NATO is preparing for war. With Romania with

Philip Breedlove, commander of NATO forces in Europe, in India PHOTO Medifax

“Yes, this decision will be announced very soon. I am sure that when this happens, Romania will respond promptly, as each time, and will agree with prepoziționarea this technique, always be a reliable partner for NATO.” The Defence Minister has confirmed, adding that there is “discussion on the technical level, opposite the pre-positioning”.

This is, obviously, the announcement is a warning, saying, already, now, what is the draft of this decision that the military plans made and are awaiting the decision that seems inevitable. This means that it is possible to equate the moment of the Declaration of war against NATO?

‘t. Of course, no. Instead, of course, the NATO strategy again put into action what they’ve done dozens and dozens of times before their predecessors gradați classrooms war: applying the ancient Council And vis pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war), starts positioning to the square of the corridor East of the Alliance in numbers and, especially, military equipment necessary for disuadarea possible offensive action, type of occupation of the territories, attacks against networks or strategic support forces insurecționale with personality neasumată, “omuleții green” of the Crimea, for example.

The words “heavy weapons” means that the classical definition is accepted, tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery, cannons, howitzers, throwing projectiles rocket missiles, anti-tank or anti-air mounted on the conveyor (up to PATRIOT missiles, which are able to cope missiles S-400 Russian). Light brigade mechanism or infantry, differences appear in the quality time generation of military equipment are appropriate.

Links support, prepoziționările heavy weapons, doing a few months to the whole range of Eastern Europe from the Baltic States and Poland. This movement, logical gain is very significant, the possibility of national defence (maybe if you get back on the equipment available to the army, Romanian, many outdated and insufficient in quantity) and in response logic system NATO, which, here, is able to implement mecansimele defense, necessary in the case of some countries that need, obviously, to be protected, because, alone, are easy prey and easy.

But, a lot of attention on the use of terms in future analysis: NATO announced the entry into the war, decided to move troops from any of the staffs in combat and has not commenced measures to prohibit space air or sea in new proxime NATO territory, the less total bans flights over the territory of the Alliance, those who are, as a rule, in case of war.

The state we are in now, is that very accurately defined, pre-positioning force. And forces.

In the future, it all depends on the events that will mark the space, direct that border Eastern Europe into the EU and NATO. The answer, of course, is becoming more intense Russian Federation. Other decisions that will be taken or not, at the Summit in Riga in the third week of may, those, which, again, you can cause a violent reaction and hysterical Russia, which, in the future, can’t admit that there is the former countries of the former USSR who want to break with the memory of Soviet and choose for the space of the West. Economic and security…

These are the data target. Important. But, equally important, are those subjective presented reaction, which will have public opinion in the countries of the “boundaries warm“. Of course, never, in any circumstances permitted by the idea that maybe exsta enthusiasm to the call of the population for war, or, as it happened, the call idiot-patriotard some jerks who will mobilize the younger generation, as that plecatul to war is good. Any war is a tragedy and the death of most of the soldiers…

What did you see whether, Yes or no, are we ready, as a nation, we need to understand at least once before the end, worth it, to be a member of the Alliance, in which I went in a private function. I know that at the moment he will be called ruthless, all the weapons of war propaganda, who stand for peace, neutrality, draws Russia as a friend on whom I have always and that saved us always all bad. Will come into operation, you will immediately see the army postacilor specialists, only this time, in the new conditions, under a close reading of some specialists, even though they went to the “best defense”.

There was a period of intense war information, the purpose of existence of each of us. Romania is the target, we purpose because, as you know, in the doctrine of the defence and security of Russia, NATO is a direct threat to high grade. And we, here, part of this structure, which sends the devices to protect themselves. The first of the series that he can complete additional facilities, to the extent that, God forbid!, threats would be to specify and identify possible movements hostile to direct.

Romania is part of the safety logic porprie the Euro-Atlantic region, with all the ensuing apartenențe without which, however, our fate will be placed in the area of unacceptable uncertainty. If you’re not convinced yet, take a good look at the fate of Ukraine in our immediate vicinity.

If it were not for this security umbrella, which now rises on us, except that the choice had to do to survive?

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In the same Gale, lungmetrajul “Kingsman: secret Service” was named best British film “The Imitation Game. Game codes” was chosen as the best Thriller, and the film “Paddington” was adopted best Comedy. Lungmetrajul “black Man/ The Babadook” won in the category “best horror” and the film “X-Men: the Future is the past” won in the category “best fiction film/ fantasy”. Actor Ralph Fiennes was awarded the Empire Legend, and the Empire trophy Hero was awarded the TV series the Basis tronurilor/ Game of Throne”.

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