Slomo videos and YouTube Translations

Updates on how to create slow motion videos and using translations for YouTube.

Aspect Ratio in Film From Past to Present

Aspect ratio has changed throughout the history of the film, at times due to technological advances, but at other times out of fashion. Today, you can choose different ratios that will give a certain

Cinematic Lighting And Multiple Camera Angles To Capture A Performance

Photography Lighting Tutorials by Jay P. Morgan

The Friday Roundup – Audio Quality and Home Lighting Hacks

How to Improve the Audio Quality of a Built-in Camera Microphone It is quite well known that the audio quality you are going to get from an inbuilt microphone on a camera or even a smart phone is goi

Studio Portrait Lighting – 360 Virtual Interactive Tutorial

Photography Lighting Tutorials by Jay P. Morgan

Basic Tips for Editing Your Next Viral TikTok Video

One of the many ways you can create and distribute like many, many others is through TikTik. You can use TikTok to create bit sized videos chunks that promote your business or even build yourself as

The Friday Roundup – Green Screen, Pro Interview Setups and more!

The 3 Most Common Green Screen Questions Beginners Ask So the usual marketing guff about green screen is that because your video editing software is capable of carrying out the technical actions your

5 One Light Portrait Set-ups – Interactive Lighting Tutorial in 360

Photography Lighting Tutorials by Jay P. Morgan

Beginner’s Guide to Motion Tracking

It’s 2021 and the acquisition of skills in the digital arena is a good and sound business road tack to adhere to. But its also tons of fun for personal reasons. Whether you want to make your missiv

The Friday Roundup – YouTube Branding, Motion Tracking and Tripods

How to Make a YouTube Intro Fast and Easy One important part of building a YouTube Channel or any social media presence for that matter is the concept of branding. A lot of people tend to kind of swi

5 Easy Golden Hour Lighting Steps With Strobes

Photography Lighting Tutorials by Jay P. Morgan

The Friday Roundup – Summer Color Grades and Finding Inspiration

4 Color Grading Ideas For Summer Vibes This one is demonstrated in DaVinci Resolve and is a simple coverage of taking footage and getting it to look like summer or more like summer. The techniques ar

How to Create an Intro for YouTube: Best Tips and Ideas

An intro video is important for your Youtube channel because it lets people know what the theme of your channel is. The good news is there aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to making an intro as

How To Do Stop Motion Animation – Photography Tutorial

Photography Lighting Tutorials by Jay P. Morgan

The Friday Roundup – Story, Viral Videos and Color Grading

How To Vlog and Be a Better Storyteller The concept of videos having a story is often quite a difficult one to wrap your head around. I remember once a reader checked out my post on Finding the Story

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Lenses from Fogging up

If you have worked with film, particularly if you are a photographer, then you probably know that your lenses fogging up can be quite bothersome. It can also be bothersome to have condensation restin

Hasselblad XH Lens Converter 0.8 Hands On Review

Photography Lighting Tutorials by Jay P. Morgan

How To Capture Stunning Water Drop Photos – New Splash Kit

Photography Lighting Tutorials by Jay P. Morgan

Surprising!?! Canon 50mm F1.2 vs F1.8 Lens Comparison

Photography Lighting Tutorials by Jay P. Morgan

If You Want Great Images Learn To Control The Background!

Photography Lighting Tutorials by Jay P. Morgan

Does The Overpriced Sony a1 Beat The Canon R5? Camera Comparison

Photography Lighting Tutorials by Jay P. Morgan

How fast can you shoot 12K?

It’s been a few weeks since Blackmagic Design announced their radical new sensor design packaged in the form of the Ursa Mini Pro 12K camera. I’m in pre-production on a film shooting on northern O

12K and the rest…8K and 4K and..

One of the amazing developments with this new sensor is the ability to shoot the same full sensor raster or size at different resolutions without having to crop. Typically when shooting at different r


Here’s a little podcast chat I had with my long time colleague and friend Illya Friedman. It’s less tech geek and more philosophy slanted which I love.

DXL2 – VENICE – Alexa 65 Files

Here’s the camera original files from my very good friends at Digital Pigeon. DOWNLOAD CAMERA ORIGINAL FILES Please practice responsible downloading.  If you download all of these then it’s 80GB

Dealers choice – Venice – DXL2 – Alexa 65

I always love a blind test. It takes away the prejudice one might bring when you’re trying to scrutinise images.  I always like to test like this at the beginning of each project.  I usually end u

Olympus E-M1 II

Here’s a short I did a little while using the Olympus E-M1 II. It was shot using the internal 4K codec, and using the Olympus Pro lenses.  I used a mix of the primes, the 17, 25 and 45mm mostly …

SLR Magic quick test

  How well do you know your lenses ?  If you want to test yourself, Watch this short video and see which lens family you like most. You can choose between A, B or C, but which is the Panavision …

Olympus Does 4K

These are two pieces I shot earlier in the year while working in Dallas shooting a USA series Queen of the South. I wanted to try out the new Olympus EM1 Mark II video capabilities and by coincidence,

The Friday Roundup – Buster Keaton, Fire Tornados and YouTube Translations

What We Learned from a Master I noticed this video doing the rounds this week and even though it was featured on a few blogs I wanted to add my own perspective on it. Years ago when I first saw old s


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