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Bail Bonds Hartford, CT - Capitol Bail Bonds - Hartford - 860-558-2916 Capitol Bail Bonds is the largest bail bonds provider in the state of Connecticut (CT). We provide affordable, timely, and reliable bail bond services throughout the entire state. No matter the time or place, as long as you are located in Connecticut and need of a bail bond, we will be there for you. Call Now: 860-558-2916

Bail Bonds Hartford, CT

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Capitol Bail Bonds - Hartford

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Getting a Bail Bond for a Weapons Charges Amidst Outrage Over Violent Gun Crimes

In the aftermath of yet another horrific school shooting, many Americans have been asking if there is any way to make the country safer from gun violence.  As it stands today, laws regarding gun con

Why California’s Homeless Population Continues to Grow

There has always been an issue with people not being able to find a place to live in California. For as long as anyone can remember, California has had a large homeless population but in the past dec

Safe and Sane vs Dangerous Fireworks

Did you know that California actually has two different categories of fireworks? The first category of fireworks and the one everyone would prefer that you work with is referred to as “safe and san

Conserving Electricity This Summer

Since May, various people have expressed concern that the power grid won’t be able to provide enough electricity to meet everyone’s needs. According to a May 6, 2022 article that was posted by CB

Jaywalking in California

All of us have heard the term jaywalking, but few of us can say exactly what it is. According to the Legal Dictionary, the exact definition of jaywalking is the act of crossing a roadway when it is u

Failure To Appear Bail Bonds: The Right Choice for Your Needs, Every Time

Failure to appear in court as scheduled is a common problem for defendants. In any given year, approximately one-third of criminal defendants fail to appear in court as scheduled. Many of these indiv

What Happens to Bail and Bail Bonds if Charges Are Dropped?

If you’re someone who is in the process of paying bail or a bail bond, whether on behalf of yourself or someone you’re close to, you […] The post What Happens to Bail and Bail Bonds if Charges

Consequences of Reckless Burning in California

Finally, it’s summertime! Between the increased daylight hours and warmer weather, you’re finally able to do all of your favorite outdoor activities, including having your friends over for a bonf

Early Warning Signs of Heat Stroke

The longer, warmer days inspire all of us to spend more time outdoors. The problem is that the hotter it gets, the greater the risk of heatstroke. The problem many people discover is that while there

Avoiding Road Rage in California

Road rage is a serious problem and it doesn’t show signs of getting better. According to the American Automobile Association, approximately 200 murders and 12,000 deaths over seven years were linke

Providing False Credit Card Information

There are times when we could all use a little extra money. Adding an additional line of credit to our lives seems like a good way to get it. The problem is that if you’re already overstretched, th

Ways You Can Effectively Stop Yourself from Drinking and Driving

Here’s an alarming statistic: around 32 percent of catastrophic car crashes involve an intoxicated driver or pedestrian. Undeniably, driving under the influence is extremely dangerous. If you are c

Why You Should Find a Bail Bond Agent Before You’re Arrested

You may not know this now, but if you’re arrested in the near future, you’ll need the services of a bail bond agent. They are professionals who can get you out of jail fast by posting your bail f

5 Common Types of Burglary Offenses

Burglaries can be defined as unlawful entries into a home or other structure with the intent to commit a crime. They’re often committed with the intention of stealing valuables but can also involve

6 Surprising Facts & Statistics About Burglaries

Burglaries are a common type of crime that occurs more often than many people realize. The latest burglary statistics reveal that while most people take adequate measures to protect their homes, many

What to Do When Charged for Weapons Violation in Connecticut

Getting a bail bond for someone who has been arrested with weapons is not an easy task. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult and challenging things someone who stands by the law can go through.

Several Reasons Kids are Left in Hot Cars

It’s that time of year when we are constantly getting bombarded by messages reminding us to not leave kids and pets in hot cars. If you’re one of those people who roll their eyes and question how

5 Things You Can Do to Save Gas While Driving

Gas prices have hit historical highs and it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get much relief this summer. While there isn’t anything you can do that will lower the cost per gallon, you can alte

What Juveniles Should Know About Getting a Bail Bond

Being charged with a crime is always scary, but being charged for a crime as a juvenile is much more frightening than being charged as an adult. Although juveniles are typically given some measure of

Understanding Disorderly Conduct Charges and Why You Need a Bail Bond

If you have been charged with disorderly conduct, you’ll need a bail bond. You’ll also need to learn more about your charges and how the bail bond process works. For those of you who have not bee

Considerations When Using Collateral for Summit County Bail Bonds

While cash is typically the preferred method of payment to any bail bond agency for assistance with bail, there are many situations where this won’t be […] The post Considerations When Using Coll

Affordable Bail Bondsman in Bloomfield

Bloomfield, CT 06002 Phone: 800-422-4526 The post Affordable Bail Bondsman in Bloomfield appeared first on BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester.

Getting a Bail Bond as an Immigrant

Being an immigrant in the United States can be extremely difficult. Illegal immigrants are challenged at every turn as they face widespread hostility from the public as well as government officials a

Burglary: Details & Punishments

No one ever wants to be accused of a crime. But when that crime is burglary, the stakes are even higher. A burglary accusation can have serious consequences, both legal and personal. In addition to t

Burglary Crimes: Degrees and Classes of Offenses

Burglaries can happen at any time of day or night, and they can happen in any type of property, from homes to businesses. Burglary involves unlawful entry into a building or other structure with the

Things You Wish You Knew Before You Were Arrested

Getting arrested is something that most people just aren’t prepared for. When most people get arrested for the first time in their lives they tend to make a lot of mistakes. All of those mistakes l

Tips for Preparing for a Criminal Trial

Getting arrested is always a frightening experience. When being arrested for the first time, many people have no idea what to do. Your heart’s racing, your palms are sweating, and your mind is swir

CT Police Task Force To Begin Warrant Roundup

Connecticut police have released a statement announcing the start of a police warrant roundup, effective next week on April 27th, 2022. Connecticut police troops have often run warrant roundups in the

24-Hour Bail Bondsman in Suffield

Suffield, CT Phone: 860-745-4672 The post 24-Hour Bail Bondsman in Suffield appeared first on BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester.

24-Hour Bail Bondsman in Wethersfield

Hartford, CT 06119 Phone: 860-727-1171 The post 24-Hour Bail Bondsman in Wethersfield appeared first on BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester.

List Of Serial Killers In Connecticut

Murder! A topic that brings fear and intrigue to many. Throughout history, many people have immortalized their names by killing others. Some have gone a step further and carried out multiple murders e

Possible Defenses To Drug Possession Charges In Connecticut

Drug accusations are taken seriously by law enforcement agencies. Most of them are crimes that may result in lengthy prison times or significant penalties. You may have to hire bail experts such as CT

Assisting a Family Member Arrested on a Drug Charge

It’s typically a difficult experience for any family member to hear that a loved one was arrested and/or jailed for any reason, and drug-related charges are […] The post Assisting a Family Member

What To Do if You Are Arrested For Domestic Violence in Connecticut?

It can be scary and confusing when you are arrested, but remember that you have rights and exercise them. Do not discuss the facts of your case with anyone but an attorney. A Connecticut bondsman can

Common Facts and Myths About Juvenile Offenses

Juvenile crime is a serious problem. Each year, millions of juveniles are arrested for committing crimes. These arrests can have a serious impact on the juvenile’s life, including their future pros

4 Common Sentencing Options in Juvenile Courts

In the United States, juvenile courts are a special type of court that handles cases involving minors, typically those aged ten to eighteen. Cases heard in juvenile court may include criminal offense

Determining if Sex Offenses Are Eligible for Bail

There are a few factors that will play a major role in whether someone is eligible for bail and bail bonds after being arrested, and one […] The post Determining if Sex Offenses Are Eligible for Ba

Primer on Park City Bail Bond Types Available

For anyone who has been arrested and is looking to secure their release via a bail bond (or for their friends or family assisting them), it’s […] The post Primer on Park City Bail Bond Types Avai

Hartford City, CT: The Most Dangerous Place in Connecticut

Connecticut – the Nutmeg State – is expected to be safer than many other states because it is the fifteenth wealthiest state in America. However, some areas and neighborhoods are safer than others

How Friends or Family Can Assist Someone Recently Arrested

In many cases, those who have been arrested will look to friends or family members to assist them with certain elements of this situation. There’s only […] The post How Friends or Family Can Assi

Bail Bonds Hartford, CT - Capitol Bail Bonds - Hartford - 860-558-2916

Bail Bonds Hartford, CT - Capitol Bail Bonds - Hartford - 860-558-2916 - Capitol Bail Bonds, is a Connecticut (CT) Bail Bonds Company providing bail bonds service throughout Connecticut. We provide a

Dangers of Staying in Jail Rather Than Securing Bail

For those who have been arrested on most minor or moderate charges, the potential for posting bail (or a bail bond through a bondsman) will be […] The post Dangers of Staying in Jail Rather Than Se

Good Cause for Failure to Appear in Court

Information on Failure to Appear Court Cases There are consequences of failure to appear in court, which are considerable, even if you were released from custody on bail. There are tons and tons of ex

Why is Bail Different for Different People?

The Reasons Behind Your Bail Amount You’re waiting in line for your bail hearing. You hear the Judge dolling out bail in the case of yours. The person ahead of you has his bail set at $2,000. “Ok,

What is the Difference Between “Bail” and “Bond”?

Bail vs. Bond: What’s the Difference? In our every day language, we tend to use the words “bail” and “bond” interchangeably. The two terms are very similar and generally, people will underst

Tips for Hiring a Bail Bondsman

Hiring a bail bondsman can be an overwhelming process, especially if it is your first time doing so. In order to take the mystery out of this process and ensure that you hire the best bail bondsman po

Getting Arrested in Another State

Out of State Bail Bonds: Trying to Post Bail in Another State? If you are in another state when you get arrested, this can complicate the arrest and bail process. Because you do not live in the state

Debunking Harmful Myths Surrounding SLC Bail Bonds

If you’ve recently been arrested, or if you’re the friend or family member of someone else who has, you have enough to worry about without having […] The post Debunking Harmful Myths Surroundin

Tips for Court Appearance Following Bail Bond Posting

There’s a general process that’s followed for those who are able to post bail or a bail bond and secure their release from jail on certain […] The post Tips for Court Appearance Following Bail

What to Look for in a Bail Bond Agent

Recently in this space, we discussed some of the qualities to consider if you’re searching for a reputable bail bond agency in in part of Utah. […] The post What to Look for in a Bail Bond Agent

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