U.S. Passport News for International Travel

United States passport information for American citizens who travel abroad. Latest updates to rules and regulations to expedite passports, visas and other travel documents required for international travel.

Passport Expediting Service - 5 Essential Questions for Rushed Passports

You can get a passport as quickly as the same day with a passport expediting service, but not all of these services are created equal. Find out how these companies work and what to look for to make su

22 CFR § 51.56 - Expedited passport processing. | CFR | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

(a) Within the United States, an applicant for passport service (including issuance or replacement of a passport) may request expedited processing. The Department may decline the request.

Ferdinand von Bredow murdered by the Nazis

Ferdinand von Bredow, born on 16 May 1884, murdered on the night of 30 June 1934, headed the Minister’s Office in the Reich Ministry of the Armed Forces from June 1932 to 30 January 1933 and thus h

Travel Visa - Apply for Visas to Worldwide Destinations

How to get a visa for business, tourism, work, or study to Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and other top international destinations.

Visa Information for Travel Abroad | Requirements & Where to Apply

Discover what type of visa you need depending on your destination and purpose of travel, document requirements and where to apply.

Travel Warnings for U.S. Citizens

Travel warnings help you prepare for safe travel abroard. Prepare and protect yourself and your family with these timely warnings for international travelers.

Early Israeli Passport Not Valid For Germany

Early Israeli Passport Germany Over the years, I collected several Israeli passports, including the old British Palestine passports, but not often find such early types with a stamp „Not valid for

Heinrich Barth in Central Africa 1850-1855

Part II – History of German Colonization in Africa Heinrich Barth Central Africa Without a doubt, Heinrich Barth is one of the best-known German explorers of Africa. He was born in Hamburg on Febru

US passport 1953 – European Command General

This magnificent Special Passport of a significant US commander who served in two world wars was just recently made available online. Regrettably, I was unable to grab it. His wife’s passport was i

Travel Documents - Passport, Visa, International Driving Permit

International travel documents U.S. citizens need to travel abroad. Requirements and tips for applying for travel documents.

Anonymous – A Woman in Berlin 1945 – Diary

For eight weeks in 1945, as Berlin fell to the Russian army, a young woman kept a daily record of life in her apartment building and among its residents. The anonymous author depicts her fellow Berli

Encinitas Passport Application Acceptance Facility List

Where U.S. citizens can apply for a passport in Encinitas, California. Location and contact information for Encinitas passport offices.

San Jose Passport - Where to Apply for a Passport in San Jose

San Jose passport agency and local application acceptance facilities. Find out where to apply for a passport in San Jose, Florida.

Baldwin Park Passport Offices

List of Baldwin Park passport offices. Passport application acceptance facilites in Baldwin Park, California where U.S. citizens can apply.

Brentwood Passport Application Acceptance Facilities

List of Brentwood passport application acceptance facilities. Locations to submit application for an American passport in Brentwood, California.

Bellflower Passport Office List

List of Bellflower passport application acceptance facilities. Where to submit application for a USA passport in Bellflower, California.

Sacramento Passport - Applying for a Passport in Sacramento, Ca.

Sacramento passport office locations. A list of passport application acceptance facilities where you can apply for a U.S. passport in Sacramento, California.

Warsaw Pact travel during the Cold War 1975-89

Throughout its existence, the Warsaw Pact aimed to portray a unified and allied front against the West, even after the Hungarian and Czechoslovak uprisings of 1956 and 1968. Since these member states

US Passport 1915 – Curtiss Aeroplane Company

Passport Curtiss Aeroplane Company Marietta Ford Russell, the wife of Frank Henry Russell, an early aviator and vice president of the Curtiss Aeroplane Company, owned this fascinating pair of documen

Large Grand Duchy of Oldenburg Passport 1864

Grand Duchy Oldenburg Passport The Grand Duchy of Oldenburg was a German Confederation region re-established by the Congress of Vienna in 1815. During the Danish-German War of 1864, Oldenburg was neu

The international Congo Conference – Berlin 1885

This article is inspired by Germany’s official statement to take responsibility for killing about 70.000 Herero and Nama between 1904 and 1908. Germany formally declared the killings a genocide on

Adolph von Menzel – Diplomatic passport 1842

Adolph Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel (8 December 1815 – 9 February 1905) was a German Realist painter and etchings artist. He is regarded as one of the two most influential German painters of the ni

Travel like a VIP this summer with TSA PreCheck®!

We don’t know about you, but when we travel, we love feeling like VIPs. We don’t worry about long lines or whether or not our socks match. We keep our laptops in our bags and our belts on and buck

Prohibited Items Week 2021

We launched Prohibited Items Week for the first time last year as a way to highlight the great work of our officers in airports across the country.

TSA Commemorates Vietnam War Veterans

A few weeks ago, I learned that today, March 29, marks the national commemoration of the Vietnam War. Do you remember where you were in November 1955 when the Vietnam War began? How about in April of

All in the Family: TSA Employees Volunteer for DHS Surge Capacity Force

The effects of COVID-19 reached each and every person across our country. But as the expression goes, in the worst of times, we begin to see the best in people.

Now Hiring: Why You Actually Want to be a Transportation Security Officer

In case you missed it, TSA recently announced the hiring of over 6,000 Transportation Security Officers – or TSOs for short – in anticipatio

TSA’s Explosives Detection Canines are Something to Woof About!

Hey, it’s me, Cooper! You might recognize me from TSA’s social media – my birthday was kind of a big deal.

Isn’t It Romantic

Planning a romantic vacation this Valentine’s Day? You may be wondering about how you can travel by air with some of your special items to spark romance. Check out our tips and remember to stay safe

TSA PreCheck®: Save time with us!

TSA PreCheck®. If you’ve traveled through domestic airports in the past few years, chances are you know us.

Get Your 2021 TSA Canine Calendar Today!

Looking for a bright spot to end your 2020? Look no further than the 2021 TSA Canine Calendar! Learn about these hard-working canines keeping transportation systems safe across the United States.

31 Business Travel Apps For a Smooth Trip

31 Business Travel Apps For a Smooth Trip: Business travel can be stressful + exhausting. These apps will make your next business trip go more smoothly: 31 Business Travel Apps For a Smooth

Does your passport photo still look like you? Here’s how...

Does your passport photo still look like you? Here’s how to know if it’s time for a new one! https://www.rushmypassport.com/blog/2015/06/when-do-you-need-a-new-passport-photo/

“Exploration is really the essence of the human...

“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” So where will you go exploring next?

“He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his...

“He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his journey behind him.” So get a passport and go!

How to Get an Expedited Passport

How to Get an Expedited Passport: Need a passport in a hurry? Read our expert guide on how to get an expedited passport! How to Get an Expedited Passport You need a passport, ASAP. Stan

Want to study abroad this year, but not sure where to go? Here...

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Mankind has legs so it can wander … indulge your...

Mankind has legs so it can wander … indulge your wanderlust and get a passport!

At RushMyPassport, we’re proud to have the opportunity to...

At RushMyPassport, we’re proud to have the opportunity to help people travel and make friends around the world:

Did you know getting a passport could make you healthier,...

Did you know getting a passport could make you healthier, wealthier and luckier in love? Find out more here: https://www.rushmypassport.com/blog/reasons-to-get-a-passport/

Need a little help getting through your work week? You probably...

Need a little help getting through your work week? You probably shouldn’t follow this advice… but it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?


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