“Closer to the Moon” nae Caranfil is the best Romanian film at the gala Best Film Fest – VIDEO

Lungmetrajul “Closer to the Moon” was named the best film of the Romanian 2014, on Friday, at the ceremony of awarding the Best Film Fest, the film’s Director, nae Caranfil, adjudecându-and, in addition, the award for the best Romanian film Director.

“Closer to the Moon” nae Caranfil is the best Romanian film at the gala Best Film Fest

Awards Best Film Fest – Best Movies of 2014, annual bonuses, which reward performance films last year were awarded on Friday evening, in a movie Studio in the Capital. The winners were determined by using the voices of critics and journalists specialized Romania.

Thus, “the Grand Budapest”, Wes Anderson, was named best film of 2014 from all of the movies that were shown on the screens Romanian in the previous year, and “the Great beauty/ La grande Bellezza”, Paolo Sorrentino, was chosen as best European film in 2014.

In addition, the Florin Piersic Ml. received the trophy for best actor in Romanian in 2014, and Ofelia Kings was declared the best actress in the movie Romanian in 2014.

Adjudecându-and the prize for the best film of the Romanian 2014, nae Caranfil, received the award for “best Director” speak 2014.

Also got one trophy films “#Selfie”, Christine Jacob, who was appointed lungmetrajul the most successful Romanian public in 2014, and Hobbitul: the Battle of five armies”, which won in the category “greatest public success of the year, cinematography 2014″.

The best movies of 2014 can be seen in the period between January 30 and February 5, Bucharest, Movie Studios, and in Cluj-Napoca, Film Victoria, within Retrospectivei Best Film Fest.

The release of this year’s Best Film Fest – Best Film of the Year Association organized Plant Events, with the support of the National Centre of Cinematography (CNC) and in cooperation with the Association of film critics in the framework of the Union of Cinematographers (IT) and with film distributors from India.

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Rebels Set Sights on Small Eastern Ukraine Town

Ordinary people on Sunday running the Ukrainian town of Debaltseve, that is nearly encircled by digital rebel martial artists. “It’s only a horror living here,” stated one lady, seeking a bus ride out.

The stakes are high for that defense of Debaltseve. When the rebels seize the street, something which appears possible at any time, 1000’s of Ukrainian soldiers and ordinary people might be held in a place uncovered to surrounding artillery. Already, the dying toll is continuously rising on Saturday, artillery wiped out 12 people here.

Ukraine’s representative, former Leader Leonid D. Kuchma, stated Sunday that disagreement came about on the digital rebel demand that any new cease-fire line should reflect gains from an offensive that started recently, as opposed to the line established within Sept. 5 agreement in Minsk, Belarus.

For over a week, this unremarkable small town in eastern Ukraine continues to be almost encircled by attacking rebels. And since covering maneuvers are typical within this nine-month war, there’s a phrase for this: “falling right into a kettle.”

Rebels have hemmed within the town on three sides and are attempting to close the rest of the gap, or even the mouth from the kettle — an uncovered, 31-mile stretch of highway over the open steppe that’s being defended by Ukrainian troops

As fighting rages on in places like Debaltseve, the prospects for peace in Ukraine look dim.

The street is both only method for ordinary people to evacuate and also the only supply route for that military.

The government bodies are scrambling to evacuate citizens in minibuses, however their amounts are insufficient each departing vehicle leaves 100s of ladies and kids behind in the bus stop. At these times, they trudge to a dank basement inside a stop by which they’ve been sheltering because the siege started.

After appropriating a proper airport terminal outdoors Donetsk the other day, the Russian-backed rebels have switched their sights about this town, valuable because of its railroad switching yards, that they will have to revive the economy in areas under what they can control.

It’s cities like Debaltseve which have seen the worst from the fighting.

After missing one bus, she was around the pavement, pursing her lips in worry. “This whole situation jogs my memory from the sinking from the Titanic,” she stated, gesturing in the women standing about, some crying. “They also was around awaiting lifeboats, there weren’t enough.”

In the bus stop, all attention was centered on the fight for that road and also the journey ahead for individuals awaiting minibuses out. “They shoot the buses,” one lady stated, yelling.

“We have closed the kettle,” the primary digital rebel leader, Aleksandr V. Zakharchenko, told Russian television Friday, making obvious his intention to chop off after which capture Debaltseve.

“Anybody who leaves this kettle come in the interlocking area of fireside in our artillery,” Mr. Zakharchenko added, mentioning towards the shelling from the road. “From today, the street is under fire.”

“You don’t occur to know once the next bus can come?Inches she requested.

After nearly two days residing in a basement without electricity, Ludmilla L. Ulyanenko, a upon the market nurse, made the decision to risk the street on ‘life was imple’ — only to discover that seats on the bus were taken.

In Europe, too, wants diplomacy are diminishing. “Russian separatists no more accept Minsk agreement,” Carl Bildt, the previous foreign minister of Sweden, authored on Twitter. “And in it is Moscow.”

Ukrainians took to calling Debaltseve another fight of Ilovaisk, a celebration sometimes known as the “Ilovaisk kettle,” following the disastrous envelopment of this city last summer time by Russian-backed rebels and, Western authorities say, by regular Russian Military troops.

The problems were just as much political as military, Semen Semenchenko, part of Parliament and paramilitary leader, stated within an interview, each day before he experienced a concussion in eliminating in Debaltseve.

The Ukrainian Military forgot to reinforce the street since the plan ended up being to trust the cease-fire, he stated.

The Secretary of state for Emergencies in Ukraine states it’s doing all it may to decrease the potential risks to ordinary people. The ministry stated 956 people, including 161 children, were evacuated from Thursday to Saturday. The prewar population involved 10,000.

“In the mist, you can’t begin to see the enemy,” Mr. Semenchenko stated. “You just hear the incoming rockets.”

DEBALTSEVE, Ukraine — Ukrainian soldiers rattled and shook across the snowy roads within armored personnel service providers using the hatches battened lower, their helmeted heads securely below plates of steel.

Particularly, a combined European, Russian and Ukrainian military monitoring group, collectively brought with a Russian general, have been regularly traveling the street, on the face diminishing the likelihood of a panic attack onto it.

Today, experts have assaulted the military leadership for tripping into another near encirclement.

Stray dogs scurried about, as well as in another sign that no-one endeavors above ground for not pressing business, the carcass of 1 dog lay uncollected, frozen in the center of a street.

A brand new round of cease-fire talks among Ukraine, Russia, the business for Security and Cooperation in Europe and separatists stopped working Saturday evening, dashing about a diplomatic breakthrough.

Debaltseve within the kettle is really a glum place. “It’s only a horror living here,” stated one lady inside a crowd of moms clutching children and packed bags made from plastic in a bus stop, awaiting a ride out.

Disseminate along small checkpoints of concrete bunkers across the 31 miles of road, Ukrainian soldiers can perform nothing now but brace for assaults — even while the minibuses of evacuees bump gradually past.

A couple of drunks staggered across the pathways, oblivious towards the booms of artillery echoing through town.

By Sunday, the street out became basically impassable. Artillery hit two buses full of evacuees, wounding four people, including two children. A vehicle with volunteer aid employees seemed to be struck on the highway. Within the town, a Grad rocket dispersed an organization awaiting buses with shrapnel, wounding eight.

“The general staff were built with a political strategy” of attempting to boost the cease-fire, not really a military technique to defend the city, Mr. Semenchenko stated. Insufficient attention was compensated towards the flanks, he stated, departing the street uncovered.

Because it switched out, once the fighting began in Debaltseve at the end of The month of january, the Russian general simply stopped making the trip, remaining behind in a barracks for peacekeeping authorities.

Design in the national Park

You are taking an inspired, Swiss-Indian group of entrepreneurs, creative designers along with a fantastic Location on the shore, next to a nationwide Park – finish is really a stylish, modern designed location with rooms in hotels, Flats and villas, which practically leaves no wishes open. For really small visitors may be the Baby devices are bookable ahead of time and doesn’t burden the baggage, children and youthful individuals are happy about age-appropriate children’s clubs and grown ups concerning the numerous sports facilities or relax within the onsite Health spa. Around the menus from the three Restaurants of freshly prepared baby food on special foods for kids to the trendy Portuguese cuisine all ages a little. Or buy local Special treats within the village shop from the resort and prepares it on their own. Activities within the original towns within the area in order to probably the most South Western reason for Europe (Cabo p São Vicente) to round off a calming family holiday.

Toxic algae at California lake linked to 3 dog deaths

CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. (AP) – A San Francisco Bay Area park district plans to install bigger signs warning people to keep their dogs away from an algae-filled lake after three dogs that were exposed to its waters died.

The Contra Costa Times reports ( that the most recent death linked …

Conway wants to create trauma center in NE Louisiana

MONROE, La. (AP) – University Health Conway is working on plans to create the first accredited trauma center in northeast Louisiana.

The hospital in Monroe is just beginning talks about the project, Dr. Lester Wayne Johnson, Conway’s chief of surgery and dean of rural health initiatives, told The News-Star ( …

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