Personal Injury Attorney, Frisco

We have represented thousands of clients who have been injured in accidents of all kinds. We have seen it all. There are virtually no injury or accident case types that we haven't tackled. A true Dallas local company since 1982, our personal injury attorneys have combined experience of over 90 years. We can offer you advice on how to get the most out of your claim. Available for free initial consultations in our Frisco office.

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Since 1982, the injury attorneys at Mullen and Mullen have represented thousands of satisfied clients who were hurt in accidents of all kinds and not at-fault. Our counsel has over 90 years of combine

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Personal Injury Attorney Frisco

Personal Injury Attorney Frisco

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Personal Injury Attorney Frisco

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We have represented thousands of clients who have been injured in accidents of all kinds. We have seen it all. There are virtually no injury or accident case types that we haven't tackled. A true Dall

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We have represented thousands of clients who have been injured in accidents of all kinds. We have seen it all. There are virtually no injury or accident case types that we haven't tackled. A true Dall

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Personal Injury Attorney in Frisco

Personal Injury Attorney in Frisco

Personal Injury Attorney in Frisco

Personal Injury Attorney in Frisco

Nevada Insurance Commissioner Departs, and Interim Commissioner Named

Department of Business and Industry Director Terry Reynolds announced the appointment of Nick Stosic as Interim Insurance Commissioner at the Nevada Division of Insurance. Stosic’s appointment becom

People Moves: Graham-Rogers Promotes Bishop, Makes New Hires

Graham-Rogers Insurance Promotes Bishop and Makes New Hires Jim Bishop has been promoted to division leader at Standard Lines Services, a division of Graham-Rogers Insurance, which is headquartered in

Skyward Specialty Announces Launch of IPO

Skyward Specialty Insurance Group, Inc. (“Skyward Specialty” or the “Company”) announced Jan. 4 the launch of its initial public offering of its common stock. The offering consists of 4,750,00

Missouri Polyurethane Facility to Settle Clean Air Act Case

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a settlement with Earth City, Missouri, polyurethane manufacturer Foam Supplies Inc. to resolve alleged violations of the federal Clean Air Act

Indiana Arsonist Sentenced to House Arrest

ELKHART, Ind. (AP) – A woman who pleaded guilty to arson for allegedly helping her boyfriend set fire to several barns in northern Indiana was sentenced Tuesday to eight years on house arrest. An El

All 4 Bodies Found in Helicopter Crash Off Gulf of Mexico

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – The bodies of all four people who were aboard a helicopter that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico while departing an oil platform last week have been recovered. The U.S. Coast

Storms Spark At Least 6 Illinois Tornadoes

CHICAGO (AP) – Severe weather that swept Illinois on Tuesday produced at least six tornadoes, the largest number of rare January tornadoes recorded in the state since 1989, the National Weather Serv

Peloton to Pay $19M Fine Over Treadmill Hazard

Peloton Interactive Inc. has agreed to pay a $19 million fine for failing to promptly report a defect with its Tread+ treadmill that could cause serious injury, U.S. regulators said on Thursday. The C

CIBC Ordered to Pay $848M in Damages to Cerberus; Plans Appeal

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce CM.TO plans to appeal a New York judge’s order that it pay about $848 million in damages to private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, in a contract dispute

Insurers, Agents Spared in New Jersey Shooting Claims

A federal judge in New Jersey has ruled that a New Jersey property owner is not entitled to insurance coverage for a shooting because it never disclosed it owned the banquet hall where the shooting to

When Bad News Didn’t Travel Fast Enough

Evelyn Atkinson, Telegraph Torts: The Lost Lineage of the Public Service Corporation, __ Mich. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming, 2023), available in draft at SSRN. John C.P. Goldberg Evelyn Atkinson’s artic

There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (For Pittsburgh)

Michael J. Madison, The Kind of Solution a Smart City Is: Knowledge Commons and Postindustrial Pittsburgh in Governing Smart Cities as Knowledge Commons (forthcoming 2023). Daithí Mac Síthigh “Re

“What’s in a name?”: Titles and Entitlement in the Legal Academy

Rachel López, Unentitled: The Power of Designation in the Legal Academy, 73 Rutgers L. Rev. 923 (2021). Carole Silver Juliet’s soliloquy notwithstanding, how naming happens and what you’re calle

The Economic Style

Elizabeth Popp Berman, Thinking Like an Economist: How Efficiency Replaced Equality in U.S. Public Policy (2022). Kunal Parker Elizabeth Popp Berman’s Thinking Like an Economist: How Efficiency Rep

How do you build trust with incarcerated clients? Exonerated jailhouse lawyer has ideas

Attorneys often expect incarcerated clients to lie and vice versa, says Derrick Hamilton, who served more than 20 years of a second-degree murder sentence. Those…

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Chemerinsky: 2022 contained a week that dramatically changed constitutional law

There are pivotal years in constitutional law: 1787, when the Constitution was ratified; 1791, when the Bill of Rights was adopted; 1868, when the Fourteenth…

Western District of Louisiana is preferred venue for conservative states challenging Biden policies

Republican-led states banding together to challenge Biden administration policies are filing their cases in the Western District of Louisiana, where they can “virtually guarantee” that…

CEO Roundtable With Ari Kaplan: Legal services and legal tech CEOs reflect on 2022 and offer perspectives for 2023

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Jotwell 2022 Winter Break

Jotwell Jotwell is taking a short Winter break. Jotting should resume on Monday, Jan 2, 2023. I and the Jotwell Student Editors — Nathan Arnaiz, Noah Gross, and  Jenna Ferolie — all wish our rea

Preservation through Transformation: How and Why Equality Litigation and Movements Have Failed to Dismantle Status Hierarchies

Osamudia James, Superior Status: Relational Obstacles in the Law to Racial Justice and LGBTQ Equality, 63 B.C. L. Rev. 199 (2022). Chao-Ju Chen Racial justice in education and LGBTQ equality are on t

The Immigration Lawyers are Not “Alright”

Lindsay M. Harris & Hillary Mellinger, Asylum Attorney Burnout and Secondary Trauma, 56 Wake Forest L. Rev. 733 (2021). Jill Family An immigration lawyer’s work is rarely easy. The outcomes are

Inescapable Uncertainty and the Judicial Role

Courtney M. Cox, The Uncertain Judge, 90 U. Chi. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2023), available at SSRN. Felipe Jiménez The received wisdom about adjudication is that all a conscientious judge needs to de

Democratic Constitutionalism

Jeremy Waldron, Denouncing Dobbs and Opposing Judicial Review, NYU School of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 22-39 (2022), available at SSRN. Hoi Kong Professor Jeremy Waldron is perhaps the world

Blockchains as Technosocial Systems

James Grimmelmann & A. Jason Windawi, Blockchains as Infrastructure and Semicommons, __ Wm. & Mary L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2023), available at SSRN. David Fagundes In popular culture, blockch

Personal Injury Lawyers Frisco, TX

Personal Injury Lawyers in Frisco, TX. Car Accident Attorneys. Won 19 of TX' "Top 50" Settlements in 2021. Free Consult: (214) 529-3476.

Frisco, TX Slip and Fall Lawyers Who Win You More $

Win More $ With Our Top Rated Slip and Fall Lawyers in Frisco, TX. Won 19 of TX' "Top 50" Settlements in 2021. Free Consult. (214) 529-3476

Reviews & Ratings

Mullen & Mullen Law Firm's Reviews. Our Dallas personal injury attorneys have 300+ 5-Star Ratings Online you can see in one convenient place.

$76,000 Settlement for Herniated Disc in Frisco, TX Commercial Vehicle Accident

$76,000 settlement for herniated disc injury in Frisco, TX commercial vehicle accident by attorney at Mullen & Mullen Law Firm.

$55,003 Settlement for Facet Joint Injury in Frisco, TX Pedestrian Accident

$55,003 settlement for Facet Joint injury in Frisco, TX pedestrian accident by attorney for client hit by driver that fled scene.

Free Consultation & Discounted Fee

Mullen & Mullen provides a Fast, Free Consultation with a DFW Personal injury attorney. Law Offices in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Fort Worth.

$25,000 Settlement for Dog Bite Wounds in Frisco, TX

$25,000 settlement for dog bite wounds in Frisco, TX by attorney for client who suffered puncture wounds that fully healed.

$132,500 Settlement for Fractured Clavicle in Frisco, TX Motorcycle Wreck

$132,500 policy limits settlement for fractured clavicle in Frisco, TX motorcycle wreck by attorneys at Mullen & Mullen.

A good run: Overlawyered, 1999-2020

I published the first Overlawyered post on July 1, 1999, and I expect this post on May 31, 2020 will be the last. As someone in the entertainment world once put it, “Leave before they want you to l

Searching the Overlawyered archives

Overlawyered always prided itself on having usable archives, and I would often hear from writers, attorneys, and others who had been alerted to cases or issues by our old posts or had found them usef

Best of Overlawyered

More than once a “best of Overlawyered” book was envisioned, but the project never panned out. We did, however, occasionally assemble January roundups of the best posts of the previous year, or s

Detective: fraudsters broke limbs of supposed crash victims

Also from the draft-post archives, this time 2003: was it just too grotesque? Detective Ken Bigg “said that in an attempt to ward off suspicion from insurance companies, the [Chicago-area] crew wou

Argue & Phibbs, solicitors

Once a long-established law firm in Ireland with a name famed around the world, Argue & Phibbs has since been incorporated into the Sligo law firm of McTernan MacGowan. See also Sligo Town; plaqu

Overlawyered’s cast of characters

While I’ve been here all along as the main writer for Overlawyered, most of that time solo, others have played key roles too, especially attorney Ted Frank, now a leading class action reformer, who

May 28 roundup

Squatter sues homeowners from prison, gets default judgment [Eric Ross, KOAA; Colorado Springs. Colo.] “Judge Thomas Hardiman on the history of judicial independence” [Cato Audio of last year’s

Overlawyered’s 404 Not Found page

Speaking of design, newer readers might not have seen Overlawyered’s 404 Page Not Found page, which used to win awards. On occasion someone would even take it seriously, resulting in confusion or c

Liability roundup

Artificial intelligence dodges a legal dart: “An Algorithm for Predicting Recidivism Isn’t a Product for Products Liability Purposes” [Eugene Volokh, Jim Beck] Powdered caffeine is hazardous st

What to read next?

Several people have asked what blogs or other media might be worth turning to after Overlawyered ceases posting this weekend. You can probably guess what some of my own favorites are from the frequen


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