Action Cam Videos, and Special Effects

Shooting and editing video from action cams, cinematography tips and special effects

Aspect Ratio in Film From Past to Present

Aspect ratio has changed throughout the history of the film, at times due to technological advances, but at other times out of fashion. Today, you can choose different ratios that will give a certain

The Friday Roundup – Audio Quality and Home Lighting Hacks

How to Improve the Audio Quality of a Built-in Camera Microphone It is quite well known that the audio quality you are going to get from an inbuilt microphone on a camera or even a smart phone is goi

Basic Tips for Editing Your Next Viral TikTok Video

One of the many ways you can create and distribute like many, many others is through TikTik. You can use TikTok to create bit sized videos chunks that promote your business or even build yourself as

The Friday Roundup – Green Screen, Pro Interview Setups and more!

The 3 Most Common Green Screen Questions Beginners Ask So the usual marketing guff about green screen is that because your video editing software is capable of carrying out the technical actions your

Beginner’s Guide to Motion Tracking

It’s 2021 and the acquisition of skills in the digital arena is a good and sound business road tack to adhere to. But its also tons of fun for personal reasons. Whether you want to make your missiv

The Friday Roundup – YouTube Branding, Motion Tracking and Tripods

How to Make a YouTube Intro Fast and Easy One important part of building a YouTube Channel or any social media presence for that matter is the concept of branding. A lot of people tend to kind of swi

The Friday Roundup – Summer Color Grades and Finding Inspiration

4 Color Grading Ideas For Summer Vibes This one is demonstrated in DaVinci Resolve and is a simple coverage of taking footage and getting it to look like summer or more like summer. The techniques ar

How to Create an Intro for YouTube: Best Tips and Ideas

An intro video is important for your Youtube channel because it lets people know what the theme of your channel is. The good news is there aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to making an intro as

The Friday Roundup – Story, Viral Videos and Color Grading

How To Vlog and Be a Better Storyteller The concept of videos having a story is often quite a difficult one to wrap your head around. I remember once a reader checked out my post on Finding the Story

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Lenses from Fogging up

If you have worked with film, particularly if you are a photographer, then you probably know that your lenses fogging up can be quite bothersome. It can also be bothersome to have condensation restin

You’re invited to participate in “Life In A Day 2020” on July 25

On July 25, executive producers Ridley Scott (“The Martian,” “Gladiator”) and Kai Hsuing (“Lords of Chaos”), along with director Kevin Macdonald (“Whitney,” “One Day in September,”

To our YouTube TV members: an update to our content and price

In 2017, we introduced YouTube TV, live TV designed for the YouTube generation — those who want to stream TV when and how they want, without commitments. We’ve just passed the three-year mark, s

Susan Wojcicki: My mid-year update to the YouTube community

Several times a year, CEO Susan Wojcicki updates users and creators on YouTube’s priorities. This Letter addresses initiatives to support the Black community, the impact of COVID-19, and how YouTub

Three steps to keep your YouTube account secure

In the spirit of World Password Day, we encourage all creators to bolster the security of their Google accounts. Unfortunately, over the past several months we've seen a rise in the hijacking of YouTu

Protecting our extended workforce and the community

Today, as the unprecedented COVID-19 situation continues, Google outlined how it’s reducing the need for people to come into its offices while ensuring that its products continue to operate for ev

How black creators are redefining blackness for themselves on YouTube

When the Internet arrived, it brought to the world a buzzy connectivity. People could meet, talk and become friends online. Now, with the majority of young black people spending time in places like Yo

Our comment on COPPA

Responsibility is our number one priority at YouTube, and this includes protecting kids and their privacy. Over the last few years, we’ve significantly invested in the policies, products and pract

Manu Delago – Zeitgeber (Music Video)

Recently, I was lucky enough to be director of photography on a new music video for my old friend Manu Delago, one of the best players of the “hang” instrument in the world. Among many other gigs,

Manu Delago – The Silent Flight of the Owl (Live Music Video)

Recently, I was lucky enough to be director of photography on a new music video for my old friend Manu Delago, one of the best players of the “hang” instrument in the world. Among many other gigs,

Erste Bank – sLab

This is a short workshop video that we shot and directed for our client Erste Bank within a very short period of time at their global headquarters, Erste Campus. Erste Group is one of the largest fina

Upcoming Sony FS7 II / FS5 Workshops in London, Cologne, Berlin

I am happy to announce that I am giving a series of workshops at Sony dealers in London, Cologne and Berlin over the course of the next two weeks. They are all free to attend, but you have to sign up

Win a Sony FS7 II In This 60-Second Mini-Documentary Competition

Sony is running a competition which sounds really tempting: The task is to create a 60-second documentary about any subject you like and submit it to their website. The only condition is that it must

Live Webinar Discussion on Music Video Production with Sony Music

This is a repost from our sister site, one of the leading platform for filmmaking gear news and reviews. Head over for the daily latest in camera technology! Ever since the heydays of MTV

FM4 Radio Interview about “Through the Thick” – Reality Check

I just gave a radio interview for FM4, a very popular Austrian English-language radio channel in their “Reality Check” programme, which covers current affairs every day. Riem Higazi asked me abou

New Documentary “Through The Thick” about Rhino Preservation in South Africa

This post also appeared on sister site cinema5D. Head over for constant camera and accessory news and reviews! I recently returned from a documentary shoot in South Africa, where thanks to G-Technolog

The Friday Roundup – Action Cam Videos, a Guide to Cinematography, Easing In and Out

Closed Caption Files In the post linked below from Techsmith they go into quite some detail on the subject of Closed Captions. Whilst they tend to go on a bit about the legalities of it before gettin

Filmmaking Masterclass London 2015 – with Philip Bloom, Johnnie Behiri, me and others

It’s been a while since I have run workshop with my buddy Philip Bloom, the last time in Brighton, UK last winter – however the 3-day Filmmaking Masterclasses that we organized ourselves (together


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