Solution-Replacing Subfloor When Pet Urine Soaks

Cat ammonia is a potent smell and almost impossible to remove, when you have multiple pets and/or many accidents over time, your carpet needs to be removed and potentially the floorboards as well due to the urine soaking through. So, what are some of the potential damages that your pet's urine can cause?

The 6 Best Workout Mirrors

Courtesy Echelon and NordicTrack Bring the energy of an exercise studio into your home with the latest and greatest trend in fitness: Workout mirrors. With options for persona

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) | EH&S

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) program is in place to assist building managers in maintaining indoor air quality. Harvard University's goal is to operate buildings in a manner that meets established pe

Plate Racks (for Displaying Platters, Serving Boards, and Plates!): Sunday Strolls + Scrolls

Plate racks are a charming and functional addition to home. You can use one for storing and displaying platters, plates, wood boards, and serving pieces. They don’t take up much room, which makes t

How to Decorate to Bring Happiness to Your Home

There is always so much noise online about "what is in and what is out" or "what is acceptable to do and not do" in home decor. It's my belief that decorating your home should be personal! You should

Spring Mood Board: A Charming Layered Look

A spring mood board featuring a charming layered look with a soft color palette, textures and nature inspired elements!

Retro Kohler Triton Bowe kitchen sink faucet – love the look

Here’s a retro kitchen faucet that may be just the thing for your 1950s (ish) kitchen: The Kohler Triton Bowe. I really love the look of this faucet — a terrific new design to add to our list of

5 authentic 1970s wallpaper designs from Schumacher — still available today

If you want to add 1970s design flair to your home, no need to reinvent history when iconic designs — like these five 1970s wallpapers from Schumacher’s archives — are available today. Schumach

39 Christmas ornament wreaths sparkling with ideas to make your own

The first piece of advice if you’re planning to make a Christmas ornament wreath: Study other wreaths for tips, tricks, and ideas that will help you put your stash of ornaments together beautifully


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