Video Shooting Practice and Updates

The importance of practicing your video shooting and editing skills, updates to CyberLink PowerDirector and new Pinnacle Studio features.

Beginner’s Guide to Motion Tracking

It’s 2021 and the acquisition of skills in the digital arena is a good and sound business road tack to adhere to. But its also tons of fun for personal reasons. Whether you want to make your missiv

Running a Review Channel with Andre (Worth It Or Not?)

Andre runs the Worth It Or Not YouTube channel where he does honest and real reviews of actions cameras, drones, microphones, and much more. Let's find out what it really takes from the man himself t

Pinnacle Studio: video editing software & screen recorder

Choose Pinnacle Studio 24 for its powerful and precise video editing tools that inspire limitless creative opportunities for advanced moviemaking. Learn more!

Basic Tips for Editing Your Next Viral TikTok Video

One of the many ways you can create and distribute like many, many others is through TikTik. You can use TikTok to create bit sized videos chunks that promote your business or even build yourself as

The Friday Roundup – YouTube Branding, Motion Tracking and Tripods

How to Make a YouTube Intro Fast and Easy One important part of building a YouTube Channel or any social media presence for that matter is the concept of branding. A lot of people tend to kind of swi

Podcasting with Tom Buck

Tom Buck has been a YouTuber, Podcaster, and Educator for years. He has a VAST knowledge of podcasting (he runs THREE) and even has a course on how to start podcasting! Let's find out from Tom what i

What is a VECTORSCOPE? The Basics of Color

Let's learn about the Vectorscope, how it is used, how it can make your videos look better, and give you lots of info to set up your camera properly. Note: Not watching my videos had been known to ma

STACKING EFFECTS - Green Screen Example

Some new to editing don't know about Stacking Effects. They spend countless hours trying to tweak each effect, when many times, it's easier just to stack them up one after another. Check below for mo

The Friday Roundup – Green Screen, Pro Interview Setups and more!

The 3 Most Common Green Screen Questions Beginners Ask So the usual marketing guff about green screen is that because your video editing software is capable of carrying out the technical actions your

Aspect Ratio in Film From Past to Present

Aspect ratio has changed throughout the history of the film, at times due to technological advances, but at other times out of fashion. Today, you can choose different ratios that will give a certain

The Friday Roundup - Shooting Practice, Updates and New Features

This week the importance of practicing your video shooting and editing skills, an update to CyberLink to PowerDirector and new Pinnacle Studio features.

10 ON-CAMERA TIPS - How to Look & Sound Better (plus Outtakes)

With these ten (10) on-camera tips (actually 11 - bonus tip at end), you'll be armed with something to DO instead of a bunch of blah blah blah. Practice and apply these and you WILL get better on-cam

Mics, Audio, Sound & More with Curtis Judd

Curtis has been helping people with audio, microphones, recorders, and more for almost a decade. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to audio. He runs TWO very healthy You

#1 Video Editing & Photo Editing Software + Media Player | CyberLink

The power to create stories, play video, and connect with friends & co-workers. Easy to learn and use, try the best photo, audio, and video editing software.

NEW Livestream Outro. Testing, testing... 🎶

Nothing to see here, UNLESS you want some music jam and strange dancing dudes. I made this as an outro for my weekly live streams and didn’t realize I scheduled it to go public. Cool...hope you get

The Friday Roundup – Audio Quality and Home Lighting Hacks

How to Improve the Audio Quality of a Built-in Camera Microphone It is quite well known that the audio quality you are going to get from an inbuilt microphone on a camera or even a smart phone is goi

The Friday Roundup – Summer Color Grades and Finding Inspiration

4 Color Grading Ideas For Summer Vibes This one is demonstrated in DaVinci Resolve and is a simple coverage of taking footage and getting it to look like summer or more like summer. The techniques ar

GUIDES and RULERS - Speed Up Editing (ft. Premiere Pro)

I'm finding quite a few people don't know that Premiere Pro has rulers and guides just like Photoshop. These are VERY handy when laying out titles, lower thirds, and other elements for your videos. C

DEITY BP-TRX! Record - Transmit - Time Code - Wirelessly!

A discussion about the new Deity BP-TRX disclosing the details and showing it off until I can test and properly review it. More details coming VERY soon. Check below for more info! 👇Single Unit: h

BUDGET LED Panel Lights - GVM 1000-D 3-Light Kit

These BUDGET LED Panel Lights from GVM are a great way to get into lighting if you're just starting out. The kit contains EVERYTHING in one low-cost package, and worth a look. As always, outtakes at

How to Create an Intro for YouTube: Best Tips and Ideas

An intro video is important for your Youtube channel because it lets people know what the theme of your channel is. The good news is there aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to making an intro as

The Friday Roundup – Story, Viral Videos and Color Grading

How To Vlog and Be a Better Storyteller The concept of videos having a story is often quite a difficult one to wrap your head around. I remember once a reader checked out my post on Finding the Story

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Lenses from Fogging up

If you have worked with film, particularly if you are a photographer, then you probably know that your lenses fogging up can be quite bothersome. It can also be bothersome to have condensation restin

Introducing PowerDVD 21 - The Most Versatile Blu-ray, 8K and 4K HDR10 Media Player

Experience home cinema at its best. From enhanced audio & visual playback to intuitive organizational tools, you can manage your entire PC media library of photos, videos, music, as well as Blu-r

Introducing PowerPlayer 365 - The All-in-One Media Player and Personal Media Server

PowerPlayer puts your entire media collection in one place, allowing you to binge your favorite TV shows or movies from anywhere. Experience playback in the highest audio-visual quality with optimize

Empowering Facial Recognition on IoT Edge

Join us to learn more about MediaTek's brand-new i350 edge AI platform and how FaceMe® is optimized for MediaTek i350 edge AI platform and other edge computing devices for a range of IoT scenarios.

Re-inventing Retail and Banking to Deliver Safe and Exciting User Experience with AI Biometrics

Re-inventing Retail and Banking to Deliver Safe and Exciting User Experience with AI BiometricsLearn more about FaceMe:

AIoT Solutions for Safe Offices, Residential Buildings, Health Facilities and Schools

CyberLink and Talma join forces to host a webinar on AIoT solutions for safe offices, residential buildings, health facilities and schools during COVID-19.Learn more about CyberLink FaceMe®: www.cyb

AI for Healthy and Contactless Public Transportation | CyberLink, PortNexus and S2 Global Webinar

CyberLink, S2 Global and PortNexus join forces to host a webinar on how biometric technologies create safe and secure user experiences in airports and public transportation.Learn more about CyberLink

AI-based Video Security Solutions for Safe Business Environments | CyberLink & VIVOTEK Webinar

CyberLink and VIVOTEK present solutions for smart security, visitor management, and contactless access control. In this webinar, learn how smart security can enable touchless access control and mask

AI-based Video Security Solutions for Business Environments|CyberLink, VIVOTEK, Supermicro (Spanish)

In this webinar, CyberLink, VIVOTEK and Supermicro present how they have joined forces and create turnkey solutions for smart security, visitor management, and contactless access control. They demons

Using the redesigned Title Editor in Pinnacle Studio 24

Add custom titles to your video with the redesigned Title Editor to command control over your productions—right down to the letter. Manipulate individual attributes and parameters of any title with

Facial Recognition x Smart Security -Empowering Smart AIoT Applications

Join us to learn how LILIN & CyberLink innovative facial recognition technologies for the new generation smart security & smart AIoT applications.

Dynamic Video Masking in Pinnacle Studio 24

Dive into the revolutionary power of video masking with Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate. Explore limitless new possibilities for video layering, enhancements, and special effects with custom video masks.

What's New in Pinnacle Studio 24?

Explore advanced video editing software that brings you the power, precision, and control you crave. This advanced video editing suite is loaded with pro-caliber tools and powerful keyframe controls

Pinnacle Studio 24 (Español)

Edite como un profesional con la eficacia, precisión y control de Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate. Esta solución avanzada de edición de vídeo viene repleta de herramientas de nivel profesional y c

Pinnacle Studio 24 (Nederlands)

Bewerk als een echte pro met de kracht, precisie en controle van Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate. Deze geavanceerde videobewerkingssuite zit boordevol tools in professionele kwaliteit en een krachtige

Pinnacle Studio 24 (Italiano)

Modifica come un professionista con la potenza, la precisione e il controllo di Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate. Questa avanzata suite di editing video è ricca di strumenti di livello professionale e

Pinnacle Studio 24 (Français)

Réalisez vos montages comme un professionnel en tirant parti de la puissance, de la précision et du contrôle de Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate. Cette suite avancée de montage vidéo regorge d’o

Pinnacle Studio 24 (Deutsch)

Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate bietet die erforderliche Leistungsstärke, Präzision und Kontrolle, um Videos wie ein Profi zu bearbeiten. Diese leistungsstarke Videoschnittlösung ermöglicht mit ei

Introducing Pinnacle Studio 24

Edit like a pro with the power, precision, and control of Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate. This advanced video editing suite is loaded with pro-caliber tools and powerful keyframe controls to help you

How to import the PowerPoint and PDF file to the webinar (Windows) | U Webinar Tutorial

Download U Webinar FREE Here: Webinar is a high quality, built-for-business webinar app that is free to download and simple to use. With our U tutorial videos, you c

Pinnacle Studio Color Grading with Selective Vectorscope

Take advantage of new Selective Vectorscope to correct color shifts between clips, correct skin tones and matching colors. Directly view and manipulate the color profile of your footage to keep skin


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