegas summer: sunshine, sweltering heat, and Hacker Summer Camp. While last year was different because most of the events were either virt

The Doctor, the Hospital & the Ransomware

The insidious nature of malicious software has not been lost on any of us. Computers and networks have been dealing with malware in one form or another for decades. Though in recent weeks ransomware

Securing Government Agencies: Essential Eight and Other Efforts

Four years ago, the Australian Signals Directorate created the “Essential Eight” — recommendations to secure federal entities and improve cybersecurity protections. This month, the Attorney Ge

What the Pandemic Taught Me About Leadership

When COVID hit, as a leader working remotely at Cisco, I immediately started thinking about my team. How would we handle working together through quarantine? How do successful managers operate durin

Administrator’s Guide, Part 2: Passwords Are Safer Than Biometrics, PINs Are Just Passwords, and Other Tall Tales

Part of our Administrator's Guide to Passwordless blog series See the video at the blog post. Tall Tale #1: PINs Are Just Passwords In Part 1, we talked about how passwordless authentication is st


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